Thursday, September 21, 2017

Writing about consequences Day 794

There is ample here, to substantiate, which means having trust in the physical. The trust, can mean remaining steadfast, stable and strong, being focused on the ‘ tree’ the wood, the substance of what can be trusted, as the nature of the wood of a tree is more trustworthy than any thing created by man. I mean, look at the whole hiding behind trade secrets as a ‘ trust’ of a corporation,  to hide what are questionable practices.  There is no transparency, and yet, a tree is transparent. It allows its form and function, its system, to be seen, in plain sight. It is strong, and steadfast, always creating oxygen for us to breath.  There is no patent on this, and that monopoly that hides behind trade secrets,  cannot exist without those trees. There is no excuse for  hiding practices behind so-called trade secrets or statements of ‘ the science is settled ‘ - this is simply common sense. Unless, one is lost in the resonant veil of limited information, busy ignoring , as recognizing the physical world, one that is an efficient and effective system, much more so, than anything mankind has built. A comparison in contrast is realizing how sick Americans are over time. I mean, one in 48 children developing autism, or any other cognitive dis-order, is simply a reflection of a mis-use of the physical system of the body.  We cannot blame the existent systems, because what was scripted was the golden rule in elementary school, to do no harm, to not do what one would not want for the self.  In legal terms, when we do not live by this rule,  made clear, given to each, and visible to parents who send their children to school,  it is us who accept self abdication of living by this one rule that is the rule of all things, because it is, as a rule, the expression of life, the very nature of life, the nature of creation.  

Controlling time is controlling resources, that which one can manipulate, as the media, to bring forward information, as the story of and as events also using sound as words, to overlay a story of mis-information, as a form of limitation, that stagnates- through division - one’s presence from what is real, from the means, as the resources, as what one is, as life, the very means , as the building blocks of life.  One can program, with a false narrative, what is the belief of the absorbers, as men, to place them in a movie of imagery that does not fit into what is life, as the physical. What is con-trolled , meaning what is trolled, as  and through voice begging attention to distract one from the real story using polarized statements coupled with objects to carry the colored value judgements, hammered in a repetitive impulsing formula. The real story, is the resource that is the form composed of the building blocks that compose the physical. The real story is the object spewing the mis-informative means ! 

Why would we place our children in a limited environment, as our school system, for 13 years? We remove them from the real resources, and we place them in a storied book about that living resource to inFORM them. It is done with words, as pictures are words as information.  Then, how the mechanism moves can be controlled, because it has been trolled!  lol, ‘ troll’ is much like a coloratura device in music, as the ‘ trill,’ a flutter of busy-ness. Thus, sound, as words, are used as a means of manipulation and control. Thus, what is taught from the impulsing texts in separation from reality, is that troll under the bridge, using you as a resource, to through ‘news’ feed ( in a box as TV, internet.schooled room ) feed its desire.  The acceptance of this, is acquiescence, and an abdication of the self as life.  It is asking someone else to be responsible for what one becomes.  It is a series of relationships! These relationships are limited, of limited construction, as that belief that a general scaffold of information is a good, and yet, it is just that, general, which is not enough to build real self actualization. It is interesting, that in the research in reading skills development, that when one has developed effective spelling skills, one is more inclined to self actualize! 

This means overall that the means of manipulation is through words, and yet the means of self actualization is through words. The natural ability of a human being is to expand, as become aware of the forms used,  to then, relate that form to the world around us. I mean, how does nature reproduce itself? Through seeds! When healthy, it is of an exponential growth! Thus, when we effectively know the sounds used, as the words, we eventually relate that to the world around us, self actualizing as we expand in our relating, or our relationships.  If we are doing, as moving, what we have practiced, which is moving words within a general memorized scaffold of limited ( trolled) information,  it will take time to sort through this, usually into our adult years, to realize the accepted limitations that needed more detail, more direct reference to the living fabric as the physical reality, in order to move ourselves effectively in this resource as the physical that is the means of who and what we are!  

In logistical fallacies, there is a reaction of disqualifying what someone says, because one does not want others to know that one does not understand what is being brought forward by another person. It is a form of denying that which we do not understand, because we distract from other’s words to defend our ignorance, knowing we did not consider what is being said!  This is a strange form of self protection, one that is hurtful not only to the self, but to others. It is another form of trolling, which is denying what is expansive.. Quite the spin of mis-informing!  I would think those times when someone storms away, this very action is manifest. One can realize this, because it becomes much like a key change in a piece of music, one that moves into a dissonance, where the notes are seemingly causing a discordant sound, instead of a balanced and substantive sound. This would mean that we as men, as sensory machines, composed of the very resources that are around us, have the most perfect of capacities to recognize the most subtle of manipulations, which is totally awesome. Yet, we have to use this that is what we are. We must recognize where we have become a habit of moving into protection and defense, to hide ignorance, which is an action of fear, visible as resistance, as pushing away, or running away.  Thus, resistance, is always a form of self hate! It cannot define who and what we are unless we allow it. And, it is pretty simple, because when we know the means of manipulation, as the words, as the spells we are singing,/performing, we are moving more in the direction of self actualization.  We are able to hear the changes in key, that are either resisting what is here, or embracing what the forms are around us - be them of limitation and resistance and/or stagnate social action as non-em-bracing and problem solving, or of enjoying, taking and using, what is ample, as sound, and ensuring one's natural ability to substantiate what is ‘ on the momentary stage’ or ‘ table’ or plain/plane , define the seeing of it, as realizing the aspects of and as it, and then using this to come up with what would effectively and efficiently utilize that to build/bild/picture what includes and considers all things, which is what is more natural, as it is when we are more at ease  that we tend to step out of circular reasoning and realize solutions. Just remember all those times one was stuck in a circular logic, and some tiny thing, lol, or loud thing, happened to interrupt one’s bubbled attention, opening a tiny crack as one changed dimensions, to get that tiny flash, like a quantum moment, and in that moment of interruption, suddenly realizes a solution, one where all the steps are realized to solve a problem, to the extent one wonders how one could have missed the simple in the first place! This state of seeing the sum of the parts, and their interactions, is that great sensory ability in action, it is also of a quality of more ease, which one could call ‘ enlightenment.’ This natural state is more rapid in its processing of information. Is this not similar to how quickly a child learns? Is this perhaps a more natural state? Is this not showing us, that we have separated ourselves from what is a more natural state? Thus, if our words are memorized in a limited construct called a general scaffold, where the senses are not used, and thus, via a lack of use, in a state of stagnation, would it not be possible that we lose that which is our real capacity? And, within this, would not the solution be to rebuild our words, within mastering the spelling of them, and the relationships of them being always to have a direct relationship to reality- reality being the living environment around us? Is this not the most simple of things? Could this be systematized? As there is nothing wrong with systems, because everything is a system, thus, a system is the means of building step by step! If one has practiced their vocabulary effectively, one can self actualize- meaning one could restore what is more natural, which is the ability to realize the sum of the parts, and direct them in ways that consider all things, and which is of a state that has a quality of and as being more at ease, which one could call enlightenment. This means, that how we are formed, and how we are mis-informed,  is practical. It means that there is no mumbo jumbo, no magical thinking as polarized value focus. The real magic is in the doing, is in spelling effectively as self actualizing, as aligning words to have a direct relationship to the physical reality. Enlightenment is being an effective speller, which is being a master of that natural ability to open up seeing the quantum measure  necessary to get things down, this which has a state of ease, as no resistance towards something or someone! It is all a math, and it is simple. 

