Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Day 653 Fearing to Let Self Definitions Go. Becoming the change I want to see.

Fearing to let self definitions go.

In walking the journey to life I realize with each step, how much I allow knowledge and information to guide me, as in myself following information without respect for the source of that information which is this physical world. Thus, I remind myself that knowledge and information without practical application is useless.

I notice that within myself I become tense. I have accepted and allowed this practice for so long it has become automated information. It is composed of inflated values that I accept and allow to personify me, creating a fear where the information by the nature of its limitation has no real constancy because it is not equal to what is real and constant, even beyond death, as the physical.
I learn through spaced repetition, contrary to what is taught within our education system, thus what I practice, as repeat, becomes who and what I am This reveals the gift of life, as what I accept as a measure, and practice/direct myself as, is a means to learning how to become equal to the physical, which is life information. A way to create, where this ability to create within myself, is to be and do that which is best for me, which is what would be best for all. It is symbiotic, where all the parts are me, equal and one. This is information as expression showing me how to be me, my oneness as my physical form, reflecting off of creation around me, as the physical. Thus what I accept and allow determines not only my own potential, it also determines the potential of life being fully lived and the way and means of becoming the creator I was meant to be.

What I do is process information around me, I can take this information and believe it is more than the physical world around me, or I can realize that I have accepted information into a mind consciousness that is separate from what is real, as the physical.

I notice physically, within my physical body, that I tense up within myself, as though it is a huge effort to ignore the world around me. And, that I suppress myself as life, as that same ability to take in information as that which built and accepted what informs and thus directs me here.

This ignorance suppresses my own fluid nature as my common sense ability, manifest as a tension  built of limited knowledge and information. I am not cross referencing what is here, as the means of me, as the physical world. 

I have to slow down and breath, and realize that with each moment, with each breath, I can assess what is here, investigate all things until I am ready to realize in thought, word and deed that which is best for all because what is best for all is what is best for me. I must know the score of the physical, and because of what has been accepted and allowed, the score of a social construction that orders a dis-order within men, as the acceptance of a mind consciousness before creation- which is the physical. What guides me is to live a principle that is a practice of the solution being what is best for all, as what is best for all is what is best for me. Thus, I move as what is best for myself, as this is what is best for all, as each part is me in another life. In this way, do I become equal to that which can withstand the test of time, equal and one as the physical.

When I become tense, within me, like this tightly wound clock filled with limited information, that is not all bad, I separate from including and respecting all life, as this physical world around me.

I notice I become what I define as feeling loopy, where I become uncertain, and then anxious. I lose a sense of stability and realize there is a movement, like a ‘ soup’ around me, that is knowledge and information composed of inflated values, that I have allowed to become larger than the physical world. Many of these inflated values were learned from the environment. During those first seven years, when my foundations as experience were being filled, were from my parents who were products of the same system, and what information informed me within the education system, and the information that is ubiquitous as our present media information. Instead of assessing this information in ways that grounded this into a practical action, I followed in my own desire to survive, acting in self interest, instead of respecting this world and making choices that considered all things and did what was best for all, as what was best for all is what is best for myself, here.

So, when I find this habit I have accepted and allowed, as moving as limited knowledge and information, I stop, I breath, I slow down, I sort out information and apply the principle of oneness and equality, as what is best for all, as this is respect for creation, as the physical which is life information.

I realize, that when I project an idea, a belief, or an opinion, I am imagining something about reality. If I spite anything, or project a blame onto an object within this physical world, I am acting in my own self interest, and in separation from life. I then create my own dis-empowerment. I can stop, I can slow down, I can self forgive my thoughts, as the measure of my information, and apply a corrective application that moves information into what is best for all, within the principle of oneness and equality, as respecting creation, which is the information of the physical world.

I can become still, like water, and listen until I have assessed what is here, and what information is being communicated - for example- and ground that form to be in line with the physical world, to be in respect of creation information as the physical. 

I can be aware of my own acceptances and allowances and know when I am allowing a tension within that is composed of limited information generating a separation from my own common sense, that I can then move out of  judgement as inflated values in self interest, and reform/transform within the principle of what is best for all, as this is what is best for self. 

Because I have programmed myself though my own acceptances and allowances, I can change that programming, within the principle of what is best for all, the principle of oneness and equality, to stand equal and one with creation, to move through the eye-of-the-needle and stand within what is eternal as what does no harm, as what is equal in creating life. This is the gift of physical life. Here can I reach the full potential of myself as life, focused with and expressing creation information. This is an action that does no harm.

One of the signatures, if you will, of this tension that is my own accepted and allowed ignorance of what is real, as the physical world around me, is a thickness within my chest area, a kind of protection and self defense, an inferiority to believing that information around me is superior, as believing something cannot change, or the information is too difficult to process and ground. Thus, when I find this measure, as a movement, being generated within and as me, that I have accepted and allowed, I stop, I breath, I slow myself down, until I am calm, and I assess the information around me, until I am able to give practical applications that direct in consideration of all things, as being the choice that is a solution of no harm, of bringing information back down to earth, practicing what is best for all, as this is what is best for myself.

I realize that the only thing limiting me is fear. And I realize that this fear is  a habit, that is built of information, that creates a bubble of energy around me, where I begin to feel loopy, ungrounded, and overall, not at ease. I can in this moment, breath, and assess until I understand the score as the measure around me, as the physical world, and become a practical solution that is beingness as the principle of what is best for all, a living principle, here.

This is my journey back to life to realize the value is life, and to practically stand in thought, word and deed the principle of oneness and equality, the principle of what is best for all, to become the same today, tomorrow and yesterday, equal and one with creation as the physical information called earth, here.

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