Monday, May 25, 2015

Day 631 Acceding to the words/measure of another. Self Responsibility

Accede, to agree to another’s opinion. When one agrees without evaluation of what is being acceded to, means that one, by not reflecting on what is presented, understanding the form and investigating to become self responsible, will lose one's authority of self as life. Everything presented within and as the speech of men, is, overall, a metaphysical construction, because human language, is a picture of something. This means that when something is expressed through words, as human language, as it now stands, is an expression of the form of something in reality - or an idea about an alternate reality that no one has ever lived to describe in great detail. Thus, when another person speaks, through written, spoken or televised form, if not reflected upon and checked, and instead only accepted, what each of us is essentially doing , is accepting a description of this physical world. The very basis of human language is a meta-physical construction. Perhaps this is why dogs and animals can find their way across thousands of miles of terrain, and yet, humans would need all the lettered signs along the way. I mean, are dogs using the signs of the physical world in ways that us worded sign readers are not? I do not think that dogs are reading the signs on the road, but then I could be wrong, perhaps they, the dogs, read both. lol
Thus in reality, when we only listen to what someone says and do not self honestly investigate what is communicated from another person, we accede through inaction. This means that we are not being the authority of our ability to sense the world around us. We must be capable of this, because after all, we did learn to crawl, and to walk, and to talk. This development, is , overall, a signature of being able to sense. 
There have been many times in my life, where I only listened, as I was taught this action- to sit down and shut up. I did not stop to realize that in accepting without question, or reflection, that I was acceding to what was spoken. When someone speaks, it is a form, it is defining here, thus, what another speaks is my responsibility to cross reference and consider what was being said and to investigate overall.
In business, it is said that a good leader, includes all the employees in the running of a business. This would empower the employees and, of course, develop the employees, asking them to look and to question and to participate. Since stress and boredom tax the human spirit, the non-use of our ability to sense form conveyed abstractly through words,  means that a man who is focused is more at ease, as this is that same ability that, when developed, can convey clear forms of description through words, which means that each would feel more self empowered and fulfilled if what is presented via words as human communication, would be an action of assessing the form, investigating its implied or direct description and making a decision about that presented. This means, that each of us has the ability to do what is best for all, as in perhaps using a mean to find a common denominator, but also ensuring that no externalities existed.  One can ignore what does not fit into an equation, as what words become as a description of something, yet, eventually, those lose ends will accumulate and lead to the eventual outcome of reorganizing to clean up the accumulated elements that have gone no where.
Overall, we all have the ability to consider what is presented, and only accede after assessing and investigating practical application of abstract forms communicated as words. If we accede to another’s words, time would need to be spent with the person we accede to, because we have no other way of realizing someone is worth following. Yet even here, it is our responsibility to be self responsible.
Unfortunately, we all have acceded our ability to be responsible, and a system has built up around this lack, that to change this, would mean that many will have to stand together, consistently, to build trust to have the sound structure as words, as forming abstract reflections of reality that cannot be broken down, in order to change into a system that realizes the importance in every action, of doing what is best for all. This would mean every point could be trusted. It also means that each is in full focus here. This would manifest as great joy, because we are fulfilled when we are using our innate capacity to sense the world around us. This would mean not only hearing the words of another, but also hearing their relationship to all things, meaning, how what is metaphysically presented, as how humans speak at the moment,  considers and respects this practical reality, this reality that is physical and where we are living/being/existing.

A brilliant design if used and respected. Yet, would this not be what life would be? 

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