Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Day 652 Watching the Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton debate. Crony Capitalism and being Blessed.

I watched the FaceBook Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton debate last night. Lol, like one can make a noun of something, as the ‘ Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton ‘ debate. Such a thing can conjure up so many different measures about the world around us, a string of associations depending on one’s experience and exposure, which is one’s class and culture. As such, we can all get caught in the net of sorting ourselves out, within understanding each point of measure as each physical body of each person, the starting point of us all, as we did not have any of this  inflated value judgements when we were born. Yet we learned to crawl, and to walk and to talk.

This means that all the information one falls into as one answers to one’s mindfulness of measure as information becomes what one expresses as ones communicates with another person or group as one talks about this debate.

I have questions over all about what was used.

The point of education. We become what we are exposed to, we become the information we accept. A completely sensorily deprived orphaned child in Romania, who was left in a crib from birth to three years, remains in the same state as the day it was born. A child that is raised by wolves, can learn to smell like a wolf. Thus, we become the measure of our exposure. Which means, Mr. Bernie Sanders and Ms. Hillary Clinton, that a responsible citizenry is a collection of men allowed exposure to what allows full sensory awareness of the world around them, meaning that what is educed can move and assess every form within the environment, with an understanding that directs that person and the surrounding world in ways that do no harm. For Hillary Clinton to say she is ‘ blessed’ is to move into what Bernie called ‘ crony capitalism’. A human body is capable of understanding all form around it, to the point where our physical bodies can sense the space to such a degree it can smell the presence of a rabbit yards away. This ability is the blessing of us all, it is not some mumbo jumbo belief that  one person as Hillary Clinton, is ‘ blessed’ above others. Anyone who has proper food, clean water, shelter, a basic education within the present accepted and allowed class warfare system, can get the same education as Hillary, no specialness as the person, it is the opportunity and the ability to use the opportunity that enables the development, it is this capacity that is what is special, because this is that orphan having a sensorily abundant life, this is that feral child having a different exposure!

To say that state schools would have no tuition, is not looking at the words, and hopeing ignorance, because the tuition in schools is pretty low, even in Massachusetts, a high performing score on the state assessment tests, will allow free tuition, it is all the fees that are the cost. Thus, one can stand and shout ‘ free tuition’ and it is like saying nothing, because all costs are not made clear, as how the system is ordered, which is the ‘ lie by omission’ game.

As far as the middle east conflict. If one percent of the population has large sums of wealth, then who has the means to support large productions of munitions? ISIS cannot, if they are impoverished and thus desperate men from Turkey wanting to make a living to somehow provide for their families, who is paying them, and where did they get their guns? And, if we were suddenly to change to another system of energy production, would we be in the middle east? So, would all the endless details about who is doing what, when it is men just like you and me wanting to take care of their families,  be what is expressed on a debate on CNN- which is owned by the same few who are the ones who have the means to order vast amount of war toys? And, like that feral child and the orphaned baby, who is accepting and allowing this order, as the information accepted and allowed, and/or, as Hillary, the opportunity of developing the skills to be able to stand on a platform and tell stories that are ‘ lies by omission’ ? It is each of us. We, each person, is/are the very fabric of this system, thus we as this fabric can change the order of this system to one that builds a world where this value, as this ability to take in, with our physical bodies, this world around us and order this in ways that allows each to reach their full potential.

Think of it as the ‘ right’ of that ability as our physical forms to do this. This ability is what is special. It is not exclusive to Hillary! And, she is using this, without really understanding what she is doing because her program really believes, as her inner measure, that she is blessed- which is insanity, as it is a metaphysical form/measure accepted and allowed and aggrandized in separation from the natural ability of life within and as each man.

Hillary’s measure, as her information presented, in one case as a measure of making public universities ‘ cost less’ through removing ‘ tuition’ only, lessening student debt ( which is enslavement to our present wealth accumulation system)  is the means to the end of Hillary’s being ‘ blessed.” This means as a measure as using inFORMation, to create class warfare which is division of measure within! This means as a presented/touted ordered measure is used to enable a few to accumulate the wealth -that  in another case, allows the weapons to be built using economically suppressed ( misinformed/limited informed/ lie-by-omission measure/order/formed) people to build them and fire them as these men just-like-us - and that feral child and that orphaned baby- desire to survive, because they see no other choice/measure.  Thus, Hillary, who stands as a democrat, is not a democrat or a republican, she is a Hillarian, she is for Hillary and Hillary alone, and her idea that she is ‘ blessed’ as she weaves a lie-by-omission as a metaphysical construction to support her idea of an ordering system! She is the personification of what we are all doing, as that measure within, accepted and allowed by each, something constructed, and thus something that can be deconstructed  into a system that realizes the value is life, and that the gift is to understand this world. Here, one can ‘ move through the eye-of-the-needle’ and become equal to creation information as the physical, and realize that each and everything on this planet is us in another form, and that each things reveals to us what we are, which we need to enable us to be the form that we are, to sense creation and express the nature of that creation. Such a magnificent thing, and something that could be so much fun. In order to allow this, to accept this, all things must be considered, where only that which is good, as does no harm, is taken and made the choice, as this is the choice of life.

We each can be the change we want to see. We can realize the value of education, as how we are informed, and the importance of proper food to support our physical bodies, and the need for clean water and shelter, to realize that the only choice is to build an aware and responsible fabric of the physical as men, and all that is here, to step into being equal and one with creation, here, right here under our feet. We must stop and deconstruct being up in our head's limited measure ONLY, and come back down to earth, as in bringing that ability the feral child shows us, into being grounded here, responding in respect of life, this which is all around us as this earth. Without this, we become as the orphaned Romanian child, sensorily deprived and locked in a measure that is stagnant and harmful because it limits our real potential, and that which allows that potential is what is the gift.  It is time to change the economic structures, to enable each physical gift of life as each man, the digital means to access this right to life, as what being physical is, so that each can ground themselves here on earth, and take responsibility that is our natural state of being, and become in thought word and deed, what is best for that physical point, which is what is best for all. Realize your within being equal to the without, your above being equal to the below, stand as what is best for all. Support a Living wage for each and every gift of life as each and every human. It is time, especially with growing automation, to realize a natural right as life income because of our present system. Support a Living Income Guarantee. 

We live on a symbiotic life form, called earth. There is no place for ' crony capitalism' as a form of hierarchy. Our system must function like the water on earth, flowing what supports each measure as each form the full potential of each thing to express itself. This is realizing in thought, word and deed, equality and oneness with life. This is the real blessing.

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