This also shows that what we practice we automate! Unless we realize our own movements to remain in a state of awareness.  This is the difference between remaining in the circle, and making that leap into grace and realizing the sum of the parts, as cross referencing what one has composed, as practiced, and its relationship to the world around one. If we all begin to realize this, we will no longer fear openly talking about this! It is so awesome in so many ways, because it means that we are most happy when effectively spelling what we sound as words, into realizing a state of ease, as being master builders of a reality that considers all things do realize expressions and movement that cause no harm! 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Changing the goal post Manipulation with words Day 793

Two things I carry with me, as a measure, as a tool, to help me to help myself, are the terms, the words, for a moment as a tool so-to-speak,  ad hominem and hyperbole.

An example of ‘ ad hominem’ is another way to reveal a change in the ‘ goal post.’  I was talking with a man about politics. Suddenly, he says to me. “ You are a political philosopher.”  The whole fabric of the conversation changed, even put me off balance, because it is actually natural to flow with things, to want to get along, to ATTEND to what another says and brings forward.  It is like the whole fabric and direction of the conversation changed. It was a sudden change in dimension, really...  We were, speaking , sharing perspective, bringing forth things to substantiate our perspectives, telling stories of information ( actually could relate things even in political arguments to local real-live stories more - something to check within myself here! lol).  The sudden change in attention in space and time, went onto me as an object, being a certain way, as having a  “ political philosophy.”   This is a sudden change in the goal, in the direction of the conversation. It is from looking at certain issues, and spinning it around onto me the object, giving me  a general label, and coloring it is a ‘ vague’ yet positive sounding term, as the word “philosopher.’ I remember hearing/seeing/noticing, a sudden shudder through the person’s body at the same time. I am still too slow, in taking all the ‘ music’ the ‘ geometry’ in around me, that I do not always respond. Even if, the very terms used, were of distraction, because this is really what this is, to change tracts. Which, is what changing the goal post is and does. It is used in conversations all the time, as we play with words, and do geometry with and as the sounds as the words we speak.  It is really just like being in an orchestra! It is orchestrated! it is formulaic! Where do we learn this from? We get this from our environment!  Remember we all have a natural learning ability, an absorbent ability. It is why advertising is so effective.  

Yet, this is my point. What is advertising for some, is. evidently ‘ attention seeking’ for others! Amazing how one can manipulate with words, changing goal posts, in a quantum way, with sound, creating a geometry as a system on earth, ignoring the total fabric of this reality.  it is a form of fear mongering!  It would be like taking away most of the letters of the alphabet and telling people they could only use every other letter, that using certain letters was “ attention seeking’ where another entity could use those letters, and that would be called advertising.  This is how absurd this blog I read is and does, and how one can manipulate with sound, as words, and how it is all a math, a geometry, a song, a fabric. In the word communication is the sound bite ‘ muni’ which can mean a wall, or to fabricate.  Our english words contain little ‘ zip’ filed terms, than come together to compose a new sound.  It is a reflection of what men are capable of, because we are capable of working with sound, and, just as one practices a movement, improves that movement, into no longer having to think about it, that movement gets quicker, and in some dimensional ways, smaller/shorter, and then is attached to other sounds, and thus we have words, that change over time, where meaning can become hidden unless one has the same practice and recognition, as the words. If one is ONLY focused on the words, never having the opportunity to know the words really really well, to the point where one need not think about them, one can open one’s awareness to realizing, lol, the geometry of movement, as words, and in others around one, because this is how awesome each of us, as instruments of the orchestra, really are! I would not call sharing this perspective ‘ attention seeking.’ I would call it natural. The means of doing such, is speaking up, every where, on the internet, in social groups, in blogs and vlogs. Some could say, it is a form of advertising, yet in effect, what is advertising but communication.  It is only fear, and lack of real processing ability ( which is natural)  that warps the very fabric of what is here, as us, as instruments, as life. 

What happens when one gets caught in a false web of ‘ sound’ and embraces, as resonates, that sound construct is a loss of spatial ability in reality. Meaning, just as I, for a moment,  lost my ‘ train of thought” as words as perspective, when the goal post was changed in a moment, through words as ‘ you are a political philospher,’  and my slowing down sense as a morality, of and as, wanting to attend to the other’s words, and everything else, as myself and the very geometry of the reality around me,  so was I at a loss in ‘ reading’ the sounds/forms/movements around me. My processing was not up to speed, as I have not been taught this, which is incredible, because it is the very nature of who and what I am as a human being!  I mean, this is what happens when one learns an instrument and performs with an orchestra! Why are we not taught this in school for example? Why are we sitting in boxes, memorizing a set body of information, that is really a very limited scaffold of information, that one could say, is tantamount to using only half the alphabet!?  Some may think this comparison is absurd, yet it is probably not absurd enough! lol

It is like, we are being or allowing, ourselves to be made into a square, when there is a whole circle out there, called earth, that is of a geometry far beyond that very limited form. And we wonder why we lose out spatial ability, as it becoming more difficult to drive at night as we age, or to deal with traffic, as we age. Or, it becomes increasingly harder to communicate, which is to share, ‘ advertise’ our perspective, with others.  Why we forget our new homes, our new kitchens and suddenly move in our new kitchen as though we were in another ‘ past’ time, suddenly moving as though we were in that kitchen of the past! It is why we want to tell the same stories again and again and again, as we age, as this is validating our own accepted and allowed geometry that we use to define us, this needing constant attention, because to step out of that is to suddenly realize there is a whole circle out there, filled with shapes and sounds and movements that are who and what we really are. To change, and communicate as life, the life that is this reality, a sudden change of one’s goal post’ would appear to be an incredible interruption, and one would feel like one was falling, just as the tiny moment, when one realizes one is no longer in that old kitchen! A sense of loss of space and time. What if one could never lose that sense of ‘ life’ and flowed with and as it, which is the real capacity of one as life?  What if one, could attend to creation, as the very fabric of this incredible creation, and express with and as it, here, working together. communicating life? 

