Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 284 The Story of Inequality, No sustainability
Is is an interesting thing to realize that there are times when I was calm, and did not let the politics of greed bother me. I remained calm as though I could see a pattern that would eventually end, as there was no sustenance within the game being played.
I suppose I saw this within the politics of an orchestral group. And this existed within what was needed to hold oneself steady, that which had to be learned , or rather simply followed, as one had been burned to many times within becoming fearful.
Sometimes I would lead a section. And inevitably there came competition to usurp my spot. Sometimes I fell because I allowed this to get to me. Other times the whine of the competitor drove the administration and the conductor to give in, just to stop the incessant complaint.
But what would happen, is the complainer had no sustaining ability, the learning to complain had taken all sustenance out, the character had been set, and the desire to win had taken over. So, once something was won, off they went to another battle. And I was put back where i was, until the next aggressor came along. It took time for me to learn this.
The really nasty ones, who also eventually left- much like the stories of the kings and queens of medieval court- sought to eliminate, to remove the face of their desired place. Sometimes I was removed, only to sort out my own feelings of having lost something. I was not raised to be aggressive. And in the course of watching such, knew this was not an option I wanted to emulate. Yet, those times I came to believe myself inferior, I lost my own directive capacity and fell.
And this is not to say that i am better because I was not raised to be aggressive, it is just what was. There are moments when I digress and think that maybe it would have been better, but this pondering is crying over spilt milk, and there is no point in this. It is not what would sort out the existence of competition that is not supportive of life, the expression of life here on earth, meaning the absence of a need to eliminate, or abuse, or smother another voice.
I learned to remain calm in the face of the loud aggressive screaming for dominance, and waited to allow the drama to play out, as the actor of this proved to lack staying power, as is the nature of the breeding of such behavior. Similar to the aggression for power on earth, in the end there will be no staying power with men, unless they realize this is not how life can sustain itself on earth. It simply will not work, and it is not working. It is destructive, and the destruction from this is happening all over the globe. Support is sustaining, not the seeking of power. And the plants and the animals and the soils and people on earth are not being sustained, they are being moved around for power and supposed profit of more than, an illusion, as the value is life, is being, is interacting with this physical world, learning to express in and as the very substance of life, here.
So, I am reading this article today about what is happening in India with the grab of privatization of resources, where a few get a piece of paper saying they own something freely given by earth, and ignore all life in an effort to reap their supposed rewards, and to play dress up with a value given to blingy possessions, meanwhile there has been noeducation as to how to be life, to move as life, here, to transcend death, in becoming equal and one to and as life here. Whole peoples are moved off of vast stretches of land and armies are called in to stop the protest of these people who are forced to live in poverty. Is it any wonder why the poor continue protest, what else do they have, there are no other options for them really. And the media does what a purple pro does best, give the dispossessed a new perception label and tout it all over the media until it is believed. Thus do the poor who have had everything taken from them become, in this case, Maoist Gorillas. I mean really. This is as bad as the worst cartoon ever created. In fact it is a cartoon. Unfortunately, it is, as is a cartoon, an imagery so devoid of any depth of reality, with the promotion of stereotypes of good and bad, it is no wonder that few have considered how married the good and the bad are, as the two in totality being the problem, that this is really the play of inequality existent on earth that is the problem. The good and the bad, the more than and the less than, is a drama of inequality, endlessly running on screens all over the world, and so caught up in this drama is the human, that they cannot see this for what it is. We are being banged over the head with what we are allowing, and still we cannot see it. Incredible. The polarity game of inequality, the source of all stories, and no one sees that it is one entity so caught up in itself that it realizes its own destruction NOT. The snake eating its own tale/tail.

Mankind is the story of inequality. It is the story of destruction, it is the story of what not to allow. It is the story of dis-ease. It is the story of the separation from life.

Will there come a day, when children born on earth are told the story of man existing in inequality? That the monster under the bed was simply a belief made so huge as inequality that life was lost.

You decide.

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