Sunday, December 8, 2013

Day 473 Rapping Crime, beating ourselves down. STOP

So, I read about how the music industry, specifically the rap industry, was told that in order to survive they had to rap words - which admits that words create our world  as how we use them as the constructions of them impulse values - that induced crime, meaning words that composed stories of driving into reactions  that were of crime so that the populace would commit crimes and  the prisons would be filled. And, that this was what was paying the investments of the music industry, these privately owned prisons, these American prisons that have more prisoners than there are secondary teachers in America. Interesting when there are so few companies, which means a company behemoth can manipulate sections of itself to create conflict in self interest, criminal. 

America now has more prisoners that any other country. So, who lives in the land of the free? Or who lives in the land of the most fear, purposely induced in the financial self interest of a few who believe they are job creators? Which is in itself a disconnect, because all values that exist are because of the efforts of all men, even developed mental capacity is because of the many. Everything is interconnected, synergistic - meaning the sum of the parts are equal to the whole. Is the “ whole,” as America, something existing in a constitution, as a state of being, that is creating a common good? Is America in a constitution that  is a state of being that is and does what ensures that the structure and form of  living, as a system, does no harm, gives as it would like to receive?  Meaning, that unless what we are doing is working for everyone, what we are doing is not working?

The win-win in this is that the physical is the gift to realize the value being life and as such, to ensure that what is best for all is the structure built by men and that what is best for all can only be achieved when all men are living in their full potential, interacting with this physical world in full capacity as their form and function, equal in understanding of their self directive capacity as physical beings on a physical earth. Prisons for profit are a direct indication of a systemic failure. All men, as humans, must have direct interaction with this physical world, from day one. All men must be taught a living respect for the physical: the animals, the plants , the waters, the air, the soils.

 This requires exposure and opportunity, this requires education, a process that cannot end until it is done, until an understanding of what it means to respect life and value it, is reached. Understanding of life, as the physical cannot be withheld. All the physical forms on earth are the same substance as ourselves. For us to allow a few to have a platform that allows coercion as to what should be the words sung/rapped and then impulsed via media to create a profit is a crime that is being committed by the collective, thus we cannot blame the few we have allowed to govern us. It is us, as the collective that must change the form, change the structure of our system of governance to one that supports life instead of forcing it into prisons, because each prisoner is us, and we are them. 

This is an interconnected system as the directive to rap actions of crime reveals, and the outcome is not a win-win, is not a synergy of life. Thus, the collective must stand up and through the present system. This means all nurses, all soldiers, all teaches, all petty administrators must stand and vote, for a system that supports all life unconditionally, realizing that we have each accepted and allowed a lack of depth perception into the whole, and that this lack creates an uncertainty that becomes behaviors of blame and spite in a bubble, and that it is this lack that was taught by generations of same action, and thus one could say we are all to blame and we are not to blame, but in the end what came first, the chicken or the egg? From within ourselves, if we blamed one time, lied one time in our lives we are no better than any criminal, because we were part of the sum that lied and blamed and as such were not responsible here. 

Lying is to take a short cut in self interest, to not have taken the time to investigate what is best for all. So, the outcome is a system that has not taken the time to investigate what is best for all, and the disconnect was a separation from realizing that our forms may be different but the substance of the form is of same substance, and that this very substance is life and as such has the capacity to be directive as life, which would be and do what is best for all as this is the nature of life. 

Thus, the solutions to a system where there are more prisoners than teachers, is to stand as a structure that supports all life, that realizes what is best for all and that  this within what has been structurally created is to give money to each and every person, as it is the sum of the parts as the people who have created the values that are placed onto money, it is not that money is good or bad, it is how we have justified  its use through petty actions within a lack of spatial awareness ( I mean look at television, is it not a little tiny box of lights ? how can one possibly understand the physical world through the lens of a tiny lighted box? You can’t.).  We have allowed ourselves to acclimate to a tiny narrow viewpoint, so much so that we are allowing a few to decide what the words used by rappers must be and direct. If we allow this, it will continue. 

So, the solution, is to stand for what gives what we have accepted and allowed to determine life, and that is money. Give money directly to every person, to allow each person to wake up from the limiting directives of a few who are themselves so limited they actually believe they are job creators. lol. They are so busy being thugs that they are not living life either, so it is to forgive them and simply change the system. Life is fluid, and somehow we as a collective have taken this gift and created an abrasive system that is slowly but surely no longer supporting us, and it is time to stop. 

The resources are freely given for us to self realize ourselves as life, here. They are here for a constitution as a state of being that is synergistic with and as life, thus they are not for someone to claim as their own, as this in itself is a disconnect from life. because the resources that are here are the ownership of life, the ship of life that is earth, and as such belong to all life and must therefor be composed in such a way that all is respected and supportive of all life, as it is life that is the value, and it is the labor of the many that creates the value from the resources, even if that value creation is robots. 

Realize that  it is not only the object but the movement as the subsequent actions of generations of men that have created what is here which cannot as such be owned by one man, or one family, as the only family is all life on earth. Step out of your bubble of limited seeing and realize our characters and personifications are not equal to life and that this is visible, our inequality, as actions of blame and spite, jealousy and greed. These are actions of fear and the solution is to become equal in understanding of physical reality, which means changing the system to one that allows equal understanding as all parts, as all men, which can happen through giving the means to life in dignity as giving a Living Income Guarantee to all.

On another front, it is for the rappers of the world to start singing about equality, because it is not until all parts of life are equal to life, as life, in full potential, in full capacity, that life will begin. If we really want to learn how to sing, then this instrument of life, as the physical, must be in full function, stable, self directive, self sustaining. We can begin by creating economic equality. Support  Living Income Guarantee.
Living Income Guarantee Time to balance out the physical world, which means an equitable system is the only solution as it is an act of respect and understanding of ourselves as physical life.

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