Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What is on my hard drive? Am I automated information or a master of myself? Day 722

Can one point out a fault and then change that fault if one can stand as a solution, even telling a personal story of the consequence of the fault and then how that fault could have had a different outcome if one also, then, stood as the solution in detail?

Is this not bringing value? Can one face the forms/storm of the justification for the fault in detail catching the glitches of mis-information and direct towards solutions that fill in the glitches, or correct the form that creates that lack?

Before I became a Destonian I was tutoring children. One student I was tutoring in basic math. I would go over fractions with the student and move on. The student would appear to understand fractions as we practiced them - walked the movement and measure of how the forms interacted as the pieces of broken down information.  Then we would move on. Inevitably, the student would start making mis-takes with the information. It appeared to me to be a ‘ gap’ or a ‘ glitch’ in processing in some way. I eventually found out that it had to do with fractions. We would practice them again, and the same glitch would appear.  

Somehow there was a ‘ bounce back’ into a previous ‘ state of being’ or attitude, or idea, or presence within having to process the order and movement of fractions. I decided to practice fractions with the student beyond them appearing to know fractions. Somehow a practice was needed to consistently over time be done to counter a glitch that had become deeply embedded. Thus, I started to do some fraction equations every time we met for an extended period of time, beyond the student appearing to know fractions. I had to reprogram this student above and beyond a normal sequence of learning something new. What this means is that if we learn something incorrectly, it takes longer to rescript/relearn something that was learned incorrectly- or with an emotional polarity. This means that something in the environment cluttered the learning and added a dimension of confusion, or mis-information, or  something blocking clarity. Or the information was partially learned, and the mis-takes from that partial, or insecure understanding created that behavior, as a definition, and that incorrect learning, with the consequential insecurity becoming what defined the personal living practice. Thus, the practice in fractions had become an entity  of lack, or mis-information. These kinds of mis-informational practices take longer to correct than an initial perfect practice.

Our schools, by design, cannot catch these imperfect practices and correct them. Any parent that expects this, is forgetting how this works, and projecting a blame via a demand or desire for the schools to correct this which is in itself the same kind of glitch that leads to an imperfect practice. It is in itself, not looking and slowing down to catch those imperfect practices that lead to an inability to process information- those movements as measures within that can be understood once looked at! I mean if I can do this so can anyone, it is simply a matter of looking into the matter! By looking into the matter, one is looking into the movements and processing ‘ orders’ used to follow through a process. One has to go and look at the sequences in movements and find the skimming, or incorrect ‘ turn’ on how something moves and is formed. This is important because what we do informs us. As we can see, the practice of a lack of inspection of something, causes that movement to become what directs us.

Usually we know when something is not clear. 

In one set of business talks it is said to realize that what tension builds in one’s solar plexus is either that one is in fear, or that one does not have enough information. Really both are the same, one is protecting a lack of clear informing of self and the other is realizing a demand for more investigation.  One of the problems allowed is that this whole process in itself is ignored, which causes more problems, as these things accumulate just as the imperfect practice accumulated in the student. In so many ways, the physical is a gift because it reflects  whether one is connected or not. When we are truly focused we are what one might call ‘ happy’/fulfilled- filled with creativity.

If one is not investigating into what leads to a perfect practice, or clarity, a spin of justification happens, taking up the space that could be used to correct the mis-take on a perfect practice. And to realize that a perfect practice is often realized to be a practical practice. That kind of practice where one realizes in a moment such responses as ‘ why didn’t I see that”, or ‘ that makes so much sense!” lol

I was at a meeting of teachers. There was a speaker who was bring forward theories about teaching. One theory was to make things small, into” bite sizes” for the children to practice. This teacher held her arm out and said “ make things within arms reach’ . The statement ended there. This is a theory. Something like this sounds pretty.  Saying something like this to a child is meaningless because it has nothing in it that gives the specific directions within a given practice, such as fractions. It sounds cool and it sounds good, especially to a consciousness of information that plays with ideologies made theories.  The theory becomes a hope that holds one up for a while, as it has a truth that lends a sense of promise in a mind construction built of theories without a real mastery of practical practice in the specifics of fields of understanding real living things in this world.  In this our schools have become places of  memorized information built from theoretical ideological practice- where the parts are not necessailry bad. A perpetual cycle that is in itself devoid of any real focus on reality, on real mastery of and as what one teaches or speaks of.  Astounding really that we have allowed this. Remember, no one can put humpty dumpty back together again but the self. What we accept and allow is what we become, and when we ignore what we become, which we are always aware of,  becomes what we are as well; a lack of information that does not fit into real living. 

In other words, an inability is a lack of real detailed practical practice. A lack of opportunity within this, causes a lack of self directive capacity ( a natural capacity) . A busy-ness of lots of theoretical information causes the same lack of capacity as the opportunity appearing to be given was in itself not grounded, or an imperfect practice. This is what is meant by the statement that Americans are educated just enough to believe they are educated and yet they are not. It is essentially a busy-ness of a limited and thus imperfect practice. The problem with the busy-ness practice is that it fills up space with theory as the mechanism communicates what it has practiced. We are very similar to tape recorders, we simply express what we practice just as that student expressed a lack of  holding a perfect practice in processing fractions. 

