Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Day 649 What leads is the past information, as what is here as the physical. What is Generation?

I can see the travesty of the refugee system where whole masses of people are running from bombs and destruction as drones and planes fly over and bomb this earth. How in any way does this make any sense?
Human beings can create wonderful things, they are very very capable of doing, of walking small details in small actions to complete something that is amazing, this is how things are built on this world and how things are cared for and understood. We are, we humans, the perfect sensory mechanisms to do this, I mean, a child imitates a smile on the face of an adult in a manner of weeks!
Yet somehow, we have lead ourselves to believe that that smile has another significance other than that organic machine that is able to imitate every single movement of the world in which they have manifested! That smile is nothing other than the physical sensory machine of physicality imitating what it sees/experiences/senses.
If that machine does not have the means to self dis-cover what it is and what it is actually doing, and ideas/beliefs/opinions are created around that movement, a measure, an icon, a morality, then that definition becomes more than what is actually physically happening. This creates a massive separation from reality. And what happens?
The ideas that create the borders become more than the physical expression of life as what this earth is. And, masses of people are moved around, under the guise of what- do any of us really know anymore? These people come from a country that at one time was self sufficient. These people come from a land that has natural resources that are ordered in a way to be owned by a corporation that wants one way for that resource to flow, and that way is to support an illusionary construct of hierarchy where some men, by means of their self defined measure that was LEARNED/ABSORBED/INPUT after they were born as that infant who copied every movement in their world until that ‘ measure’ was given precedence over all other measure. Yet this means that we become what we are exposed to, and we become what we are allowed exposure to, and that when we do not have a measure that is what is best for all, as in a measure that leads to an understanding of what it means to be physical beings on a physical world,  we are in separation from what it is that we are. The default is a combination of past traditions that were really only technical operations to exist on this physical world that we allowed to define us, which is how the separation started; our definitions did not include what we really are, which is the expression of life, that of course must be physical. I mean why create a separation from the physical world into the whole idea of a heaven? This reveals that all religions, were in so many ways, the first tele-visions of separation for those that believed their self definitions were more than another, having lost all sense of life.
Evidently, this happened even before the modern day religions, as the Sumerians and the Babylonians already started the story of Christ, of the child of god, creating a separation into there being one figure head that had a child. The irony is that the leader is the follower, as the leader is really what came before, in many ways, and the information as what came before brought into the child, which happens again and again and again with each generation of physical life on this earth as men. This is to say what leads, is the information that is here as the physical and the awareness that is expressed and passed onto the child. Thus, it is the measure of presence in physical living that is the real ‘ god’ in a way. What we allow to inform us, is what we become. Something of great beauty that can be abused if we all accept and allow it.

The refugees are people, they are life in expression, they are us in another life. They are the means to create heaven on earth. They are the power to put an end to this hierarchy as what people are and are able to be and do. What would be what is best for those lost in the separation as a belief in power, is the real power which is being present and equal to creation, which is the physical.

                  We can stand and become the stewards of heaven on earth, equal and one real-eye-zing the value is life.

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