Friday, November 1, 2013

Day 459 The projection of the good limitation to hide the consequence of greed as each of us within.

We are divided within what we are accepting as our focus, as a value made big that is not an untruth, in that it is a substantial part of life on earth. Yet, it is a story, without background development of earth. Our childhood stories we teach to children are of the maiden finding the prince. This is, if we look,  a story told out of proportion to what is our constancy as physical reality. And is it not ironic that this romance made huge, that does not include background building of physical reality, is the same behavior , as the pictures ( that of a man with a woman lead into the same behaviors  without responsibility to what creates/allows constancy- as in lack of consideration and awareness of physical flesh and environmental size and substance-)  that are what is presently one of the biggest financial cash venues on the internet, so much so that even our own church/religious establishments invest in this, which is the porn industry.  Now, realize that that fairy tale of the prince and the princess is porn with clothes on.
And, realize how control can be continued through a focus on limited aspects of reality.  A focus of non-direction. In the focus of limitation that builds a story as mind, as consciousness that is in total a separation from self as life on a physical world that is what is real.

 Again, just go and look at a proper perspective  map of Africa, and you will see that Africa is bigger than China and America combined. And we are not taught this: why are we not as aware of this physical reality as Africa and the abundant amount of resource there? Why are we not as children taught this? And why are we learning to make predominant the behaviors of reproduction from the beginning, told again and again out of proportion as reproductive relationships? In this we can see how much we are perceiving reality through a distorted lens built from the absence of detail being given.  Our focus on what would a balanced consistency create is not here. And, even here, if more focus is allowed then it is isolated into bubbles.

This all leads me to ask the question as to why there has been so much military action in Africa? Is Africa more than the romantic safari we are told about in fantasy, is Africa a playing field for military venues? Military venues simply being the use of technological development not only for resource grabbing, but also a way to have the public pay for technological development that is then privatized? By this I mean, are we using war to have the public labor resourced technological development then flipped through words on a page to then be owned by a few? This being, vast tracts of Africa sold off for profit based companies . 

We even have our American resources being “ rented out” as our coal from national park lands, where what is touted is 8 MILLION being the royalty for infrastructure and 7.2 BILLION being the value of sales of this national lands resource. And, understand that the same is happening with our waters. The royalties are minuscule  compared to the sale value. Meanwhile, many children do not have access to foods that are supportive, to an education that is supportive, and end up working in private prisons paid for with tax dollars ( human labor) making parts for appliances that create profits for the appliance companies.  And, with off shoring and transnationals funneling money - not caring where it comes from and not paying taxes on profits - and or hiding profits in supposed charitable acts that are really self supporting happy face sitcoms at face value yet tragedies on the ground, this is benefitting the collective associations of a few who know no allegiance to collective humanity. But we, each human accepts and allows this unless we stand and change the structure of what is here through implementing policies that support this earth, as a secure functioning earth, absolutely, is what ensures a life lived in dignity.

 I mean, look, even this week we had victims of drone strikes come to America to face Congress, and so few of our representatives, showed up. This is criminal; there is no other way to look at this. And this person from this drone abused country spoke of how his grandmother while simply taking care of a field of crops, was killed by a drone that was via the news STORY morphed into a justification as militants being taken out. What happened, was there some justifiable “ step” where the supposed “ data” was divided and relabeled from grandmother to “ militant”?  How can any human allow this? How can we Americans not realize the greed being played out by our supposed representatives that are touting American security? This is not American security, this is abuse of earth and life, and abuse of life and earth is not what secures America. What secures America is taking care of this earth, ensuring that no harm comes to the soils, and the waters, and the plants and the animals, none.

The problem is that we are all doing this same justifying and renaming within ourselves. Which means this is not human nature, this is a structure we have accepted and allowed that is not a structure of common sense. And ironically, we create our own pain in our hiding and indolent behavior, thus we can blame no one but ourselves. We are the source of our own pain. What must be realized within this, is that as children we did realize what was going on, but we were too small to stand up, but as adults we can investigate what is going on and understand it and then stand as a group to change it so that the children of the future do not have to experience the impulsed limitations that frustrate the child’s full potential expression as life, these accepted limited impulses that are the cause of the same ignorance of common sense with each passing generation. What we are coming to at present, is this hierarchy inverting and dividing that which is already divided to uphold the law of profit as the corporation that is in opposition to what supports life, which is that the common good come before profit. That this statement exists within understanding means that we intrinsically understand that a profit based system contradicts life and does not work in accord with it. So, what is here must be used in sustainable ways to support and SECURE life on earth to function with ease.

That grandmother in that field was being in care of earth, working with earth, she was stable there sowing the bounty of what earth is capable of giving to sustain life, and the Americans went in and just shot her down and called her a militant? If we call a cup a cup, this drone shooting down some bent over elderly woman working in a field, probably wearing a long skirt, a militant, than what was really targeted was what created stability, not what attacked America’s supposed interests. This is an impolite act to and towards earth, this which when in stability is the best interest for America. A stable not-at-war  earth, a productive earth, is what is security for America, in all common sense.

Why not tell stories in childhood that build an understanding of earth? Thus, all of this means that what we accept and allow as humans is really a distortion of reality, and because this is a distortion, this can be focused back into perspective, one that has common sense of what is here as this earth. Sharing your life with another is a good, but it is a good of many goods, so why not start bringing this world into perspective, one that realizes that war, perpetual war is not the answer, and must come to an end. We have the technology to support the men and animals and plants that are here, we have the means to organize ourselves so that our population is sustainable, and we have the means to allow all of us to live lives that are dignified and developed and focused here equal to understanding the size and scope of earth and our potential to create a “ heaven” on earth. 

Support a Living Income Guarantee. This is the solution to bring us back into an order that is a life in ease, equal to this physical life giving earth.

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