Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day 462 Aligning words into and as what is best for all.

So, if someone is standing before me using words to describe something, I listen to the words, and take them at their face value, and I take this equation of sound and I direct this into what includes all life, what supports all life, without blame, without judgement, like this is me and i am it, because in order for myself as life on this physical planet to exist in full potential, the totality as the forms and words must be what realizes all life as being the value. Thus any learned limitation or separation, which will physically manifest as a tension or burning sensation as the physical body,  any objection as only objection without solution that lacks the directive principle of considering all life as being the value, can be reformed and directed within and as the principle of what is best for all, as being self as life released into equality and oneness as life as self, here. Thus, a limitation, a touted limitation is the voice of self inner rest, that can be brought back into and as what is best for all. Forgive yourself the burden, the self accepted burden of your blame and the action of your spite, it goes nowhere, only accumulates into an entity unequal to self at ease as life, here.

Thus, I take the words as me and I direct them within the principle of what is best for all. I harmonize, meaning a take the words and wrap my arms around them - so to speak- and I take that which is good and direct that which is in imitation of insight within and as the principle of what is best for all. And, I do this with every moment, with the time I have here as life, to direct within and as what supports life.
This means that no matter what anyone says, I can only direct within and as my words as what supports all life, which means I cannot blame another. I can realize how money moves on this planet as debt and principle, and look to what does not allow the accumulation of debt. As debt within the present system cannot be paid, because all that really exists as the money is the principle, and since a private bank creates the digits, as the principle, then they pretty much own everything, and we have accepted this because we have not really investigated how money works.

I am defined by what I accept and allow myself to exist as in belief, opinion and idea within. Nothing outside of me, as idea, can define me unless I allow it.

What is the real value is right in front of us, the physical, which is why this is the most demonized part of existence, taught from childhood, because then what is the value is not realized but run from and impulsed to be dirty, and ominous, weird and aberrant, when it is in fact the direct opposite. The physical world determines what we are, thus how we take care of physical existence is a direct reflection of how we value ourselves as life. If we judge what is here in any way, instead of realizing what is here as being life, then we are in separation from creation, from equal and one respect and consideration for the very substance of ourselves.

Having said this, it must be realized that a hierarchy is a form of separation from life by its very design, thus, class structure determined by money is separation, as it allows the idea of money that is the value created and taken from what is the substance of life to support a judgement as an idea of physical forms being of greater or lesser significance, where, if we look at , for example a computer, each little wire is a part of the whole and thus each part is significant in that it composes the whole, without which that computer cannot exist. And, for that form to exist it must be what it is composed of and as. Thus, a human, cannot be what they are meant to be unless they are in full function, which means that which enables them to perform, to express themselves as their from and function as what is their structure. Within this it is to realize that in order for this planet to get into order, the instrument must be cared for, and be able to move itself within the space and time that is here, which means that the human must be educated, and that suppressing this within a human, as their innate capacity, diminishes life because the instrument is not functioning. 

For this world to become the order of life a system that supports all life must exist. Our present system of inequality must change to one of equality. This means creating that which is best for all in practical fact on a physical level, which means forgiving ourselves within as judgement as some values made larger than actual physical reality. Support the Living Income Guarantee, to walk the process of life, of birthing life back into what is the order of equality to physical existence to create an earth that is extraordinary as heaven on earth. Become the life you are meant to me, love your neighbor as yourself, as they are you equal and one in sound substance as life.

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