Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Day 644 What does it mean to be practical, living here, in the moment. The Game of Mind Consciousness.

What does it mean to be practical, living here in the moment?
I have to remind myself to practical reality in every moment, through reminding myself to stand up straight.
I notice that physically, my body tells me in every moment where I am, what shadows of emotion and feeling are causing me to slump in my chair, and/or when I walk, how present I am- how focused here, I am.

I also find that carrying out certain tasks causes reaction, like making a phone call is too difficult. Any time I have any resistance within a practical measure, I am not here. Instead, I am in an emotional reaction to and towards what practical step I have before me. I can slow way down and realize the emotional and feeling despair and hope as ideas about what will or could happen next based on a past of having not been practical, and slump my being into a limited idea that has nothing to do with being present here, being practical, walking the steps necessary to get things done, that is the measure/order of being here in a physical form. 

The smoke and mirrors show within of value judgements , known as emotions and feelings, is a fantasy built of a measure that is separate from reality- it has no measure of here, it is fantasy. It is rushing towards a body of information that lacks the presence of the practical, this being the practice of physical living on a physical world.

The solution, is to realize my own separation that is of limited knowledge and information that inhibits direct insight into this practice of physical beingness. And, because I have been taught to follow, instead of assess in relation to the physical world, and as such, created an overblown imagination machine I can so easily turn things/thoughts/values into ideas, and then follow the idea as is the habit formed by the structures in society at present- I am in effect a mind consciousness and not equal to life. 

These accepted and allowed separations/ideas/beliefs/opinions/knowledge-and-information can be transformed into what builds an awareness of physical life. A subtle shift in focus can create this change. I have to forgive any emotional feeling bodies built of limited awareness to remove the change/directive of them, and ground myself here in the practice of living, which is to respect the physical world. Were each of us to do this, the limited and stagnant system of believing a mind consciousness over the physical conscious practice of living would stand. 

If harm comes to any physical living body within the choices one makes, up close or from a distance, then one is not grounded in living and is inside a fantasy in one’s imagination. The two must be equal and one, the within equal to the without, the above equal to the below. It is simple, it is only complicated when one leaves the practical- a cool way to realize when one is in separation from life. 

No infinite argument can change this, which is why our media is a one way show. Our media is a reflection of a mind consciousness, a one way show, all in separation from real living, a separation from the real self as life. And we can blame no one, because we each one as self, accepted and allowed this.

One way in which the separation happens is when we are very young. I recently had a sleepless night. I stopped, I slowed down, I breathed. There was a memory of myself as a child. I had this emotional body hanging on me. It was of a belief that I needed attention. What was interesting is that I could sense this ‘ presence’ and I followed it out of curiosity and as a directive - like, ‘ okay, this is here, what is this?’ , “ I will follow it, play it out’ so-to-speak.

In that moment, I accepted it, even though I could see, as a very small child, that it was a ‘ thing’ as a presence, like a cloak of directive/feeling/emotion. It was like a state that had no real connection as who I was within sensing this, meaning, it had no where near the focus of that which could sense this, that was myself taking in the measure of the world around me, thus, who I was as who I am, as being a sensory beingness, was firstly present of the world around me. How else could I accept and allow a ‘ cloak’ of and as an idea of ‘ I need to play the game of attention”!?

I can at this point, only surmise where this came from, and I cannot blame where it came from, because I accepted it! In a sense I knew very well what I was doing and I understood on some level that it went against reality, that it was not real, meaning that it was not true, simply, not real. I did not need attention in a sense, because I was attention already! lol Another way to say this is, ‘ I am going to give up attention, to get attention!” while being attentive as who and what I am/was ( in that memory) was going to believe a veil of belief that I needed to ‘ get attention”. makes no sense. It was giving up the real means to an end, for an idea about that which I already was! What a weird spin on reality. It is really insanity. 

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