In some ways, what I do here, in this blog, is  an a lie tic, is analytic.  It is where, I myself have become such a response, as a reaction to a ‘ lie’ which is really just a limitation, moving to synchronize myself out of having, as an analogy, only used half or so, of the alphabet as a means of communication, of and as attending to, and spent time as reaction in advertising my own protection and defense, as a character, robot, form(ulaic), instead of  responding to the quest, embracing all of the geometry of here, as who and what I am.  It is a form of protection, after all, to analyze the tic, the geometry of this reality, and what is limited and imposed upon it.  Who and what I really am, is probably here, and always has been, it is my own attention seeking, into limited forms, that separate me from myself  that I have accepted and allowed. I am that famous humpty dumpty, in many ways, this which is eventually noticed in the space of one’s life.  It is like a shill, composed of sound, that is like a shield, of protection, pulling one’s self through limited geometry as practiced polarized beliefs, that has no real structural resonance with reality, with creation- as myself not being in synch with creation.  What is cool, is that I can embrace, as move to discover my own protections and question my own geometry, to make mis-takes, to  recompose myself as allow myself to question myself, and see that there is really nothing to lose, or gain, as what is awesome is already here, it is up to me to accept and allow who and what I really am as life. 

Thus, ad hominem, is changing to goal post, creating a label, attaching it to an object, and adding a color of hyperbolized, or inflamed value judgements, warping space and time.  It is using a natural communication system as what men do, and calling it advertising in one area, and attention seeking in another, meanwhile, it could still remain under the heading/framework/umbrella of and as sharing perspective, focusing on dimensions of reality for a moment, to clarify and define, to understand details within the greater whole.   In all, words can be used in manipulative ways, building stories through comparison, constructed connections on a page of and as words spoken and written using inflammatory language, polarizing into narrow means. If one is not stable within one’s self, one can be tossed like a wave on a shore. Yet, that means as that shore, is always there, if one simply moves with it, and becomes aware of the alphabet of creation as the cells that are the pro-biology of life all around us, that are who and what we are.  

Thank you for reading. 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

My ikonography of too muchness Day 792

A couple of days ago, I was with my mother.  I had invited her and a visiting sibling over for dinner. 

The conversation then went to other family members, and all the doom and gloom emotional states of being, one of my siblings was , from my mom’s perspective, existing within. I mean, what do mothers often do, but worry about their children, a good, that can become a ‘ song’ a geometry, of sadness. It is so much like a song, because in reality, it is a math, it is a composition. lol,  a community position.  This general care for our family members, and their state of being, is  a good, and yet it is narrow, it does not look at the overall system. It often looks more at the competition between siblings, than the individual strengths, and how we develop into what and who we are, within family networks, and the consequential system of what has become gross inequality.  That system on the greater collective stage, is because of the small movements, practiced and accumulated into something. This is how, any one masters a skill, we have mastered the skill of blame and worry and fear. Just look around.  We, for generations, are generating,  competition, allowing ideologies of belief, to  stand larger than the practical physical reality.  

My mother went into worry about my one sister.  Then, suddenly, it was to also have my sister potentially come to the dinner, and that I was to call her, and sort things out, as she is my twin. 

I could feel myself wanting to run. I could feel that I did not want to participate in this building drama. A drama that one could say is a good, and yet, a spin of perpetual putting out of fires, instead of addressing the root cause.  Sadness is a sense of loss, and in reality, that loss is something to be concerned with. Yet, resolution, takes a meeting of equal understanding into what and who we are, and the consequences of addressing immediate states of lack and reaction, to find the root cause. Analogies could be the health care system. With all the information we have today, as all the consequences of so many of our petrol industry based drugs eventually come out to cause more harm than good, while millions of dollars cross the divide into profits for a few, and the sick get sicker ( I mean look around! ), while all around us, and in the information flow, it is understood that the building blocks of our bodies are of certain synergy with nutrients that naturally occur in well grown plants and animals, as food is real medicine. It is that we are allowing chemicals that are a quick fix to an already accumulated problem, be what is supposedly health, when we are lacking in the essential building blocks that compose the physical reality. This, and the stress and judgements we sound ourselves as, that are NOT a well composed composition that reflects the value being that practical building blocks of physical reality, in respect of this, as icons of belief, based on a past environment, made into crystal formed belief systems, much like that Kabala, that only map out the lack, and are not the form of the cells, and the building blocks of what we are in reality.  We have become a metaphysical geometry, that is not equal to who and what we are, as creation in-FORMation that one could also say is a geometry! 

 I admit that, in speaking with my mother, I was becoming overwhelmed. I allowed all of this to be too much. I left, saying I would look into my sister. 

The next morning I woke up, and suddenly noticed within me, the same emotion I felt that motivated me to leave the situation the day before. In the space of my home, ( and I want to say that I did not react, while standing with my mother in a demonstrative and overt way, it was more I could feel the resistances towards the relationships coming forth in word, and moved to not resist, but to remain stable ).  Suddenly, I could see the layers of the spin, as the math, as the geometry, as the ‘ song’ form within me, of conflicting actions, resistances and overwhelment, leading to confusion, which was the impetus to want to leave.  

On one level what was to be making dinner for a visiting sibling and his family, was turning into a larger production.  On another level, it meant calling my sister, and listening to her, be the same as my mother, and yes, we become out mothers! lol, It is like having two of my mother. Put myself into that, and I was basically being the same, reacting, within myself, to the ‘ sorting out’ of all the emotional states, and maintaining family interactions.  Having dinner for a few people, become a HUGE math equation to solve.  The one thing that has not come up, is wanting to be a savior, the good caretaker, because this is in essence an illusion.  That is actually cool, because this can create my own sense of being burdened, leading to the same outcome, of and as ‘ things are so sad.”  

