Sunday, June 21, 2015

Day 635 What is a thought? What is a feeling? What is an emotion?

All over the world we have what is known as education. People pay money for this, and communities create schools for this. We all understand that the apple does not fall far from the tree. Thus, we can all understand that when we have opportunity, we are exposed to all manner of things. And this exposure is what expands us. Then why do we not realize that people who lack opportunity will not develop practical common sense? A person who is developed, as exposed, is more self directed, more successful, more able to do. Any lack in a person, no matter their race, is a consequence of lack of opportunity to build understanding. Thus blaming lack for being in lack, in a system that only allows access through money, is by design a system of suppression. It places one in a box, it is a control mechanism. It is in all regard, a crime against this physical life. That lack, is the ignored external formation, hidden through a mathematical mean, based on judgements after the fact, that enables some the delusion that they are more than others. Yes, one could say they are more, but this ‘ more ‘ is a consequence of natural development, not the ‘ end’ as a starting point as we are lead to believe, as what is touted through media and each of our words because it is each of us that has allowed this. We have allowed that shadow of belief about ourselves to direct instead of seeing our constructs of belief about ourselves as being a consequence of measure about the world around us. Many, many are suffering because of this crime against life. Especially the animals and the microorganisms that are the building blocks of life in our soils. We each have, in effect, allowed a shadow to overrun conception. And that shadow has manifest as a lighted picture in our minds and as our media without. We are the zombies we fantasize about. These zombies we create in the movies we watch are our own resistance to what we have allowed ourselves to become. These movies are another form of our own shadows as our own halos of thought. Thus, we can blame no one for what we have accepted and allowed, no one said we had to do this.    

So, what is a thought? What is an emotion? What is a feeling?
A thought is an idea about something, an opinion about something.
An emotion is that thought repeated, again and again until it becomes an overwhelming force that directs one’s self. I mean we learn through repetition, so what you repeat, as what you think, is what comes to direct you - that self inside and as that physical body. And this can be passed down, as the sins of the fathers, as the repeated beliefs as measures that your parents and your parent’s parent’s programmed themselves as, as their beliefs, as their measures.

Thus, an emotion is a repeated thought, which was an idea, as a measure accepted/taken/believed about living here in what enabled one to measure in the first place, the physical.
A feeling is the emotion compounded and turned into a justification for that emotion. This is like saying a positive is a compounded negative. In math, when we multiply a negative with a negative, we get a positive! 

Then that feeling is a desire, and anything that does not match that memory game, is resisted, rejected, cast aside. Congratulations, you have become a member of the self accepted formations within that are shadows on the wall of your mind, that is essentially, a zombified race. 

You are all charged up, just like a television. You have created your own tele-vision within. you are a hued-man. How about becoming what you really are? A man. one filled with great potential, and great creative ability, because, it is a creative act to build that television, just a misplaced one that is causing all manner/measure of destruction on earth. If enough of us began to realize this, the elite that use this in their self interest ( they are us, the same) would not stand a chance. And they know it. In the end, the ending of this limited information within, would be what is best for all. And we would realize that the choice of ending this, would be like giving up everything to gain everything.

This is why, we are all responsible for the refugees seeking asylum in this world. This lack is a consequence of ignoring this world, this physical life. These people are perfect machines of life, that can, with opportunity, absorb and expand and grow to become productive mechanisms on this earth, to support this life that is physical and that can be joy manifest if we would only stop the very limited and lesser dimensions of ourselves as our inner belief constructs as mind consciousness systems.

Men, are wonderful machines, each unique, each having a perspective that no other man can have, thus are we all equal and unique at the same time!  A really beautiful design, as life would be. And this life is right here in front of us, we need only joyfully accept it, and rebuild how we organize all that is of this earth, to become a functional system that is life in total expression. Besides, it would be fun, really fun, more fun that any of us could ever have imagined.

I suggest taking that leap. I suggest walking over that line, and starting self forgiveness, writing and self corrective application, to release and refine those emotions, to name those thoughts, to realize those feelings as being the limitation, where that bling in that energy as this lesser dimension of self, is what is slowing you down to achieving your real dreams. Begin the journey to life, start the Desteni I Process Lite. Listen to the interviews. Suspend judgement and belief- that measure within made larger than life. Accept the physical, it is god giving you the chance to pass through the eye of the needle and into life.   

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