Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Day 468 Solicitation, TPP and Protest Laws. As Within So Without.

Someone said to me the other day , “ I don’t want to be solicited.” I stopped, this was a new response that I had not encountered. I looked at the man and said, “ how does one person speak with another, reach out? A person has to address people and through speaking bring what is new to them, for them to hear, it is how it is done, in all simplicity.” The man was not reactive, he did not bully, he simply looked at me with calm.
 But there, within me was a movement, initially, not, as I responded immediately, in calm, but as I spoke I noticed a tension, which was a fear, a reaction. As I spoke,  the common sense of what was physically happening as in a moment of communication with another I realized that the fear, as the inner uncertainty that was a warning based on some idea had no relevance in the moment. If anything, this fear was a pulling back within myself that protected and defended my action based on a belief that I could be labeled and judged and that this would remain with me, when such could not because I can only be here, in this moment. 
There is also a fear of standing as a directive structure, to stand through being a feminine person acquiescent as a belief within an accepted societal norm that really has no substantial responsibility within being here. If anything, one can only connect with that which allows self as life to move/flow/hear with ease and within this to remain steady as this. 
This is moving equal to common sense, to life, as is our natural ability as life as what we are, as self in absolute purpose within being aware of here, as what is best for all. Which in essence means communicating with one another, and realizing that we are only as good as the parts, as all of existence, around us. There is no other choice, and this is not an impossible choice, it is actually the easiest thing to be and do, if we only accept and allow this to be. The irony is that we, through believing that there is more than here, as idea as mind,  are existing in separation as judgement and not seeing what is here as what it is absolutely and the behavior of this is our state of confusion that appears complicated when it is not.
Our emotions and feelings that are the accumulation of thoughts that are a judgement based on an idea of one thing being more than another - which is what a survival game would be, where money has been allowed to determine life, -builds our characters, our cares, and becomes the program driving our wants, needs and desires, all of which in essence serves a machine of division/complication/suppression. The data going in serves the structure of judgement of having measured physical reality as being unequal, forcing hierarchy, a false god built on what is real beneath it, the real sustenance. All the while the gift of life is physical creation, giving equal measure of life to all as the very substance of what is the physical to allow equal understanding.
Interesting that, as I understand, the new TPP,  or Trans Pacific Partnership, is proposing keeping data secret, which is to say keeping justification “ secret”, and also, writing laws that punish protest. So, what is happening  within this structure of inequality is what we are doing within: our manifested expressed emotions that are the programs of accumulated judgement that we have accepted and allowed: beliefs that one thing is more than another: Our emotions and feelings hiding the thoughts that are the accumulation of a data  collection of values in self interest. These things that are supposedly more than values  really are of a limited selection of values and obeying them has taken from us our ability to stand in common sense, equal to life which we can see manifest in the cumulative acts based on our accepted/selected inner program/judgements/data as the amount of destruction happening to earth. 
And now we are proposing to not even be  allowed to protest our own demise, self created at that.  And so we live our own stagnation. We are slowly but surely leading ourself to our own stopping point, our own end. We are moving back, physically, to nothing because we refused to stand equal to life, which is the absolute purpose of common sense to be aware of here, and to do no harm, which is how one can equalize oneself to life, to the physical, and it would be  really fun thing to do, but instead we chase a separate program as the mind of limited values causing all manner of conflict because these values are based on ideas of good and bad and not what is the gift of structure to realize self as life as the physical world. It is right here in front of us, and yet we refuse to see that the physical world is the gift of life.
The physical is the  training wheels to equalize self to life. All those little atoms that compose a structure of life, so we can really “ play” and express ourselves as life.
And so much so, are we in self abdication that we manifest a law that disallows and punishes protest - in this case, the destructive pipeline that profits only a few at the expense of plants, animals, humans and water, and air on which we depend to be. 
Just as the law of profit takes everything, all consequence from not having considered all outflows, and turning the damage into a new profit making venture so can we as a collective take our mistakes and turn them into a good, as what is best for all. In the law is the answer: To no longer protest, and instead to stand as what is best for all, as in standing and placing/supporting a structure - in this case one that builds sustainable practices bypassing/redirecting the effort as our own impetus to protest, eliminating it as in  building something new with that movement through redirection within a sustaining principle.
We can, from within,  slow ourselves down and use our common sense and realize our thoughts of judgement have accumulated creating emotions and feelings that when looked at have no real value and can thus be self forgiven to bring ourselves here, to what is real, realizing that our past does not define us unless we accept and allow it. For this one can also walk the tools of self forgiveness writing and corrective application offered in a free course called DIPLite. It is a process to equalize self to life, as it was a process to build that concrete GPS system that was based on limited values that obeyed a god of profit in self interest which was a starting point of separation from self as life, but that which took that step is what is self as life, and it is there and can be redirected by self as self as life, here. The shift from following to self directing may seem impossible but it is not, and it will take practice but it can be done.
This is a process of walking the ordinary, a structure of order, that creates a supportive extra-ordinary earth that can become what realizes that the exception is the norm. Living Income Guarantee will accelerate this process because it will remove many of the behaviors of survival because money has been allowed to determine life  as what is here is what enables us to become equal to life. This is the gift of the physical world. It is your birthday present. 

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