My reaction, as I stood before my mother, I have to say, was myself caught in the overall sense of being overwhelmed, both practically as in making, potentially, dinner for a greater number, and the dealings with the greater emotional layers, more family members participating would bring. Also, that my mother, resists the same, for reasons I will not share here.  In some ways, it is all entertainment, an occupation to feel like one is doing something.  It is a program running on empty.  It is cyclical.   In writing this all out, for more than a couple of years, taking what is moving within me apart, the patterns become more recognizable. In reality, we are amazing in our capacity, yet we have to look. That wanting to run, with out really looking at that impetus to run, and how that is composed, is not a solution.  Looking, and understanding, does make addressing what has been allowed easier.  It is becoming more a master of what one is allowing, as sound, that compose words, that create sentences that paragraph self direction, self action.  The techno - colored ‘ dream ‘ coat, is within each of us, accepted and allowed, directing us. We have mastered the skill of lack, as tech means skill.  It is allowing one small tiny movement, as a word, and inflaming it with value judgement, forgetting who and what we are, and of which, has allowed a health care system that addresses what we have allowed within ourselves, because this is what we focus on, those emotional energetic warped values, that have no real practical application in reality. our health care system is simply a reflection of what we have become.  If we want a health care system that really stabilizes the composition of what we are, we have to realize what we are, in practical fact.  

I looked at the sudden jumping out of the web of interconnected value judgements within my family, and the relationships of lack as a resonance I run from, within myself. My shadow resonance.  

Overall, it is a lot like juggling a web of seemingly conflicting values, yet in some ways, it is always the same, the directives of not looking at the practical reality, where one understands the next step, to come into alignment with realizing the practical and letting go of the ideological imposed values that are not in respect of the very building blocks of what we are, as the physical, that is creation manifest, that is god. I mean, if everything that is here, as our present system, is made by the many hands of generations of men, using the building blocks of what is here that composes this reality, and which was/is done without thinking, because one is actually focused and doing, ( even within the education system, it being known that opportunity builds ability - and television is of the emotional drama ONLY - more often than not)  it becomes so apparent that a scream of sadness, is us telling ourselves that we are out of focus with reality, with the practical.  We are essentially focused on the loss of ourselves, as this is the place where we sort out what we are focusing upon, and then, redirect back into, onto, what is actual and real, what lends opportunity, what is that which creates what is here, which is being focused and in respect of and on, the physical, where the practical is to consider all things, as seeing the real web of creation inFORMation, and working with direct focus onto that, to make choices that maintain a balance, to accumulate real know how, to accumulate forms and functions that utilize the capacity of all those building blocks working synergistically, together, in ways that allow real expression, that needs no paranormal thin-king that leads to dimensions imposed on reality, that separate one from realizing the potential within where we would enjoy one another. I mean, we have all done this, at times. I remember the big hurricane in America, where many Americans came together to help out New Orleans. Or, supposedly, the money sent to Haiti that never materialized its intention, as it was taken and used in self interest, the voices of this coming out behind the scenes.  Within us, are the real seeds of a desire to create balance, and ensure the stability of our fellow men. We as a collective, have to ensure that what is best is what manifests. We must take back our media, and the currency flow, to realize stability and care for all things that are here, that are of the same building blocks.  

For myself,  when facing the storied information, of emotional techno/ skill-set color, it is to slow down, and realize the web of value judgements, as the unsorted, and to do what I have been doing, without expectation of sudden resolution, as what must be practiced is the practical application, which also means pointing out a system that must be reformed, to realize the value is life. As the potential in each, when brought forward, and given opportunity for development, is a win win for each and every composition of the practical building blocks of life. Just as that resonant meta-physical storied polarized value system was built, with great and subtle detail, so can we change that rushing train, and use the same skill, the same ability, to work with who and what we are in fact. We are physical, we are on a physical planet, composed of building blocks,  that can be formed in ways that realize the expression of life, as the inherent pure flow of life, of creation in each and every thing. We can change the focus of ourselves onto what is real and forgive ourselves of the transgression of fear of loss, as this is an illusion, and not what is real. 

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to to warp reality, and to move into value judgements, as polarized values, as beliefs, within and a s a fear of loss, to then wallow in a belief that things are sad.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that when and a s I find myself moving into believing that things are sad, I am not present here, moving as life, as being the realization in thought, word and deed, in and as there being no problems, and only solutions , which are always practical and in plain sight.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to allow emotional values, as polarized beliefs, that circumnavigate the practical application that is movement in respect of what and who I am as the physical creation, that I have allowed myself to make value judgements larger than life, instead of being present here, enjoying the expression of life that is me, here, and that is all that is here, and to within every breath, realize the potential inherent in the form that is a composition of building blocks that are understood, in the reflection of and as the opposite of what supports realizing the necessity of what are the building blocks of the physical reality, here, inherent, in the words, real food is health. 

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become overwhelmed, to want to run away within this, as in not wanting to face a false construct of sadness, believing it to be too much, when I am here, I am breathing, I am able to realize what is in plain sight as the physical here, which is more normal and more practical and always present.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to resist looking at relationships, be them the practical reality, or the developed opposite-of-life-skill of weaving a web of emotionally laden, as polarized value judgements made larger than the practical reality here, as the physical, as these stories of information, can be resolved back into the practical, as applying focus onto what is here, and using presence to realize movements of no harm,  here.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that speaking up is too difficult, that facing the skill set of limitation, as seeing only the lack, as something that is composed of being inferior to the practical and to realize that when and as I find something impossible I am allowing myself to become the polarity of and as believing myself to be inferior, and allowing a polarized entity of and as belief, to be superior, which is an abdication of self responsibility, within and as not seeing realizing that I have, as the very capacity of and as me, built this skill set of only seeing lack, as walking the small, builds the whole, and thus, I have allowed a false construct, in self interest, believing this would make me a ‘ more’ as an idea of superiority, which means that my sense of inferiority, is an embarrassment of myself wanting to be superior, and overall, this an imbalance, within and as respecting what is here, as life, which means to be normal, and present, realizing nothing can define me, but what I allow, and that what builds  effective living is to respect all things, as the physical to be in respect of, in synch with, what is here,   and to stand in practical application of considering all things, here, as this physical reality is creation manifest. 

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to resist emotional storms, based on a past of believing such thins to be a slippery slope, not seeing realizing and understanding the circular logic of value judgements as polarized thought that pits shifting dimensions of reality, against one another, to never realize stability, which overall is an illusion, as the practical and the physical is always here, in plain sight, in plane sight as the very physical horizon always present, that which is of the resources that the paper castle is always wanting to own, through deceptive words on a piece of paper, which overall, is an illusion, and a busy-work that only has the power we give to it, as practically on the ground, we all realize what is necessary to realize a stable and productive application, to ensure stability for each and every living thing here. as we are the perfect means to be and do such, as we can focus here, and being focused here, is where we are at most ease, and of most productive ability. 

