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Day 281 The Sabotage of Predictive Programming: Not Enough Food to Feed the World.

Genetic Roulette - The Gamble of Our Lives

The Problem

It has been stated again and again, that science has found ways to feed the growing population of the world, via the use of petrochemical pesticides, which were developed during WWII. This was the way to take care of the growing populations in the world.
Here we are more than 60 years later and still, starvation and nutritional deficiencies remain and are even becoming more extreme, affecting the next generation, where it has been predicted that the present generation of children will not live as long as the previous generation.
The initial use of multinational developed agricultural products fell short after a few generations of crops began to show signs of more and more pesticide need in order to produce.
Meanwhile, practices that sustained the soils and the plants in tandem with nature started to outperform the petrochemical agricultural developments.
All the while, what was being programmed was that this new science of agriculture was going to feed the world. This is the program, and this program has led people to believe that there is not enough food in the world to feed the people and animals of this world.
Not only, does such impulsing create a level of fear, that there will not be enough food to feed the world, as an undercurrent idea, it also suggests that there is only one way to produce enough food to feed the world. This is the presentation of one way only, and thus this is what is believed as a solo belief in the minds of men. Unless men, investigate and question this program. There are many who have stood up, and because of this have lost their jobs, so brutal is the greed for profit. If the populace listens to a singular presentation without question, even in the face of evidence against this, and this behavior within being able to program a human, is known, then there is not much hope for mankind. What men must realize is how programmable the human as mind really is, in order to be able to stop and look and question everything we have accepted and allowed.
Within this, we have the physical world. The physical is what is real and it tells us where we have misaligned ourselves within the choices we accept and allow. In all common sense, the very presence of a dictating voice, indicates that something is amiss, as this is a directive to a voice, away from what is physically before us. The simplicity of the solution, is to actually look at what physically exists on this earth. The physical is the real story, the physical is touch with all sense of self, moving here. The physical world if a sensation far more aware than what can be planted into the mind as imagination.
Within the imagination the future is blissful, yet somehow, the reality of the future when the future is reached never is what the imagination promised. And this should be enough to start the questions coming. The promises presented have not manifested.
Of course, on another front, if it is known that the inhabitants of the world need food to sustain themselves in dignity, then this can be withheld, and what is of the land can then be grabbed to serve more greed, which is what is happening on this earth, deliberate abuse to serve some having more than others, and, again, we are all the same, we are life. A life able to be developed when given what is necessary to life in dignity.

The Solution

There is enough information present on the internet to realize that the beliefs imposed by a profit based petro-chemical industry have not in fact lived up to what was touted as an absolute. And yet, there is a lag in belief, a resistance to not accept the products created in accord with these supposed scientific based agricultural practices that will feed the world, as these products are sold at a price that does not reveal their true cost, effectively enslaving the people to a limited choice in what foods are purchased.The web is lowered and making a change seems impossible, yet this must be done, as what practices exist within this limited petrochemical endeavor are creating consequences of extreme abuse to plant, animal and human.
What is amazing is the amount of bullying that goes on behind the scenes, especially towards people, trained people, using their common sense to stand up and say, wait, this is not working, it is detrimental to the earth, the animals and the children. So rampant is greed that in the face of harm, the voice of greed hears nothing else but its desire. Thus, the programmers are stuck in their own program. A product of their own words, and all for the desire to have money, to have more money.
Thus, standing and accusing the programmers for the problems in ignorance of physical consequences is not going to change the program. It is the collective that will change the program, many people standing up, basically outnumbering the bullies that are essentially lost in their own words, their own gluttonous imaginative desires. They have been running after the dollar bill for so long they see nothing else.

The Rewards

No more blissful dreams of the future, where the future never seems to be what was imagined. Instead being here, equal and one with a physical world that functions within what is best for all. This is real actual living. THis is directing one’s self here, in totality instead of being an aching body lying on a bed dreaming. This is not life. Life is being here, at ease, equal and one with all of self and not just an imagination that never lives up to its promise.
I am not saying that all science is bad, I am sure there are things within scientific discovery that can be used to build a world that supports all life in becoming an expression of life absolutely, down to the smallest particle within self as one’s physical body, functioning optimally. I am saying that here is enough evidence that what is being practiced within a system that allows more for some and less for others, does not work, as it creates behaviors of greed, and imaginings of superiority in the face of the fact that we humans are all physically the same and require certain things to exist within dignity. This system of inequality has not developed life on earth, it is abusing it, thus it is not working.
So much is spent on indoctrination and grabbing for a few that if this effort and money were spent simply taking care of life, here, then all people, plants and animals would have lives of comfort and ease, interaction and discovery of understanding the physical world. I believe that if all the people of this earth were placed in one spot on earth, they would fit standing side by side on a piece of land the size of California. This tells us that there is more than enough space on this earth for humans to live and breath, and walk and exist in dignity. How about we rewrite the program to actually create a world where all life lives in dignity. In common sense, this can be done, just stop and breath and start questioning what you have been taught to believe.

                                                             Equal Money Capitalism
                                              The Capital is the Value of a Life Lived in Dignity

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