Sunday, January 17, 2016

Day 677 What are you auditioning with yourself?

At times, recently, I am in a situation where information is ‘ coming at me’ and I suddenly feel overwhelmed. Numerous thoughts comes up, each one not myself standing here, assessing what is here.  I want to make some value huge, where I go into doom and gloom , or specifically, feel that I have to catch up, like there is not enough time to assess. This in itself is a belief, an idea. Yes, it may take some time, yet it is possible.  Perfect practice makes perfect.

When this happens, the only choice is to assess, to slow way down and become the directive principle of myself as life, meaning to look at the measure presented, the data constructing the picture. Ultimately a reflection of reality.

Often, and I have said this before, and at times forgotten to utilize this point, that within music, when a passage seemed too much, as in too fast, that I could open up the space. Meaning the measure of the information has all this space around it, and I can use that space to move from one thing to the next.  That aspect, as a perspective  of realizing space and within that, that I can assess what is here, listen, and take in the measure in a normal and practical way, which is a way to order into moving here in the physical, because the physical moves in practically measurable ways! This means giving no material promise to the label/refection/idea of a limitation that makes something huge in my mind, in my experience of who and what I am.

When the time warp happens into a fear of not understanding, with the voice of ‘ there is not enough time’  having lived in a competitive survival mode for so long, it appears impossible to change, yet if I open up, which is to slow down and assess/ double-check/ take-in-the-practical, just past that point of the fear, suddenly the measure opens up and with it, the ability to see whole new ways. Here, I can again cross reference, and check. There is enough space. It is like there is an eternity to assess. 

Imagine if we all utilized this? Imagine what kind of world we could create? Imagine if we could all slow down with every step we take and cross reference the actual real world around us? Imagine if we could objectively look and take in the structural forms of the present system, as how money flows, and realize it for the scam that it is and a mirror image of our own self interests that are a misaligned use of our innate power? Imagine if we could realize that our ability to be and do this, is us using our presence to understand and then to evaluate and reconstruct our actions in such a way that a balance is created where everything on this earth realizes the value of each thing being the means of maintaining a steady ease for each part?

As humans we live in a mind consciousness that is us in separation from the gift of a presence that is the very nature of creation. And creation is by nature something that forms and changes. We allow ourselves to be placed in a box for many hours during our formative years, to become an information that is limited and moved at a pace that slows down the natural ability of our presence to change, to assess, to create. Ask yourself what it is that takes in the metered measure of information imparted in a box for many years? What is that?

Do you check your gut as you go out into the world and audition the measure of your information, as your education as that which you accepted and allowed to be educed, or drawn out as the formation of the presence that is you? Is the movement that is you, as you audition, or sound yourself, as your words, as the reflections you impose on those around you,  clear and in tune? Is the sound pure? Can you realize that structure as information within and at the same time cross reference the movement around you as this world? I mean, is this not what people do who perform in an orchestra, for example? And does this not mean that this is your capacity? Who and what are you allowing to determine what this presence auditions within this life?

What would it be like to have this instrument that is what you are, an instrument of life, function in full employment? Meaning, every part of you was so focused here, that the sound would be so pure and so clear that each transformation would be met with joy! Would this be the absence of fear and a gratefulness for all things?

It is time that we created such a world, realizing that we are the power of creation, and that that power exists because of everything that is around us. 

It is time to walk out of a mind consciousness of limited information. It is time to forgive the self for accepting and allowing limited information, to ground one’s self back into equality and oneness with this life, this world, this physical formation called earth.

It is time to bring that chaos of limitation as information back into focus of reality as the physical world that surrounds us.

It is time to take the time to pull in the reigns of separation as measure as belief, opinion and idea in a bubble that ebbs and flows as judgement instead of respect and equal consideration to balance out one’s presence and begin the process of auditioning a self equal and one to life as the physical.

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