Monday, November 23, 2015

Day 663 A self divided upon itself.

Today I had a meeting, and it seemed I could hold so much of it in one consistent form. It is an interesting thing, self discovery, because it is normal, it is practical, it is here. The chaos of a memory that has been allowed to become bigger than reality is the problem. The solution is to realize correct action, or perfect practice. This means, as the answer is in the above words, that the within, as the memory of experience, must be equal to what builds that memory, which is the physical world around  us. Yet, chaos makes simplicity something buried under the uncertainty of imbalance.

This morning I looked at the word evil and evolve and live. I suddenly looked at the ‘e’ as a circle divided unto itself.  It is like the top of the ‘e’ is one piece, yet the bottom of the ‘ e’ is bursting at the seams.  This is like a world upside down, where the within is of a greater measure/focus that what is real, as the physical, that physical, that which the information as the memory informs itself!

I mean, why do so many parents assess the friends of their children? Why do they resist some children over others? Why do we not see that the wicked witch in the woods is Cinderella in another life? Why do we not realize that our monetary system holds ideas of what is more based on a metaphysical ideology? Why do we not realize that all those indigenous people’s language is information about the environment in which they lived? Why do we not realize that our physical bodies are a system that can sustain itself whereas our technology, that is not a bad and can be used to help us help ourselves, cannot self sustain?

Do we realize our actions of an inflated memory are not considering reality as the events surrounding us make so visible as a structure that divides unto itself? 

Can we see that the solution is to rebuild a structure that moves from problem into solution, reversing reactions as the consequence of problems, correcting imbalances as providing the basic needs a physical life requires to reach the potential inherent in the design?

I/we must begin to direct ourselves within a principle of what is best for all, as this is what is best for us. We can close a circle divided unto itself through respecting all life, assessing all things, valuing them as life, and ground ourselves back into real living. Thus will the machine as our physical expressions of life fill with the sum of all parts, creating a world that resonates life. Like a renaissance, a more transformative revolution, taking that which is good and does no harm as this is the MO of creation. This is the real stewardship of men on earth. This is real love, where the parts as the ‘I’ and the ‘O’  become greater than a self divided unto itself.  Each one/1 standing  as oneness/O and equality is greater/> than each divided unto itself as life. l+O > e

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