Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 282 Stereotypes are the story of Predictive Programming

When I practice and I am having a problem not producing a sound that is “tight” - so to speak- I have to slow down and feel the space, every bit of it. Sometimes this feels like I can’t do this. Which does not make any sense. And just as the words I wrote suggest, it is me not allowing any sense. I am skimming the surface and not being common sense here.
What would cause such a behavior within myself? A desire? An idea of outcome before practice? A dream of a polished performance before having walked the common sense of the string and the bow? Like I am rushing to a vision instead of simply being here, equal and one, calm, sensing what I am doing in absolute detail?
I was working with this child who was having problems with reading. He would look at a word and under his breath, in a whisper say the word. And then he would speak something aloud completely different. I got to the point where I looked at him and said , “ you say the word under your breath and then you speak something else.” So, I had him breath, become calm, and listen to what he had said under his breath, to even remember what he had said under his breath. It took some patience, because he would have to spend a moment looking back, and then he would say the word. He got better at this. Most of this was simply calming down, becoming quiet. Where was he “rushing off to”?
One time, there was a friend on a computer in the next room, and, as this child said to me, “ He is playing my favorite game.” I thought “ great” we are really going to get something done today. How am I going to keep him here, if in the next room is a temptation he wants to “rush off to.”
The point is that the child was sensing the space and then somehow “jumped” into something else and came up with something other than what is here than what he registered that was equal to what was on the page. And, that he could be brought back to what he had registered through slowing down and being aware of himself indicated awareness not developed.
It is not different within practicing the violin. It is simply a matter of being here in common sense with what is here, the space of what is here.
Wow, this just brought up these dreams I was having just before my husband died. A whole slew of them. I was chasing him, my husband, trying to catch him - so t speak- and I can’t remember why. Do I need to follow my own advice and slow down? They flashed by so fast! It was this sense of chasing something, running and looking for something, and as with this child, the answer is known, right here, to slow down and be common sense of here. It is like we are this and then we move away from this, chasing something.

What if we look at this present system? Does it not promote chasing things? Is it not a program of “ Look at me!” ? Why do we allow all this media that promotes things for us to want?
Is it to keep us away from our own common sense, just as this child who could see the words and speak them under his breath, and then in a normal “ out loud” voice, his “presentation voice” say something completely different?
Is this action from common sense translated into something different like sleep walking in a dream? Is what is spoken the wash of a dream? A fear, an alternate idea as mind, a film of fear? Obviously, there was a form of separation going on here. The process of which was happening right in front of me, is happening right in front of me, with the child and with playing the violin when I am having a hard time “getting” something I am trying to learn, and slowing my self down so i can “ speed myself up” within moving here, being here, communicating here.
It is only when I am wanting, or following a desire in and as an idea that I would be in separation from here, in lack of common sense , here.
Obviously, if money were the means of getting the resources of earth, the products of earth in order to survive, this is creating a system of chasing to get what is needed to survive. And, as I have shown above, we are all chasing, and following ideas of what it means to get money, as what is presented by the media, learned by generations of people, then we are born into a world that teaches us to chase, as this would be a way to control the very common sense of each human, to divert attention away from being here, from using what the human is as life, the very focus of life, away from actually looking and responding and moving with, what is actually, physically here, to blind seeing what is real. I mean, this is criminal, and destructive. It is like taking common sense and diverting it in self interest. So, the few who have control of this are actually in separation from life themselves or this would not be done. Wanting a supposed “them” to change and demanding it, is not going to work. All that can be done is to slow down and be here, in common sense of here. Ironically, it seems like stepping back, but it is not, it is stepping forward into and as life.

Within this, getting frustrated with a child or myself when not moving with what is here, is reacting to the action of separation, which cannot direct back to here. The thing of separation, the emotional/feeling, thought as a distraction taught/accepted and allowed that is a judgement of some experience being a more than, is removing oneself from here. And the starting of this begins in childhood, through being told what to look for ( easter egg hunts- keep the eye locked onto the symbol) and avoiding what is mis-understood. Is the separation one and equal to the fear? The limited values taught are qualities made huge, distorting reality, selective, the predicate of ( to affirm, state, assert something about a subject in a sentence) how to focus, negating what is physically real. This already denying actual self discovery with the tools as the human physical body being able to see what is here. Remember, children are able to learn, and they have no religion, no language, thus what is being accepted and allowed on earth are many varying systems of belief as to what is more than and less than, and none of them have considered the physical as what is real, as equal and one, of the same substance, as life in everything here, despite the fact that practices that work with the earth and the forms of what is here existing as that form functions is symbiotic with earth, maintaining a working system. What is being allowed, in the name of profit is not working.
We have taken all these qualities of life, divided them into cultural role plays, even within each culture, qualities are divided between the sexes, to the point where we make jokes about stereotypes, which means its all predictable, and thus there is no fluid movement in and as life here. It takes all of the qualities as self as life, to move as life here, to be here. This is the gift of life. This is common sense. Thus, all the qualities are not necessarily good or bad, they are simply caged through division, and we have accepted and allowed ourselves to run after the cage, instead of being here, fluid with and as life, a life of non -divisive characters.
What judgements does this child have as separations resonant within that distort what is initially read? What fears as what un-clarified events brought ambiguity - more than one interpretation, meaning the creation of a ‘double meaning” which in essence is a lack of common sense, a separation into selective value directives that are a run from separation/fear? What is creating the constriction within physically ( as this child has a problem with constipation), and the expression of this in the words “ I can’t” as they slump in a chair?
I think of the teenage girls I met in New York, wanting to become models, watching the transformation from a certain individuality into the image and likeness of what a “model” is, something being lost, to become a stereotypical image, flat, limited, behaviors of stereo - type, the broadcast and blueprint voiced in cultural jokes of predictive behavior.
This is a human creation, that can be stopped, through realizing what has been allowed in separating ourselves from the value being life. Such transgressions from life are alive, as thoughts, emotions,and feelings, the judgements as the voice of the selected values masking the separation/fear from self as life, that which is, in common sense, able to be here, and thus direct as life, here, able to see, here, to exist one and equal to and as life, here.
To stop the behavior of running away from ambiguity that is one and the same as chasing one’s own cage of stereo-type, is to stop a system of division into more than and less than as what is the system that provides the needs for a life in dignity, this means taking what is here as the resource to support the profit being life, and to move this on this earth in such a way that all life is cared for, all life is supported equally, to get this world in order and functioning, meaning flourishing, all of it, not just some parts, all of it, every inch of it. Within this, the only choice is to be this, which means to give as one would like to receive, to do what is best for all, to take what supports life and to practice this. Stability, sustainability, security is in equality. This is common sense.

Walk the Desteni I Process Pro and/or Desteni Lite to bring the divisions of self back into equality and oneness with self as life in common sense in and as life here.

Stand and support a system of equality, as Equal Money Capitalism, to get this world existing in dignity, every inch of it.

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