Sunday, July 12, 2020

Day 850 What concepts am I allowing to define me as time-lines in space?

I have this sense that things are not working and it is a fear, when why things are in separation from real potential are a math. What is a time line but a state of separation? 

It appears to me more and more, and this has happened before, that in moving from one point into another, in and as looking at what separates me from reality, as a programming from myself and generations of men, that the subtle poles of belief ride in on another level of understanding. It means that while I recognize more and more certain patterns of behavior and the extent of separation from being equal and one to life, the more I recognize the voices of dissent within me. I created this, I absorbed this, I became this, this determined my life.  It is resonant within me. Seeing this, I mean, really looking at energy verses being more creative as in being more gentle, more calm, more present has a quality of recognizing patterns! Being lost in an energetic past-experienced-based-on-fear-generating-a belief - and with the resonant thoughts as the ideas behind that FOCUS - has a quality to it, a pressure, an inflammation like “ thing” in the body. In “ fine-tuning “ what is here, as a personality consciousness sinking into a quantum mind consciousness resonant within, that self allowed and self generated limited and stagnating thin-king distorts reality and shuts down opportunity to make the choice to really live. What I have allowed myself to BELIEVE remains with me, despite seeing with greater clarity the superstitious nature of a resonant shadow of belief. I mean, if one believes in the shadow, can one convince that person that that is a lie? One has to take that apart. Even dogs and horses need sometime to process new information. It is why our schools are timed and sequenced in such away that a child has little to no time to actually process what has been expressed in that isolated environment.  If we practice confusion we master that, just as musician will master an instrument if a movement is practiced again and again! Remember it works both ways. Just stop for a moment - are you still here? Why has a master of a skill set shared with me that one does not need to practice that much if one focuses correctly? LOOK at how fast one learns to ride a bike! Why is biology appearing to be so difficult to understand? Why is it so spread out and something we learn in high school?  We study, through exposure, romantic fairy tales about one kind of relationship before we are allowed to LOOK at this physical life!  It is one big time warp!  Why is so much dedicated to suppressing the human?  We must be magnificent creatures if so much is dedicated to  suppressing us! Yet, we allow it! 

Thus I slow down and describe the difference. This uncovers more perspective. The moment I move into energy I am no longer problem solving, I am no longer looking at practical application. I am no longer processing the math of personification and the extremely stagnant movement of that accepted and allowed state-of-being. One can hear it in how people speak. They repeat things, more general statements about things. The compounded personification of limited values that by nature of being limited are of polarized value judgements,  this compounded, as practiced movements within: they are weighted. That weight can be sensed. The innocence of a child does not YET have likes and dislikes - they simply explore everything!  Try speeding up Youtube videos, acclimate to that, and listen to the difference! One might then DISCOVER the extent to which we humans are conceptually moving like slugs, and the amount of “ filler” words and ideas we move as that take up our FOCUS and distract us from the real “ measure” the real “ accounting we are living and expressing as polarized value judgements in which we are constantly locked into a very narrow focus!  Would that not make learning something new appear to be more difficult? It is like one is moving against a counter ( counting/account ) force! And that force is a projection, an illusion, a superstition made larger than life! Astounding.  It is visible even though it has become normalized ! 

These resonant time-lines of stagnant beliefs are weakening the physical fabric of existence. It is visible. It is visible in how one “ feels” that doing something is too hard, when the doing of something is a series of practical steps!  You are stagnant in a moving train, and someone is yelling at you from those indistinguishable trees out on the landscape and that voice of  life is so far away in one’s resonant storm it cannot be heard.  It is more stable than that train.  When someone says, “I am doing my best” I immediately think of an administrative mind set - too afraid to upset the existing status quo. And this, because even the slightest awareness of the difference, will make a HUGE difference. Why do administrators tend to self aggrandize ? They believe that doing the paper work is more important when they are maintaining the more non-creative actual work!  The term “ doing my best” is in itself already a distraction from FOCUS. I see the difference as standing in the storm without reaction, and seeing the cracks, the realness in the periphery, and manipulating the space in such a way that that suppressed, as glazed over awareness, as a moment to stand equal to and with in an intention of that, with a focus on that, which is great potential, to make wider that “ crack” to allow a person to discover that “ space.” It does have an effect. The person, to some degree then stands like a deer in headlights, processing the difference, for a moment.  I suppose it has to be done in such a way that what was seen cannot be unseen! 

Would being in that space for a moment, begin to end the petty end-game of comparison and stop the focus on a perception of a threat of what are basically micro-aggressions in relation to the potential that exists in the way we so rapidly learn to ride a bike? When we learn that way, we tend to never forget. 

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