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become overwhelmed with facing emotional value judgements as polarized values, specifically within an idea that things are sad, which overall is an acknowledgement of loss, which means to correct in practical application of what lends greater self expression, within and as being focused on practical solutions, that realize equality and oneness, with this reality, as creation manifest, here.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself as well, to have a touch of superiority within this, and a color, as a pull into righteousness, which is a distraction and not being focused here, where, for example, just as in music, one directs to and towards what brings forth an effective and applicable balance within and as performance, which is self forgiving as the value is always, so-to-speak, coming into balance, as this is opening awesomeness of doing, of being focused, of realizing capacity,  as this is what we all want for ourselves here as this is where we are most happy, as giving is receiving, equal and one.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to at the same time, not realize the value of practicing the small, to realize the construct of the more complicated,  within this, in relation to the words, and how the words are the small that build the very web of emotional values, as inflamed value judgements that I allowed, in a moment to seem too big to handle, and for this I forgive myself.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not slow down and rejoice in the small, to bring forward a sense of awe, as discovery, as lending what grounds one in the practical, where one takes a step to see further, and to become a practical expression of creation, which is to consider all things, to take that which is good and does no harm, to rebuild a reality that respects the very building blocks of creation, as sound manifest into form and function, as the circular spin in polarized value judgements is an illusion as it has not real creative power, and is a game of associative think-king lacking real respect of all things, as the physical reality in plain sight, as the plane of physical reality filled with trees that we cannot live without, as we are here, and physical before cultural and religious beliefs that are of a ritualized past based on the environment, as what is real, is the physical reality here. 

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that I can reverse sadness, into and as realizing the means of composing sadness are the means of decomposing sadness as believes, and to then rebuild in accord, in synch, in respect of what is here as the physical, to stand equal and one with reality, as life in expression, thus the solution to sadness is to realize that one can rebuild and look directly here, to realize  a sense of loss need not define who and what one is, as one can change focus, back onto the practical, to become normal and to be both giving and receiving, as the two are one and the same, on a physical and practical plan- it that is the at most- sphere of potential to be and create a world that is best for all, as what is best for self is best for all here.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to realize, in every moment, with every move, to live the humbleness of giving and receiving here, as this is being in synch with who and what I am, as being in respect of all things, and within this, to stand equal and one to a polarized entity of associating to values of more than and less then, in a bubble, resonantly within myself, which is an incorrect use of the imagination, as I can give and receive what is here, as the physical as an action of respecting all things, realizing nothing can be lost, as a loss is a lack of focus here, as realizing the practical building blocks of creation, that are the cells, composing the trees, here, the mirror image of building effective skills sets, that realize the whole and the parts, equal and one, with and as every movement,  an image and likeness of a sensory respect of and as the value being life here. 

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand the huge resonant construct of and as belief, that does not fit into reality, as it is a state of separation from being present, from using the small, as what I sense is a tiny movement in my heart, that is as though, I keep trying to get beliefs to match this reality, when that movement of giving being receiving, can move as a voice, from the heart,   that is fecund and that for so long, I feared as being considered dirty, whicb is ironic, because in the word dirty, is DIRT TIE, which is to ‘ tie’ myself to the very building blocks of this reality, as the composition of dirt, which could be soil, and as is known, there are more things in a handful of dirt that in the uni-verse combined, such is the play of sound that can lead to a distraction with this reality, that is physical and that is the means of life here.

When and as I find myself moving into resistance, I stop, Ibreath, I slow myself down, and I assess, as investigate my skill sets, as the techniques I have accepted and allowed as the means of building a persona, and I look here, to realize my own resonant separations, composed of beliefs,  as I change my I CONS/ IKONOGRAPHY, to a humble, I can! 

When and as  I find myself following a river of resonant belief, a current of words streaming within association of limited respect, as self interest, only, I stop, I breath, I slow myself down, I realize my own accepted and allowed skill sets, and I assess, as look at the parts of the whole, of a self imposed state of resonant separation, and the living reality, as the physical around me, and the present system that mirrors out-of-synchness turned normalcy bias,  to realize my own ICONS/IKONS, and to move into I can, with humility, as slowing down, and not fearing being defined, as even moving into understanding, does not define me, but for a moment, as a form of assessment, using what can also do this, with the practical reality, as the physical around me, to take what is good and does no harm, to mirror this, as lend capacity, seeing realizing and understanding, the real web of life, as the physical, where each one, is me in another life, as a ‘ cell ‘ of creation.

When and as I find myself wanting to run, I stop and I breath, and I see realize and understand how limitation can move in a circular logic, that can have its own tension, that is much like a  wall of information, that has a current to it, and can be understood, as assessed, as opened through bringing it back to self, where I reflect where (i) have been the same, and as such to expose my own storied inform of polarized values, to reflect, as model, almost like, lol, building a cartoon, in a moment, to bring forth, for example, my own ignorance of what I have allowed myself to be immune to, to direct into being of same sound, of same mind, to then allow solutions that realize the value is life, as the physical reality here. 

When and as I find myself resisting, as a tension of and as wanting to move away, I stop, I breath, I assess, as wanting to move away from fire is a good thing, lol, in all practical common sense, as one can change the goal post, within bringing in another dimension of reality,  out of habitual states of being, running on empty, and, within this, to do the math, as breath, and ground myself here, to see realize and understand, that I am  much like an instrument in an orchestra, where i am playing what is here, and yet within that, there are many ways to focus on what is produced, here, and thus, the potential to realize what is here, as resonance, and reality, is in all ways, present. 

When and as I find myself believing what is around me, is too much, I stop, I breath, I realize my own resonant frustrations of the past, as practiced habits of , for example, the belief of the  impossible,  and the too muchness,  and the regret of a life not lived- potentially,  and I stop, I assess, investigate where need be, I look at my ICONS/IKONS, and I remember who and what I am as a physical beingness, and realize, I can, with gentleness, with allowing myself to rejoice, as re- juice, as realize the awesomeness of discovery, as re-joy here, to live the value being life, here. I

Ican, Iam, Iassess, Iinvestgate, Ilook, Isee, Irejoice, here. 

                            Inner Cultural Awareness of Network

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Is sudden onset of erratic breathing normal ? Day 791

Regret, as a form of self pity.  That it is too lateness, that is a composition of sadness,  that is in itself an illusion, as the joy of self calling -out-by-name is the means to the end, to become auto-didactic, self determining. To realize the interference ( inter fear-ness) of past belief, as an emotional/feeling firewall, of protection, as not having enough information, as a limited vocabulary, as a mind filled with memorized limited storied ( ironically often through story) information, all built in separation from considering all things, as that which we know to be true in our awareness that we have separated ourselves from nature. LOOK at what a classroom is, it is a space and timing that is not of nature! 

