Friday, November 20, 2015

Day 660 The ease that comes with self responsibility.

That a child is born without language and without culture, means that a child eventually is programmed. This means a human is a programmed man. What is behind that program is a form, that can take in information as what is impulsed within an environment. If what is programmed into a man, ends up in friction and conflict than what is programmed, which is a measure, must be looked at and corrected until that man performs with ease, meaning without dis-ease, without friction, without conflict. A dis-ease, meaning a lack of movement in this physical reality, and a lack of movement that is beneficial for all,  is a program that is not of equal measure to what a child is before any language and any culture becomes the measure as what comes to direct the physical form.

Each has a presence that is an ability to look at measure, which is form. We are this, or we would not take in the form of the culture of the language in our environment.  The choice to move from the collective to the personal, reveals this capacity too. It is all a form of change within, a change in measure, in using values, bringing some forward and placing others in the back ground. This means that we are all aware of what it is that we do, in every moment.

We are born, without a measure, meaning without language and without culture- though we may have some genes from our forefathers, that come on and/or go off. Yet this too, reveals that a measure within can come to direct us without, yet since we can change, that measure need not be what directs us. And, we can blame no one for what we accept and allow, because the physical practical world is always right there in front of us. 

Also in this sense, all the religions of the world are a measure, and a program, because we are not born with them. And since all the religions of the word have not created a situation where each and every man is at ease, meaning in their full potential, non of the religions in this world are valid, they are a measure that has not created ease on this earth, they are a program that is not working.

Life will eventually come out, meaning no suppression can ever work, Meaning, if the program is not equal to what allows the full potential of a man to live with ease, then the measure of the belief system is not aligned with life. If  the measure of life on earth were equal to a state of ease, then there would be no religion, the name would not need to exist. What would be on earth, is life. 

If someone comes up with an idea, and then walks the necessary steps to implement an idea, and suddenly conflict and discord happens, it is not the object that is to blame, as the act of blame is not the corrective measure, which means to investigate , to communicate, to assess all movement and measure, to see where the smallest of movements arise that show where a loss of ease of movement has occurred, and to correct this. A behavior of blame, is not this action, is not this movement. An action of blame has forgotten that a child is not born with language or with culture, and that the form as the man is capable of many many things, varied things, hence all possibilities of movement must be assessed when a consequence of friction or discord, or frustration happen in the man. One has to assess the form, and all things in the environment, not a belief system as what religion really is. A man is a physical form, not a meta-physical construction of a right and a wrong. The physical world is the starting point of what a person is before any meta-physical construction of limited values. Disease is a suppression of life, because it is that presence that measures/senses space and time and learns the measure of language and culture, that is not equal to a measure within that allows an expression without that moves with ease. 

In this modern age, where the world can work together, to produce food, and energy, and goods that last, and give each access to learn things, is there any reason for a belief system that limits the ability of that child that is not born with religion and culture to not explore and learn any number of things? With the technology we have today, is there any reason to play roles when we have the means to follow what we once desired to follow as children when we, for example , were interested in mechanics, or dance, or plants, or animals? And if each child were allowed to follow their inclination when it went outside of any cultural or religious conscription based on a past, what would become of this world? Would we continue to fall into addictions that consumed us, to fill what is really a lack of having been self trusting and following what we found made us feel fulfilled and happy? Would there be addictions to sex, for example if each had been self honest and followed what allowed them to express themselves and became the measure of a person who felt at ease? And, when a person is at ease, is there any desire to do any harm? Or does the person realize, having been self honest, that the only way is to do that which is good, respecting all  physical forms/things, in every moment making the choice to do no harm as the state of being that is the only way to understand and direct into living here on this earth with ease? 

The present systems on earth, are really a reflection of a lack of self responsibility. They are managing that lack of self responsibility in each. Religion is to manage what is a lack of self responsibility. The money system is to manage what is  a lack of self responsibility. Gender bias and class order, they are to manage a lack of self responsibility. All of them, they are a reflection of self abdication of one’s common sense, as it was that presence within, that had no language or culture, that absorbed the measure without. This means that that presence within, that which can change, as the ability to assess what one accepted and forgive it into a measure that leads to what self responsibility will bring, which is a state of ease. A state of ease has no blame, no desire to hurt, no desire to spite, as that presence realizes that the only choice is to become self responsible, as in respecting all things and taking that which is good for self, as what is best for self is what is best for all.

It is interesting to realize that blame and spite, that lack of real investigation of our present system,  is a reflection of how much the self suppresses the very life within one’s self that is the very presence that has the ability to change and reform, and become responsible and stand with ease here on earth.  It is like one is working really really hard to reject joy and ease! 

We have become a mind conscious of lack only. That self definition of lack is all we can see, because we choose to focus on it! And that lack is composed of parts that need to be balanced back into what it means to live equal and one with creation, which is physical, that real thing under your feet. That construct, that measure one relies on, that religion, is a imagination that is not respectful of what is constant and ever present- the physical world. And the physical is composed of the substance that is life information.  The doom and gloom imaginations are a consequence of judgement, as a belief in good and bad, where the imagination can compose any manner of things. And that imagination sucks from the physical, like a matrix that is a construction, a quantum construction imposed on the physical. It cannot work, and it is not working. It leads to suppression of life and will as a consequence cause conflict and war, as the life within is stressed through lack of equality to itself where is can live self responsibly. This state of self responsibility is a state of ease- one that cannot pretend. No one has really lived this, had they, then there would be no death, as the end of a form,would be a transformation, not a destruction or a draining of life. As we can see with what is happening in our world, our systems are a structural violence, reflecting the lack of self responsibility within each. The only choice, is to become self responsible. This means being equal and one with life, the physical that is life information. This means taking that which is good and does no harm. This means making the choice to live with ease, as this is one’s natural state of being.

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