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Day 287 Children and the "concrete stage"

4 children's cubes and carrot
4 children's cubes and carrot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am looking at the educational concept of a child being ready for school when a “concrete” stage sets in, around seven years of age. This would mean that there is an ability to have a directing - so to speak - “constructive ability” within being able to understand a social interactive structure enough to move within this, thus, at this point a child is “ready” for school; a child is ready to sit and listen, to control their own behavior in relation to the group.
This would imply that there is a developmental stage where a child can hold a picture, a map, or a plan and follow a series of steps. Meaning, a child can follow a plan, hold a plan in and as their memory/mind. Which, in turn makes it clear that this is what the mind does, it creates maps - so to speak.
What if this map became what dominated actions, instead of that which created the “map”? And what is being fed to the child as the composition of this “map”?
Given the state of this world , would it not be clear that somehow this “map” is limited, as this world in definitely NOT in order? And how is it that this obviously limited “map” leaves behind what actually created this in the first place?
Children are not born with language, nor with religion. And here I think of some of the stories where spiritual/religious leaders have actually killed children because they were not “grasping” the religion fast enough for the parents obsessed with the ideas of such a fantastic existence as an alternate reality that is not here. Incredible.
Could this “map” become the carrot on the end of a string, and the actual physical/donkey that created the illusive-never-able-to-be-reached-carrot what is real? Is this in essence what we are doing to ourselves and our children?
And is this carrot a composition of limited beliefs, opinions and ideas, that are parts of this existence, divided up in different ways throughout this world within cultural divisions, where all the values exist they are merely spread out and sectioned off instead of being allowed expression directly through the physical, where this mind/map holder is really a means to aid in expression within allowing the physical to remain directive as the creator that it is able to create the map, and move itself here, sense here as is its nature, it being life, where this map, is a picture from a moment and not directly the substance of life, and only a secondary image? And would this not be an inter-dimensional replication of what man has created outwardly on this planet? And has this not become what directs us, just as our supposed mind/maps become what is believed to be reality, when in fact it is just a picture of reality, and even here, refractions of reality, pieces of the whole, as limited values - that in themselves are not necessarily good or bad, yet when made idol and all that is seen, destructive because it is a limitation in separation from realizing the whole with each breath, taking a picture of here, with each step, using this map in this way to move within what is immediate within one’s environment to be aware of what is actually physically real, to consider all that exists, so that all is moving as an expression of itself as life, and thus naturally being life, and thus being what is best for all, as this is what life is, as is the nature of life, life being absolutely considerate of itself in totality?
And if this is what has been accepted and allowed, by men, on this for-giving earth, this carrot/mind/map made bigger than life, are we not missing life?
And would not this, limited carrot/map/mind image actually be the fault of each and every human, in that the limited values of this, these selected values, not good or bad, but simply limited, be directives because they were made bigger than life, as this was feared to be let go of, because this was all that was seen, as self as life forgot life? Because, selfthought that self as object as image, was better than another. was better than something outside of self that was of the same substance as life as self, so this forgetting of self as life, is the root cause of separation, as this is separation from the equality and oneness of life in all existent on this earth, in fact in all that is here as life? Thus has this continued, compounding through eons of time, to where we are today, on an earth, rapidly being destroyed in the name of profit based on an idea, at the end of a string in the shape of a carrot, and meanwhile behind that carrot at the end of that string/stick is a whole see/sea of life, here to allow ourselves as life, be and live in equality and oneness in and as life.
Desteni is taking us to the water, yet each of us must stop and drink. For our children, there is placed a screen in front of that water/physical/creator filled with images of a pornographic nature, of war, of diamond rings, of Cinderella, of bearded gods, and thus our children die, become the cinder, a much less expected potential then what was felt when they were young, as they are starving because the water, as themselves as life, is denied them, and it is right here, ever present, it is simply being ignored and all because a carrot, as limited beliefs, opinions and ideas, is what they have been taught to follow.
And though I know I am no better than what I describe, any and all self pity or embarrassment, or potential attack about this, must be faced because the only way out of this is to self forgive the separation from life, to realign oneself equal and one to the physical, to realize this is the value and the means of life, that this present system must realign with the structures and forms that are here, to support the needs of this physical existence in ways that support all the life here equally, as life is the value.
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