Our systems reflect the way and the means. The agricultural system, where we need only walk down one of the normally two supermarket chains, in our areas, with middle sections filled with dead food that has a shelf life beyond the duration of our own lives. Food that can be the real medicine that is instead like the walking dead, it has no vitality. The very pesticides and fungicides lacing our food (not to mention the preservatives ) causing a blocking of essential nutrients in the plant which must have an effect on the body. 

Our education system, that sequesters children in a tele-vision box away from the actual real, physical natural world, and made to appear to be free. What is free is not free. It is an illusion.

Our health care system, where nurses believe that a reaction of a child, moving into erratic breathing is ‘ normal.” How can a sudden onset of erratic breathing be normal? It is a red flag, not something to see as normal- it, overall, is an acceptance of harm.  All a nurse/doctor/health care worker  need do is pay attention to their own breath, and realize, even if looking at an anxiety attack, that the pace and depth of a breath, changing into a more tense state, is the mark of imbalance, and not something to create and accept in one area, and yet not see within one’s self. We can always look at the self, and if the self would not want it, then why accept such in another, for another, especially a baby?  After all, waves lap against a shore revealing the barometric pressures, indicating high and low pressure areas, as something pressing down on the water.  When the waves are moving with greater intensity, there is pressure on the body. Something somewhere is inflamed, there is a cause and effect action on the overall form- intense pressure on the water, causes it is become reactive, to the extent it moves over its own boundaries and infiltrates the shores- causing , at times, massive damage .  If a breath increases, it would be within a function of purposeful action, much like an orchestra moving in synch, much like a flock of birds, moving like a wave.  Sudden, unmanaged by the body, onset of erratic breathing, is more of a red flag. To believe this is normal, is ignorance. It is an ignorance that is a state of ignoring harm, in self interest. 

Our media, a perpetual story of doom and gloom, potential apocalypse, of dystopia, of  foreboding. Always, a tension of possible worst case scenarios. A form of entertainment, as looking at something out there happening that is bad, is in itself a form of distraction, and a lack of being self responsible; that state of being focused on what is around one that is this reality.  Some people like to watch horror movies as a form of excitement and movement within- to get the juices going as an adrenaline rush, a form of a drug addiction. Can we not realize, that those of us that follow the news, are essentially the same? Do we believe that in following the news feed, as it exists today, that we are more responsible, when it is unbalanced, in being storied information that is always foreboding some harm? Do we get a rush from the adrenaline trigger as that form as that set body of colored information in emotional story, that is so formulaic, as that  measure/composition of in-formation? Is this, in following this, really a perpetual self abdication of real self responsibility, self autonomy, self determinism? When we, as parents, for example, accept when a health care practitioner  says a baby suddenly breathing in an erratic manner is normal, after a vaccine shot,  are we so unaware of our common sense, that we are not actually really looking at that being reacting suddenly with a more violent action as interrupted breathing ? Would we want to suddenly have that in ourselves? No.  If we as young children can learn to crawl, and walk, and talk without a manual, our real sensitivity is more than able to realize changes within our bodies, we need no authority to sense this, because it is, in essence the very fabric of what is our capacity. It takes a great effort to keep this state of agitation alive within- a state that is a separation from the practical ( practice all). Learning in boxes away from nature, is one of the layers that maintain this separation. 

What is an interference ( inter-fear-an-ce ) of our common sense, is it a resonant math of information?  And, it is this that separates us, from our common sense. Can this be all by design, and of a starting point of the individual?  Is not the real "light workers"  the many hands of men?  One could say, our great great great grandparents started this mis-measure. them all no longer present. Thus, to blame them, is pointless because the only possible solution is to reform the self, to allow what is actually more natural, to be allowed to exist. No one can do that but the self, and if we want to blame, and punish those we deem to have caused this, they are no longer here, so that is pointless.  Ironically, we are so often immune to our own irony, all the while, what we seek, is what we already are! 

What if humans came together, and imagined things that fit into creation? What if we gathered all that we are that is creating separation, if we placed all that effort into creating and focusing on what can withstand the test of time, would we not build a world that embraced and brought forth  the real expression of what and who we really are? Would we not move with our interrupted breath, and instead come to move in synch with the physical breath, to live that happiness, that is being haptic with a correct use of the imagination, to live within  the full volume of life? Would that not be awesome? Is that not what we all want? 

Finally, if we look to the financial system, could we not stand together, and forgive ideas that one is more than another, and realize some are actually closer to being informed in effective ways and means, and extend that to all, to open what is natural as our ability to be common sense of all things, to then,  stand and become real creators?   We must de-segment, we must realize what is the same, we must realize that we are the products of our past, we must realize that religions are storied information that is not the real story of reality.  We must change the currency flow, to allow all physical forms the basic and proper means to support this physical existence, to move it back into its potential to express in balance and real respect.   We must begin to realize that resonant interruptions that are of an energy, are something that needs perpetual validation to exist, because it has no real standing in creation, it has no real constancy, it is of no real stability.  It is that game of more than and less than, instead of practical living actions that regard all that is of what we are, and respects it, to realize it is us in another life form. 

Our words are sound. They are a geometry, as the very shape and form of the letters. The more we can call out the math, by name or realize what we sound, which is what any logistical fallacy describes, we realize movement,  in number and space and time, much like a musical song.  What we believe, what we say, what we do not say, as speak up, reveals the math of who and we are by acceptance and allowance in what we focus upon, as thought , word and deed.  

One experience I remember, is being in a room with a musician that had mastered their instrument to a certain degree. They understood where I was at, as they had heard me play. There were few words interchanged. The whole vocabulary of and as the physical body in movement, into form, like the shape and geometry of a word, was the means of expression, of communication.  It is more of a presence, of an awareness of the expression, as the forms and movements of reality with all things around one.   In all, we as what we are , that is equal to what is all around us, truly have the means to create heaven on earth.  If we listen, even the frame of a building, in a room in which we perform, determines the sound we make, and we, as our physical forms can instantly adjust to fit into the space. No metal robot, can work with such efficiency. We are, as physical beings, the most incredible means of life. We need only realize its value, and embrace what we are, stepping out of a resonant form of layered information that does not fit, is not equal to this creation- a creation that is physical and all around us -  allowing us, even in our state of separation, so great is the gift of life.  Practically speaking, this means to change the financial system, to one that guarantees all basic needs are met. It is that simple and only a step away, if we come together, and realize the magnificence of who and what we are as the very flesh of our form. 

Thank you for reading! 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Reviewing the practical Day 790

I notice that I have back chat that I do not do enough, or am not doing enough. This then generates anxiety about that “ not ding enough.’  

