Thursday, August 16, 2018

Day 816 Writing out where I am at.

There must be a point of closing a gap between meeting one’s zone of proximal development or path of least resistance, within what is essentially a narrow band of memorized and practiced information. Such point of real presence can be lived in every moment, in every breath.  Mistakes compound as well as what is a more correct action, as our movements accumulate and automate. The practice of real presence, of and as a greater knowing from having developed a real presence and respect of creation, here, must also be present as a cross reference that is of real balance, and this having a quality of awe and joy. Therefore there really is no such thing as criticism and we are all sensitive as the very means of this!  When, if I look at nature and what I have discovered in relation to the native plants surrounding me, I realize the gamut of taste, of qualities within eating what is considered by today’s mass monocultural food industry,  that the qualities of “ weeds” have a greater depth, much like a the layers of paint in mastery of movement in creating a painting: one has a larger gamut of measure and therefor sees greater living qualities, and can produce a more specific work.

An example of this overall is from when I allowed my children and a friend to open a gallery in my living room one summer. The three artists that hung work attracted different people. What was most revealing to me, as my own reaction, was the one student who was more on the beginner level. They painted simple imagery, of, for example, a vase with simple flowers. A very rudimentary picture. One man came in went straight towards that picture, not seeing the other images. He bought that simple vase, done by the beginner, because that was where he was at, that was his idea of a pleasing image. It fit his gamut of ideas, beliefs and opinions. This is not a bad, it simply is what it is. Even within this, there is room for insight, as some of us are geniuses once a year, and others perhaps more than once a year, yet we are all genius! That part of ourselves is more of our potential self, it is who we really are. NO ONE can give this to ourselves but ourselves. Which is awesome. If we look, in reality, we don’t really want someone else to give it to us! Self discovery is what life and living is about! Creating with respect of what is best, is in itself, real freedom.

Yet, the point in all of this in correspondence to the “ weeds” and our eating habits is, for me at the moment, a reflection of the narrow band of information we exist as from the present system that is here through the acceptance of this narrow band, or accepted frequency that is of limited information that is superimposed on reality, through the device of salt and water as our physical bodies ( I mean why are television ads so repetitive ! And, what is being souled/sold/practiced? )  - so to speak. This acceptance  creating this projection of imagery come to be a norm is yet in reality a habituation that causes mis-takes in movement and expression of that means of being creative and present in all things. It is this place of all things, being in respect of it, which is the physical reality around us, that the degree of qualities in the living world around us, is of so much more, or, of great abundance, that a moment of breathing and living with what is here, can open this that is more natural up. One must begin to realize the depth of the state of separation, as the resonant projection of and as energy from thinking, and instead to choose to become more stable and present in all things that is of a greater abundance. The focus demanded of that equality and oneness with this living reality, would naturally be of a state of greater peace, because one must be focused, which is where we are most able to be and utilize a greater haptic ability in each small movement and act. That state of focus, which has an absence of the emotional pressures, built of energy created from thoughts of value judgements causing a distraction that becomes an imagined narrow band of focus, resonant within. Focus here, the self here, being present has less pressure, from a certain perspective. Even the chemistry of the body would act differently! Being focused in this way, lends greater joy, and opens more discovery.  To slow down and practice that state of focus, allows one to realize greater patterns around one, as a greater focus ability opens discovery.  It is in the end all a math! Everything is therefore a system!

Our so called “ weeds” have a greater depth of flavor, of color, of touch, of qualities. Thus, our “ weeds” reflect the abundance that no longer exists in our monopolized agricultural food industry. This same aspect must exist in many of our acceptances come to be considered a norm and habituated.  Since we are programmed to remain within that gamut/ band of color/flavor/quality,  and it is a foundational program that has been systemized over generations by those who came before us, that one could say, creeps up on us, without us realizing the limitations of that, and how it automates as habit at the expense of the greater whole, reflects the degree of an absence of real focus in reality within so many of our actions. It is really astounding!  Everything is a system, even a system of systemized limitation, or narrow focus on selective qualities held as imagination and thus distraction from reality can be of a resonance within. And yet, we will not find happiness until we  are equal and one with all things, being focused here, which has a quality of peace, which lends a balance of a more gentle soundness manifest as our behavior. And, here, this would have a more haptic quality, as we would be of a focus here that allowed a more correct simple action in every moment! This is where we create, which is more natural. Would that not be the moment revealed in such statements as a moment of being a genius that is actually within each and every one of us as the life that is us ! Within this, and in great simplicity, would this not be what being the living word would mean? 

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