Thursday, July 14, 2016

The absence of HOPE. Day 705

I have looked at what it means to no longer have any hope for a while. At some point I realized that the absence of hope is being calm in knowing something, meaning seeing the way forward. This also means seeing the way forward within a sense of self trust ; being able to address the unexpected. This is also a trust in a general ability to process information, or form and function, or a body of knowledge and information that is made larger than life, the proverbial elephant in the room, and not be reactive to or towards it. Instead to take the time to investigate and direct, remaining stable and grounded because this life is physical.

Therefor, there is no need for hope, that excitement, that desire, because completing things means walking the order, the ordinary into a completion of a goal, or what some may call the extra-ordinary. The extra-ordinary should be normal, instead it is defined as being something extra, which means that life is in reverse. Yet the words are telling of a sequence, meaning they reveal how things are accomplished.

Within this increasing awareness that hope is not needed, which cancels out no-hope, I am aware that every summer the way the bugs move and appear, the way certain plants are prolific one summer and somehow absent other summers, I realize that the very movement of the nature tells of a balance in the natural world around me. I would walk around this one small island in my town, and over the years, after having a belief that walking the same path was boring, that this could not be true, that i needed to look at the small in the world around me. What I started to notice was that every year was different. Then I started to ask myself what these differences meant. Then I asked how humans had come to be so out-of-the-sensibility of such perception.  I mean, how did we have almanacs before all our present scientific analysis? It has been proven that people's living a more agricultural life were able to foretell the coming year's weather. Somehow, somewhere, we have this capacity. Unless, we spend 13 years in a box mis-using our imagination into a limited and  consequentially, self destructive blueprint of information.  I mean why do we have an eastern religion that says to stop the mind and a western religion that says become the living word? Are these too ' belief's' the opposing sides of the same kind, and is this not an example of divide and conquer, through fragmenting information, and by this design, causing a separation from a natural ability to see directly this physical life?  Ask yourself what the meaning of humpty dumpty means, when he fell off the wall? lol, this in itself is a double meaning, suggesting that if we fall off the castle wall, we shatter- suggesting we must remain within the feudal system. A layer around a truth, as this is how the game is played.

Yet, HD, was sitting on a false construct, as that wall protecting the castle within a pyramid scheme. HD fell off the wall because he was no longer grounded! He had accepted the king's men and the king's horses instead of the physical. The consequence was being scatter brained, no longer able to process reality, and hence lacking in spatial ability, causing mistakes in his reality. It was a mis-use of imagination.  Hence, no one can put him back together again, no one, only he can. It is the same with each of us. The way, is in the practical, via the physical reality that is nature. And within this, the formation of the wall, that is the present system and hallowed ground as our mind consciousness systems of beliefs, opinions and ideas, so much of this indoctrinated information that consumes and shatters the life, as the presence within each of us. We accepted and allowed it. Yet we can change and forgive this separation and stand, equal and one on the ground and notice the ineffable and subtle changes that are in the natural world around us, that tell the real story of creation. Time to take down the wall. we can do it, together, after all, we built it together, so we can deconstruct it together and rebuild. We are the instruments of transformation, this is our real joy, we need only give up hope and hopelessness, because they are a consequence of no longer seeing this reality directly.

Thank you for reading.

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