In many ways, as a western east coast woman, this would match the general ideological class program of believing that I have to work hard, and succeed. Yet, what is success, but fulfilling as may variables as possible, which is an idea in itself. 

I realized that discipline was walking the ordinary into the extraordinary, The discipline itself, being the means to the end, and really awesome when one is focused, meaning when one uses one’s will to focus correctly, thereby getting more done in less time. In this, the focus, is a place where one can learn something in a shorter period of time than believed to be true within the general system.  It is a state of  ‘ less is more.’ Meaning, being focused on the practical, the immediate, allows one to ‘ order one’s home.’  

The contrast of this, was getting impatient with others, who could not focus. I could take on a project and move through it. This is interesting in itself, because the research in people who study music says just this about them. 

If I look at all the research in ‘ reading, ‘ it makes the same claim. This claim being that the more words one effectively knows the greater the ability to process information, or, process seeing and realizing the steps necessary to complete a task.  This is what is meant by having a direct relationship with words to reality.  And, this is a focus that is of a more direct seeing.  I relate this to a child who places everything in their mouth, the mouth having more sensors than may other parts of the body. This would mean that a child is sensing the form. Thus, may not so much  be wanting to eat the thing it places in its mouth- which is interesting because humans running on belief, instead of direct seeing, would suppose a child is moving to eat something. Yet, what they are really doing is taking in information about this physical reality. They are doing what is natural, which is to order their world. This is more discovery, than repetition. 

If a tendency towards violence can be measured in accord with one’s ability to use language, then why do we say - as I heard in a movie script - that humans are intrinsically violent?  If a human is born in a natural mode of discovery, as processing information, physical information, and we know, as it is in all the research, that a individual can move into successful self direction relatable to their mastery of language, why do we not see that the outcome of ourselves is based on programming, or lack thereof?  This, is visible, in being able to assess an immediate situation, and see the basic scaffold of necessary steps to reform within the perception of the moment having taken in the information!  And, within this, to be able to change that up as one moves through employing the actions. 

We have opposing arguments that children need freedom, yet freedom without structure, creates too much individuality, causing isolation. It is, again, as in so many things, a balance. 

What I find incredible as well, is how accelerated learning techniques actually describe physical learning. And, how logistical fallacies describe changing dimensions where one jumps from the personal to the collective, the object from the subject.   Just try asking a government administrator some questions, when they cannot answer they move into the personal, as a means of hiding. And then, suddenly the object of the one asking the question is being annoying, it is no longer about the subject that is the real object! We are, as humans living in a sea of behaviors that are an absence of utilizing a real and natural ability to process and order reality in ways that make the best choices. The information of how we do this is all around us, even given in our first years in schools, as that golden rule, ‘ to love your neighbor as yourself.’  The present system must do this, because it is a dimension of what is best, so that dimension is brought forward in youth because the system can them say, ‘ You accepted it. ‘  ‘ You were told how to behave, it was you who accepted the opposite.’  This all means that our present system of inequality, that abuses the freely given resources of this earth, is the fault of each of us, because we are the ones who move against real principled living.  No one, not any one person, can be that necessary discipline for any individual but the self.  

Back to myself.  I have an idea, that I have to work , to keep moving, to move effectively, to get things done, and this idea, in itself, which is not necessary to live as an idea, is what I am by nature, it is what the man-being is by design. It is not necessary to have inner voices, a math of judgements, running based on an ideological more, in my head. It only causes a rushing and an idea of repeating specific behaviors, instead of just being here, pointing this out, until it is heard, and to live this with more consistency, which is to let go and just be who and what I am here. It is not to repeat something, as that is a illusion, this idea, as we all learn the same way, and we all discover, just as that child discovers, as ‘ reads’ the nature and quality of an object.  

Our physical bodies, with what we have allowed to direct us, reveal what we have done to ourselves, when we are not effectively self directing in ways that do not have accumulating consequences that are necessary to go back and reform.  This must have one beg the question, as to why our present media system, is so ubiquitous, too constant- I mean, one cannot walk into a store and have it be quiet, the moody music is always filling the space- and it is so often a math of longing for love- using an idea, to occupy one’s attention, which is a form of distraction and yet us telling ourselves what we are missing, as what we are missing is that natural ability, inherent in the very design of what we are. This being in full volition of our natural capacity to express actions that are supportive of all things, realizing a system that supports and values all things here.  By association, as a construct of the mis-information constantly blasting away, is an idea that ‘ true love’ will appease our loss of presence in reality. When, a real grounding in the practical reality, would be real love, as it is a respect of all things, including the self as what self is. 

I remember in my early teens traveling into what was Czechoslovakia. There were no advertisements, it was really really quiet to my western eyes/I.  One could hear the leaves moving on the ground.  It looked more barren to me.  I also remember not seeing many people. Yet this is based on ideas, from what was more of my own western customs/experiences. Thus, in this example, it is easier to realize how much I project onto something as expectation, based on things that are habitual within my environment. If we can slow down and look, it is natural to begin to realize how much we are actually doing this in so many ways in our immediate environments. 

It all is, so simple, it is astounding we do not see what is right in front of us. Yet, this would be what being caught in a resonant construct, self generated would be and do, as it doninated one’s actions, into those now famous, comfort zones that appear, by illusion, to be of a ‘ thing’ one is unable to change. This is what is meant by the ‘ elephant in the room.’ It is the stuff of projection and conjecture! 

To move into the way that we all learn, as taking in form  and function with that ‘ like water’ absorbent sense, and discover a reality that is all around us, to become real stewards of this earth is the real goal.This goal is where all of us would be most haptic, as in utilization of who and what we are. When we are focused, we are more calm, and in the presence of what is awesome which is being life, in expression, which is physical, and where we see to then move forward effectively.

What is used to separate can be used to realign us back to who and what we are. This is why, in all the research in ‘ Reading’  it is common sensually understood, that the more words we effectively know, the less tendency there is towards behaviors of violence. Thus, empower yourself, align your words to the practical reality, and ground yourself in what we all seek, which is to accept who and what we are, as it is here, that we can find happiness. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Looking at the word 'meaning' Day 789

Meaning and Compassion

What is meaning? Or is meaning already here, as the physical in expression?  Something that cannot really be described because if one is focused on that, the act of describing is inherent in the doing, and therefor cannot really be described, because the focus is in the ‘ magic’ of doing. With such focus, that slowing down to describe separates one form that state where things are done, as nothing was ever done within thinking about it. 

Thus, to define ‘ meaning ‘ is the disconnect, in a way, it can only be shown. 