Because of this inner train of running information that is formed into a con-science, meeting that lack built of a story chasing a promise as the subtle truths inherent in the imperfect information/practice I must answer to that storied lack.  And I have to do this within the fairy tale, the airy fairy mis-information tale. I have to direct in mis-information and practice the correction, or give the correction. And I have to stand as it no matter what. It is a lot like leading a section in a group, remaining steady and yet aware, remaining focused on the math in the moment, holding it.  This means becoming a master of one’s will. This means never ever going into blame. This means, just as with this student, grounding in the practical until it is stable, and even at times above and beyond an appearance of stability. 

Because I am a product of this system, which I accepted and allowed, this means for me that I must always check within myself when I tend to go into fear, manifested as a righteousness  that tends towards protection and defense as resistance to answering to lack. Sometimes I notice that I remain calm and answer from a state of calm, and yet as the continued scream of lack is ongoing I begin to become agitated. This is myself getting caught up in the ideological train raging away.  What begins to make facing this easier is simply accepting it without judgement, and understanding that this is what is going to happen because this is what has formed and that form must voice itself to see itself- so to speak. Thus, it is for myself to realize that yes, without doubt, the lack of proper information is going to surround me, it is going to come, it is going to not magically disappear ! It is a gift in a way, because it allows the opportunity to fine tune to and towards a perfect practice into a balanced whole, where the con-science of how all of this works becomes a con-science of life, meaning seeing this practical world directly and within this, leading to decision making, or self direction that respects reality. This means grounding the math of a measure of separation via limitation back into the practical information of this physical existence.

What has been made so huge is really very very small. The focus on what has been constructed within ONLY is the separation that is causing the problems we have in our society, our world. I mean look, if we have people in America showing us their water is brown with the advent of fracking then fracking is not a good practice. If we have someone like Bernie Sanders pointing out that we can move vegetables around the world and yet cannot bring pharmaceutical drugs across a neighboring border then something is seriously wrong. If we allow bureaucracies to believe that building human infrastructure to change what is not working is too hard as an excuse than we are placing value on our individual survival instead of solving problems. I mean this is why the word administrator has the sound admitted traitor- because managers tend to not be on the ground and instead stare at their own formations wanting that to fit into reality despite contradictions in living practice of reality and the means of change being practical actions done on the ground.  Managers of systems are not usually the ones out there in the field actually walking the reality, the practice, the creative movement that is the change. They are usually in offices away from the field, moving as ideas, and can come to believe that they know, from there up high on their platforms, when they do not know they have not walked the small practical meeting of resistance in the field as consequences of harm , or lived and seen the detriments of their paper  rulings/measures/forms. They become blame and spite instead of being solution-in-the-small-steps oriented They then begin to aggrandize and believe they know, and instead form all manner of ideas they want to place into practice from a starting point of not having done the actual real practice themselves!.  It is a classic situation. The solution here is to separate practice from management, where management follows practice. 

 In reality we can all physically see this, within ourselves and in others. There is a form of constriction in the physical body, a vortex like movement that can have a presence of a racing train, in that it starts to rush information, projecting it forward. Some do this silently, yet the magnetics of this in space can be sensed if we were not so much in our heads chasing trains of thoughts that we admit in the practice of ‘ mindfulness’ need not define who we are. We can see the outplay of this in conflict, especially in our relationships to all things. When we cannot communicate in ways that lead to practical solutions we are in separation;  every part involved must see the solution and the necessary steps to walk the solution- which takes time and patience and change. We can see behaviors of separation from real living, in how we cast down our eyes and spin them around as we read our limited set body of information within instead of taking in what is around us in form and order. We can see this in the sudden spastic movements in our arms and body and legs and hands. We can see this in a rising anxiety in relation to information another expresses, where we tend to interject and stop listening. We can see this in how we have not heard a single thing another person has said. We can see this in how we are told we are not listening, which is really ‘ my way or the highway’ scenario at times. We can see this in how we do not slow down to define terms to make sure we are on  the same page, or, within this, how we do not want to take the time to slow down and define terms because this means LOOKING at ourselves, using a natural ability to assess and reform because reformation means looking at our own self interest and/or realizing our desires were not what was best and considerate of the life around us- as everything around us is life.

Our physical bodies are perfect information processors! 

Solving the mis-takes of each part means standing with that part and imparting a body of information that lends to a will of an awareness of respect for this reality and the habit of a practice that focuses one’s self on this reality.  It means to follow the math of here, understanding the separation into a small mis-take on reality, and walking that mis-understanding back  into a living practice, here.  One could say this means becoming a culture of life.  Thoughts create habits create actions. What math have you accepted and allowed to define who and what you are as the directives you make? Are you running in automated information or are you aware of and master of accepted and allowed information?  Do your actions consider all things? Is your presence respecting this physical reality?  Is there tension and pain anywhere in your physical body- your hard drive?  We know who and what we have accepted and allowed. It is time to change and become a steward of this physical life, here.

Thank you for reading!

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