Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 280 Equal Money Capitalism Will change local and global practice of money before life.

"• People: Aside from its threats to wildlife, road salt also poses a danger to many of the same people it helps on the road. Excess salt doesn't hurt humans as much as it does frogs and ferns, but it can be bad for certain folks at risk for high blood pressure. The CDC's recommended averagedaily intake of sodium is about 1,500 mg, but the average American actually gets more than 3,400 mg a day. For people at risk from hypertension who already get twice as much sodium as they should, even small amounts of salt in the water supply can thus be significant. City water supplies are sometimes contaminated with so much road salt that they must be temporarily shut down, a problem that has recently surfaced in Ohio, New Jersey and other states. And while the sodium ferrocyanide that's added to road salt isn't highly toxic on its own, it can produce toxic cyanide compounds when exposed to heat and acidity, posing yet another health threat. Hydrogen cyanide, for example, is also found in cigarette smoke, where it's known to paralyze cilia in the lungs. Chronic cyanide exposure has also been linked to liver and kidney problems, and according to some research it may increase cancer risk, although that's unproven. High levels of overall sodium have also been tied to stomach cancer in humans."

It has been snowing here where I live. There are many locals who make some income every year by plowing away the snow.
Evidently, this year, they have not been making the annual expected amount. Instead, the state, in order to save money, meaning to pay these men to plow the snow, have decided to go against the state regulations. Only so much salt can be placed on the roads, as this salt is detrimental to the soils, yet certain amounts are allowed. So, in oder to save money, with having to pay money to men to plow, it is cheaper to simply place more salt on the roads, despite this amount of salt being above environmental guide lines of the amount of salt allowed to be used.
Thus, our own state, our own supposed officials of the state, those who are supposed to be for the people, of the people to do what is for the common good before profit, are having more salt than what is environmentally recommended, placed on the earth here in order to save money.
Meanwhile, it was recent that the salaries of the top administrators, were given their annual percentage increase because it was believed that if they should not have these increases ( as some state workers did not get their increases), lesser able administrators might step in and take the current positions and then the state would be run by incompetents. Well, these very same supposed competent s are choosing their money over the health of this state. Which, need I say is not taking care of this earth, of the ground on which people live, on the soil where animals and organisms exist and allow each one of us to breath air and walk within this physical existence .
What has been chosen is a cheap alternative, profitable for the one’s who own the chemicals placed in the salt, but not for the people of the state who need money to exist and pay taxes. This does not support the local people, thus it does not support the local schools, the locals stores. In the long run this is expensive, it ends up costing more, as the soils diminish, and the people and plants and animals become weaker, as this physical earth is not taken care of, the effects of which have consequences that will end up costing the state more than if they had hired locals to plow the winter snow.
But by then, that official will be gone. What does he care but for his own self interest. Lets just hope that his pension will be around, and the money for this pension, not changedand directed by some other official wanting to save money on labor and placing these funds onto some account to pay for the rising health care costs caused by too much salt placed on the roads by some previous idiot trying to save money with a supposed quick fix.
There is a way out of this. There is a way to do what is best for all, to remove practices of greed and ignorance of foresight and consideration for all actions made. The choice is to do what is best for all, to do what is for the common good to prevent consequences of abuse in favor of profit. The choice is to share what is of this earth that allows the profit of life to exist in realizing that the profit is life. This is Equal Money Capitalism, where all life is taken care of from birth until death, as life, existing, is the value - that simply being is the value. What is here, as this earth is to realize that life is the value, what is here can be used to provide what is needed by all to live a life of dignity and expression, absolute expression of self as life. There is no other choice but this. We know this, we have stated this within our laws. The structures are here to implement this, and the awareness of this is here, what has been placed onto this is an ideologue of profit, where money determines how resources are controlled, and the controls have taken this and abused this in self interest without regard for life. Too busy are they pretending a throne, when this supposed throne is simply a limited story, a fairy tale, archaic, limited, blind. There is no “more than” or “less than” except as belief and ideas and opinions as the mind made ruler in separation from common sense  equality of this actual physical world.
This present system is not working, it is not working on a global scale or a local scale, it is not taking care of this planet. The placement of money being more than life, pieces of paper being more than life, is creating a consequence of abuse of this planet and this must stop. Remove that which is dividing us from common sense, from respect for this physical world, through standing up and supporting a system that realizes life as the value and functions accordingly.
Equal Money Capitalism. Is your vote for life, or your own self interest, where a piece of paper, a value placed on a digit determines your existence? What is going to be cut from your existence by some government official acting in his own self interest? What if your child becomes sick, and you find out this sickness could have been prevented, yet some official chose a known detrimental action in favor of saving money before life?
It really is time to wake up.

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