Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Looking at my will. Day 707

I am taking some time to learn about something I have wanted to understand for a long time. I find myself becoming overwhelmed. Then, I notice I want to go into blame towards various things, this appears as a back chat in my head.

This back chat, as the voice of value judgements, can take over, unless I stop. It means using my will to stop, to realize that back chat is a stream of fear, an artifice of judgements, myself not having enough information, and a belief on top of that that this is too much to stand through. All of this in itself an illusion. So many times I have walked through information and gained insight into myself and the world around me, this time it is no different. I can take the time, and go easy with myself and build this understanding. This is how expanding my awareness works. 

I can also relate this to the existent infrastructure of the world, and what I allow when uncertain and overwhelmed, as the same behaviors in other human beings, and the information presented on the media that uses this same experience I allow within myself, to generate a distraction from using what is natural. That nature, being to slow down and investigate no matter what. And this until things are clear, and I gain confidence in directing myself - also not fearing to make a mistake.

In tandem with this, it helps me to remember that just as this emotional storm rises within me, it rises as the same behaviors in others. This reminder to myself, about myself, and this same action in others, allows me to slow down and become patient when communicating with others. Thus, I need not be anxious, instead I can focus myself on what I have allowed within, and the same in the world around me, and  assess the parts and the whole and find solutions that  motivate a clear will and a steady direction, a presence that is sustainable . 

Thus, the moment I find myself  becoming restless, obsessed, impatient, short tempered, I stop, I breath, I slow way down and no matter what, remember myself to being present here on a physical planet, to ground myself and place my will as life, into measurable solutions. 

I also realize how awesome that would be if each were to become this with each one, each human, each animal , each plant and entity on this earth. 

Imagine this accumulating and becoming normal? What kind of world would this create? 

In the most basic of terms, this would become a world absent of behaviors of survival into a world communicating creation. 

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