Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Crisis actors in acts of survival without regard for their actions. Day 704

I have come across a couple of articles on crisis actors. One particular video was of a group of American people of color. One can see that some of the younger people are stifling a laugh. I would to in such a situation. Seeing the whole thing as funny. I was standing there making up a story about something that never happened. I would be so occupied with this that I would not look at the long term ramifications of my actions. Especially towards my fellow men. Especially towards people of my own race.

There was another video of two black men who were involved in a peaceful demonstration. Yet, somehow, the media had built a story around them as being the perpetrators in relation to some supposed police deaths. These two men had turned themselves in to the police, handed over their legal firearms and brought witnesses that confirmed their whereabouts in relation to this supposed police altercation. The police did nothing, they were essentially fearful of going against the media story, even though the reality was staring them in the face. 

If we cannot discern fact from fiction, the fiction being our media, owned by a few who use divide and conquer/manipulation of events/ crisis actors/ machiavellian shinanigans/ self interest without regard for life/ false flags/red flags/ currency manipulation/ etc.etc. etc. how can we point fingers at anyone? How can we solve problems? We are essentially running around in chaos, living a lie, blaming everything around us, and no longer able to make any real decisions that make any sense at all. 

The problem with this is that we are forcing this onto our children. Our children are becoming more and more confused. What else do we call ADD and ADHD, and Autism and Dyslexia and all the other dis-eases that exist. Did we not realize that the separation from really looking and standing up for reality was not going to compound and become the mirror of our abdication of common sense? Can we continue to make statements that accept the absence of common sense. AND, that the answer, the solution is right there, it is common sense.

The crisis actors that spoke up for the false story, for which they are probably making money, do they realize the lives they are destroying? Do they realize the animals living on the earth who lose their habitats for resource extraction so the tools of broadcasting a false and limited story can continue? Do they realize the short term benefits of that pay for that performance? 

These actors are accepting money, in the short term, to survive, disregarding the long term consequences of others. And, that to continue this charade through participating within it, will lead them to the same or similar end as those lives that are disrupted by such actions as pretending a story that never really happened. 

I ask myself where I have manipulated things/stories in my own self interest. It begins with myself. I am the cell on the ground that generates the illusion of ideas, beliefs and opinions that have no regard for the practice of physical living. Where have I manipulated in my own self interest?

Where did I not tell the real story, leaving out inconvenient parts? Where did I create a crisis within my immediate environment through a lie by omission? Where did I create a paranormal event in my life that I had to constantly generate so that no one would find out that I had acted in fear, in my own self interest because I was too lazy/fearful/angry/self interested to investigate and assess and realize what would be best? Where did I become accusatory, or defensive, or use qualifiers with superlatives as  positive statements to suggest that my better was better than another absolute- all in self interest? Where did I manipulate events through my reflection of events to warp reality and hide what I accepted as ideas about something because I acted only in my own survival in the moment, having forgotten that I am a physical state of being on a physical planet? Where did I disregard the consequences of my actions towards my fellow sentient beings of this physical and practical earth?

Where did I polarize myself into energy, becoming loopy, ungrounded, fearful, existing as a chaos within myself? Where did I warp time, create a entity of belief and lift myself away from reality to hide in some emotional storm, covered in  positives as my words to justify my own fabricated-through-limitation-lie? Where did I become ego?

What I push away, what I reject, what I resist, what I blame, what I project outwards as what the aforementioned actions are, is what I ignored to bring forward values that I believed defined who and what I am or did in a reckless manner for money without looking at the long term consequences. It is as though I play with a substance that is as changeable and unsteady and chaotic as the imagery projected by the media. A media owned by a few who, in their survival, have managed to own resources around the globe to control the story impulsed through machinery. Even for them, the end will be the same, because what is real is being used to project a false and limited story on this earth. And all that is here as the animals, and the plants are suffering because of it. And we all accept and allow it unless we don’t. Unless we stop. It can only be held in place through acceptance and allowance. All of it is a false flag, a red flag, a crisis action in separation from reality. Instead of being present and using our awareness to sense reality, we are accepting and allowing very very limited stories to direct us. Yet, we can see reality, because it is always here, if we slow down, breath, and take the time to investigate and look.  If we stop participating in the limited story, it can no longer be sustained, and what will come forward, is reality, is the physical world, what is of real value. The real value is living, is being, is enjoying this state of being. It is enjoying our families, the animals, the earth.

The solution to this perpetual crisis acting is to breath and slow down and only choose those actions that do no harm to anything. This means removing the blame and the spite- those projections that are an act of not being responsible towards reality. This means feeling balanced and calm and present. This means not fearing what another may think of you. This means taking responsibility for one’s self. 

Our monetary system must change. It as its present form is the reflection of our own self interest before life. When we decide that all should have the means, because of this system, to have all basic human needs met because of what we are as physical beings, then can we begin to ground ourselves. The fruits of what labor we have done, can flow back to us, instead of flowing via financial instruments and government bureaucracies into what perpetuates this chaos, to and towards each of us. When we make the decision to manage and listen to our physical bodies and the environment around us, we by what we are as physical machines, can see directly what supports us and others that are the same as us, to become our real potential. I mean, imagine walking down the street and not having to worry about aggressive and accusatory actions and behaviors from fellow men locked in mental cages that limit doing the real math of living in a physical world? Imagine being able to have the time to understand how things work and develop practically? This is our real potential. 



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