Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day 654 Returning to Common Sense.

Returning to common sense.

Last night, as I was driving back from a second presentation for the week, I wanted to go into all manner of self doubt and give up. The problem is that the drama within and as me, had no common sense. This was myself looking at lack, instead of the very measure of the world around me. I had to stop, as I do so often these days, in terms of the beliefs, opinions and ideas that swim around in my mind, as what my own mindfulness is, filled with a measure that categorizes things within values of more than and less than, ignoring the practical right in front of me. I live on and as a physical beingness, and this physical world has an order of creation, built of parts, as cells, and probably even smaller particles. And these parts, collectively form me, here. It is a magnificent thing for sure. 

And yet, here I am imagining all manner of doom and gloom situations that bear no witness to this practical living measure. Instead, I am in an imaginative construction of limited ideas, made larger than the life around me, the physical life around me. I have accepted and allowed what is usurious as a verb, and pyramidal as a form, composed of limited values that are metaphysical, because they are not in common sense of this physical means of expression, which would be to include all life!

Within this limited construction lived in an imaginative state, I have become a mind consciousness and not a life consciousness. I have allowed a bubble of limitation to define who and what I am.

And, because I learn through spaced repetition, I become what I believe as a measure, I program myself with a metaphysical ideology, that does not fit into what I am, causing a dis-ease within my physical self and with the world around me, hence instead of seeing directly here, I end up in my car, driving down the road, imagining a lack, believing my inner measure to be true, and everyone else’s measure to be  the fault in comparison to my own. Yet, right here, right in that moment, is the obvious answer, I am in separation from common sense, and that common sense is right here in front of me, all the time, has always been! Thus, it is only me who can be the blame, because I accepted it, I allowed it. I am the cause of my own separation and I am the only one that can change this lesser measure that is chaotic because it does not fit into reality, as the physical. I am the cause of friction as the conflict within composed of self pity, and spite towards the world around me. I am focused within a construct of lack. I have, because I learn through spaced repetition, accepted limited measures about reality, again and again until I have believed them to be true. Hence when I race as my own measure of expectation, and that expectation is not lived exactly as my inner picture show stories, I crash. 

As I drove, I stopped. The blame and spite in my mind, sometimes blaming  a lack without, and/or a lack within, judging another and/or myself as not being enough, has nothing to do with using common sense, realizing that we all are doing this, and grounding what is always right here, as the solution of bringing everything back down to earth, as in moving into a common sense measure with the means of myself being here, which is the physical world. The means of this is always the simple. And that simple is always right here in front of me, it has to be, or the ubiquitous media shower of a ‘ good’ that is a false positive would not be so effective in causing a metaphysical society in separation from earth as mankind! 

That ever present and constant media uses a spaced measure of constant remeasure to ensure common sense is not used, to distract one from what is real, as the physical world that is creation information. LOL, the media uses a limited information and repeats it again and again, to induce, or divide the within measure of each person from what is real, the physical world that is creation information.

Someone said to me this week, as I brought up what is called the ‘ harem effect’ that this was only showing the preference of a person. Yes, this is true, yet it is that preference when used to define a person, as a set of values preferred, that the rest of the many wonderful values as qualities of the physical world are ignored, hence an expansion within one’s awareness of the qualities of the world around us, are denied, as those limited values that are not bad values, are chased to serve one’s personification of oneself. That personification when made larger than the physical is a limitation. If one decides to be that measure, because it is a measure, that is cool, yet remember that one is ‘ trying something out’ and within this to respect all other measure as being of equal value, where not one is more than another. And remember that if one remains within one measure, it can become an illusion of truth, which leads to becoming stagnant, where that truth becomes a comfort, and change appears to cause a death of one’s habit or measure which appears to be uncomfortable, and is really only un- com-forting one’s value system composed of qualities in a moment. Thus, it is as though one took on some values in a moment, and within that forgot, or dismembered one’s self from everything else in this physical world. If one remembered this, then change would be a transformation instead of a death. 

Yet all of this shows how much we are creators!  If we look at how fluid children are, how they absorb and change and develop, we can understand that this is our real nature, to be able to change and take in form and function! Our within is really just like water, we can take on the form of the world around us, and come up with new ways of doing things! In all common sense, this is how men, as their real nature, can come up with new ways of doing things that improve our understanding of the means of living as the physical world around us. And, this is when we are most happy, because we are using all of ourselves to sense the world around us! This is the gift of life, within and as us. This is the instrument of the physical world as us, moving in fluid constancy as change with creation as the physical world as life information!
It is only because we have allowed ourselves to believe an inner measure for a moment to be more than the world around us, as the physical, that we have become stagnant and interior to life. We are living in fear, we are allowing a false evidence to appear real! And that false evidence is composed of qualities that are inflated values ignoring all values as being a part of life! It is really very simple. Hence, spiting and blaming another’s value system which is self blaming and spiting self’s value system because it is all composed of values existent within the physical, is really only a paranormal event in one’s mind and not an act of respect for life. It is not self being self as life, it is a disconnect from one’s real nature, which is fluid and changeable like water.

So, as I sat in my car, I realized that all the fear moving through me in the form of believing in a lack and blaming that lack, within and without, and realizing that the expectations I held based on limited values that missed a common sense of reality and the separation that exists as the minds of men, I have to slow down, and realize the hue on men, is a measure of limited values believed to be more than reality, that have become one’s greatest weakness as false evidence appearing real, a meta-physical construction of values that are great strengths because they are aspects of reality, as the only thing that is real, is the physical world as this is life information.

The warning here, is that the imposition of a false god, as a limited meta-physical construction of beliefs, opinions and ideas, to define one’s self, perpetually made larger than life, will destroy life, render it shattered because that imposition of lack, does not fit into creation, cannot and will not. As life takes that which is good and does no harm. Unless each man, removes the hue of self interest, and respects the physical world, which means working with the physical in ways that do no harm, using one’s real nature that is fluid like water and considering all things, within each moment, the physical world will shatter and disintegrate, as we see happening all around us, especially in the state of health of our trees. We are, if we continue to allow hierarchy, destroying this earth and creation, we are destroying the means to being life in expression, as nature is the product of what works in the physical, as what works in the physical is what fits in symbiotic ways.

We have one chance, one life, we can realize equality, as everything being us in another form/life, or we can stagnate in a mind consciousness that is a limitation forgetful of the real creation as the physical world guiding us towards what works as in what does no harm, taking that which is good as this is the action of respecting all things.

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