Monday, November 18, 2013

Day 467 Watching the reactions only.

I find I lose my breath when I speak with others, and within myself I expect reactions, and then I get caught up in complicating my conversation in attempting to “ simplify” it according to my perception of the reactions of others. Then I lose what I am saying that is really very simple.

I am so busy watching the reactions ONLY that I miss the underlying need for the reactions, and since the reactions, as emotional storms are secondary to a starting point of being, then that which is constant as what is best for all, as that which gives structure that allows self direction that brings ease, this ease within itself something that moves quietly and gently, as it has no need, its movement clear, not fearing a loss, or an immediacy of gain, as the value is being here, as life, this point where life exists, because life can only hear/be here, which is why there are so many distractions around us, to take us from the most stable point, which is being physically here - and because of this on another front, why sex is turned into sex instead of physical intimacy, because in turning sex into an idea, one is in separation from enjoying physical presence here.  It is a “ hide what is real right in front of you” game. 

I mean, media is constant suggestion that this or that will solve…. solve what? Why is something needing to be “ solved” in the first place? What if we were the solution of life, meaning the very substance of life, meaning being equal to life, instead of an idea as needing to find solutions, as in problem solving?  I mean the “ assets of earth, as the resources being treated as what is here to support us as we are this, can only be given to each in order for each to exist equal to what supports physical well being. What we have allowed is a hierarchy ordering this world to allow a few to have more than others, and this “ more” is not a “ more” it is a separation from reality. It is a beseeching act hiding fear of loss based on idea. Meaning, be see king, meaning I am not equal to life being the value because there is always something greater outside of me- or so I believe.. Life cannot exist without that which is the substance of the physical. As this, we each have great power, in simply being, which just takes respecting the physical world.

There is no reason why neighbor is not enjoying neighbor. There is no reason for this earth to not be a botanical garden, where there is joy in interacting and communicating with everything that is here.

I heard a story one time about a man who in childhood, moved from a lower financial position to one of more financial success and in so doing, moved from a more densely populated environment to a more suburban environment. In the more affluent environment, the neighbors interacted less, remained closed off. What was lost was the open. sharing communication between fellow men. The point here is the loss of communication between neighbors. The physical environment has nothing to do with this, because in a more suburban environment, space for communication readily exists, so what ended communication was the focus on climbing the ladder, which meant not being responsible for how the present system of inequality functions, knowing one was playing a game that was not supportive of life, of the physical world, and that what one was in effect doing was acting in self interest, thus the need to hide in shame.

And then the game of comparison sets in. Comparison based on an idea of what will win the game. But if we look at nature, if we look at a tree, or we look as the musculature of an animal, we can see the same shapes, the same folds, the same curves, and they vary slightly only, but it is all a form of life enabling expression and all of it is the value, all of it is a part of us, as us, equal, and that it is the communication with this that is the enjoyment. I mean, we can only be in one place at a time. And we all love to hear stories, so what if the story is told by the physical, actually living the experience? What if the god we seek, at whose feet we believe as an idea, we are going to sit at when we die, is really the physical world rights here, telling the story of heaven, of simply being? What if we are missing this and it is right here in front of us? I mean, we are here in the living story of life, we are given the physical to “ live” the story, we are it, as the physical, so it is time to be here, live here, communicate here, respecting all the forms and expressions as the forms of the physical here, which means taking care of it and enjoying it.

Support a Living Income Guarantee. Participate in LIFE, it is right here, it is your feet, it is the ground on which you walk, it is your neighbor, it is the animals, it is the ground, it is the sky, it is everything. The hierarchy placed, as the present accepted and allowed system is the separation on a physical world that by design allowed communication it is only ourselves as mind consciousness systems of limited belief that separates us from ourselves as life.

Walk the DIP Lite course, begin the journey to life, bring yourself back to the physical, remove the emotional storm bubble of limited ideas through self forgiveness, writing and corrective application. Ground yourself, here.

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