I remember after getting lost in automated playing, at the end of my teens, and moving into realizing what I had done, as what I had accepted , as what I had allowed myself to get lost in. Since, no one else is responsible for me but myself, and real happiness is being focused, When I lose control of my own directing framework, I have to ask myself, where I had gone. As I said, I remember in my late teens, realizing that something was out of synch, as I had allowed an automated playing to supersede my own self direction with presence. 

In my twenties, early twenties, I was trying to catch myself up. It took time. At one point, I realized that though teachers were useful cross references, ultimately, I was my own director.  Instead of only following the instructions of a teacher, I started to go to recitals, and watch, listen and absorb the focus of other players.   In a way, I would call it watching focus, meaning, watching the total focus of a performer.  This began to accelerate my own playing, back into moving out of playing in automated ways, that ended up ‘ catching me up’ within myself.  It is much like our cultural values, built from environments of the past. The rituals and practices of the past, made larger than life, than that life, that environment from which such actions were built,  superseding the real presence that built the physical practices.  One separates from being that which created the cultural behaviors, where the cultural behaviors have value, yet when automated, create a separation from real creation, as this measure of values, causes a disconnect from real living practice. Some say, that our schools, created to serve an industrial model, this in itself a form of monopoly as ideas about freely given resource use by the hands of men, are a form that is in automation, not moving in accord with what is necessary for human development in the present paradigm. ( I also have to ask myself if this is limited in scope as well, because perhaps the overall model was a consequence of a loss of real self direction - the kind that used a natural absorbent/learning capacity within a principle that inherently considered all things, as the golden rule; to take that which is good and does no harm.)  To sort out what was happening to me took time. As how we work, is not taught, if anything, our present system is the opposite of what teaches us about who and what and how we are and work.  And, yet, the means is the same. Spare the rod, spoil the child. Spare real measure and the capacity absorbs a mis-measure, causing friction and conflict with real focus, which is another way of becoming out os synch with creation. It is all practical, and really very simple. We are all spoiled by a ‘ rod’ that is not the real thing, as the actual physical reality. if we look, we realize that this is in fact the case.  Try and speak this, and you will find that you can only speak what has been practiced. This, is amazing in a way, because it is the ‘ showing of what one is to one’s self.  

One begins to move in a slower motion, so-to-speak, in that ritual built from the practical environment,  that becomes an automation that ends up separating one from reality. Then, naturally conflict and friction begins. As with myself, suddenly, I met ‘ equations, as musical forms, and my own presence in what I was doing, had a hard time synchronizing with the new. Then, my own dismay, caused further disconnections! Then, I could not explain what was happening, and wanted to hide, in fear of my overall mis-take in focus being revealed.   This is why, the small must be mastered, because in moving with the smallest of things, one has greater changeability when meeting with the more complex! Or, in meeting the new, the unexpected, the movement into creation, as refining what is consistent, and reforming, into new forms.  This way that we work, can be abused,  even when we are all the same, we are all of the same building blocks.  We are individual and yet one,  we are the means of the small, that can be individual and yet come together to create. 

I was looking at the word meaning yesterday, and found it a difficult word to define. Most probably because it is a living thing, instead of something that can be placed into a written definition, as the definition can only be what it is not. It is like the word is me and .... It is the definition of me, and all that is me, being focused here.  If I look at the statement ‘ the means to the end ‘  I see this to mean, my starting point is my ending point.  If I move into a real mastery of something, I fine tune that expression, as the real head of the top of a pyramid of what I build into such a fine tuned point , that my actions fit through the proverbial eye-of-the-needle into life.  It is to say, that I master the small through becoming equal to the parts, the units of building, which brings the small forward, and then I slowly master that, my neurons pairing back, into clean structures that I would call ‘ zip files’ that then becomes a clear movement, that is focused and clearly directed, and that allows a real presence within all things - in terms of my focus- that it a means towards real understanding, as equality with all things, that is that point that fits through the needle, into life. That is real building and that is what the representative triangle, means, as a real living process that is a math that is right here in plain sight.  This is my perspective at the moment.

That is my, if not somewhat clumsy definition of what real meaning is and does, at this point in my process. What  I do remember, within learning music, is that as I focused, even within political storms moving around me, is that this focus, where I moved into realizing I directed what I did, and moved into absorbing as watching and taking in with a more total real focus in real time, from those who had mastered more of what I was attempting, and  as moving beyond only looking at building from being caught in mapping out every inch of me was when things began to move more, and this is where, I began to not only be aware of myself, and the others players, but also, the movement of the people in the audience. It was a process of becoming aware of the space around me, as when the structure of a more stable and sound understanding, with self directive principle, as being and living greater self responsibility, that expansion happened. 

Also, it is here, that one finds greater calm, as we are happy when we are focused, and unhappy when we are not. As that projection of chasing qualities in others, is really the self seeking what the self has abdicated which is a natural ability to process the information that is the self, and this reality, in plain sight.  Thus, in a way, competition is an illusion, and we need one another, to open ourselves up to ourselves, to move as a flock of birds, joining together to perform a synchronized dance of life, here.  A pyramid schematic, is really a tool in a way, it is not something to monopolize earth resources into a limited schematic, to force into a one-size system. In this, there is no good or bad, as there is only creation, that is physical here.  One must find, one’s zone of proximal development, because that is the point where one can move further and it is always right here.  It is using one’s absorbent ability and realizing the structures of this reality. It is processing what is here, realizing that, just as we learn to crawl, we sometimes fall down, as in a process of ‘ side effects’ we learn real balance, which is awesome!  

This is also why a financial system can both control being out of control as having forgotten this, and a means of great manipulation for those wanting to play god, in a system where god is the means to the end as the creation in expression as the physical.  Becoming value judgements, creates and allows hyperbole and ad hominems, that are a movement into dimensions of separation from what is a real presence in this reality.  These are not to fear, as they are gifts to reveal imbalances.  This is where one can revitalize a natural ability to absorb what is practical, as slowing down to re-synch with reality. To reform the small, as slowing down to speed up.  The heart cannot be flooded with sadness. as that is a misplaced compassion. This mis-use of compassion, is heavy, and a belief that one cannot ‘ do the math’ of discovering solutions that are always here.  This takes patience and persistence in this present reality. The joy being to realize and walk the steps, the outcome being an effective practice. 

Inherent in the word ' meaning' is  'me and',' which I see as me and here, or me and the physical, me and you. This being living oneness and equality.  This being, employing the golden rule.  If I ' come-pass (that) on ' in every step, with every breath, focused here, realizing that I can recognize automation within myself, I am, the most perfect of forms, to become the expression of the meaning of life here.