Sunday, July 12, 2015

Day 638 Peeling back the layers of belief that I repeated again and again.

I begin to feel that I keep saying the same things again and again, Yet this repetition is how I have built my own separation from living here, equal and one, in respect of reality, as the physical world. Thus, as I peel back the layers, what I find is a composition of value judgements, where I polarize into a good and bad. I place blame and spite on all manner of objects; animals, inanimate objects, plants, people, in total abdication of common sense. Common sense is to respect reality as the physical. I avoid looking at this when I become a mind consciousness of value judgements , I accept and allow my own separation. I bear the consequences of this myself, and I carry the burden of this self created and accepted game of division as my own television defining myself, a composition of justification instead of living. I am the demise of not existing in my own full potential as life. I can blame no one for what I have accepted and allowed.
If I have chosen to be inferior to this reality, it is a movement that I accepted. Given that our present system is to order this separation in all of us, I have to work with this system reflecting separation of men into hues of value judgements, acting in self interest to hide what we all realize we are doing, not realizing that getting out of the layered spin of this is going to take some effort on our parts. Something that no one can do for us but ourselves. Only I can change what I have accepted and allowed. Any movement of blame and spite, of believing this to be too hard, too difficult, is not going to change that which is moving as energy, manifest as measures of projecting blame and justifying actions within judgements via thoughts as word within me. I allowed them, i accepted the measure, thus I am responsible.

Changing a bit appears difficult, yet the more one understands how that habit formed within oneself, the more structural awareness one builds and this structure gives one the means to change. This is what education allows. In this world, if one has access to a computer, one has the capacity to do this. Those who are bearing the consequences of a mind consciousness system instead of a life support system, do not have the means to access to change, they are in survival mode only, thus it is the responsibility of each of us that have the means to look here at practical reality and to become the change that creates a world where life is lived in dignity, where there is no harm, and where that which improves our lives is used in respect of living as physical beings because life must in all common sense have a form, and that form is right here in front of us as the physical. 
I walk the Desteni I Process to forgive what I have accepted and allowed as value judgements in fear of life, to stand in respect of life as the physical world, to make sure that I understand and thus realize what I allowed to make sure it never happens again. What is cool is that I let go the burdens of belief and begin to move with more ease in this life. So, I suggest to walk the Desteni I Process to realize yourself as life, to enable self to walk through the eye of the needle, to become equal and one, as light as a feather, to and as the life that is you, here.

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