Monday, December 2, 2013

Day 472 The Problem with Controls

The problem with controls.

We have a system that places control into every aspect of our beings: education, health, information. Why the need to control what informs us? Why not a directive that allows us to self discover the very forms of this physical world around us as us, using the capacity of the human to learn to read physical form and thus self inform. It is known that self discovery is the strongest learning device. If this is true, then our school systems, the very design and structure of them as an environment do not allow self discovery on the ground with the very world in which children will grow up into to interact with.
Sitting in a classroom discussing something, talking about something only, confines a child to limited aspects about something, the ones brought forward as having more importance than another aspect. This is the perfect control mechanism to limit the insight capability of the child. 
Why would such controls even be necessary? And why would they become more and more limiting over time within such a system? 
States/People have allowed a system that moves money towards the federal government, forcing the local schools to seek aid from the federal government. Money carries the value created by the community of men using freely given resources of the earth to dignify our lives, from the collective effort of each of us, thus how money moves and serves is the responsibility of all men. That routing of money via the federal government comes with conditions, and these conditions are naturally going to be what informs the interests of the men in positions on a federal level.  Many of the men in Congress, in the federal government are men that in word say they stand for all men, but in deed, it is another story, their deeds are in self interest, in maintaining money flow into their own pockets, regardless of the effects on humanity. Simply put, if this were not so, then there would exist no poverty. It is that simple, and no associative word play, or paper discourse platforms that only allow one perspective, can change this fact.
But then, this brings us back to the words directing the information of a child in a classroom bound by federal funds controlled by a few who we have allowed such control, acting in what ensures their monetary interests, all the while touting this interest as needed controls. This is a story in reverse, the controls are what maintain the self interest, because a human is perfectly, in fact, a beautifully designed machine to read the physical world and understand the form and function of the physical world. Thus, the present form of education, in total is a system of control, not a system to developing each human to become equal in understanding to the ability of the physical as self to interact with this physical world in ways that would provide a decent life for all, a life where harm does not exist.
A child can be placed on a playground in a country other than the country of birth and learn the new language in a manner of weeks, so able is the very form of the human to take in the environment when allowed the exposure and opportunity. How much opportunity does a child have sitting in a class room ( and there is a reason why it is called a “ classroom’)  listening to the conditions of a federal government of self interested in capital gain men, who actually believe that they are “ job creators” ( are they actually doing their self labeled “ job” at the moment….. no) - how much are these children really going to learn about this world? Our children are going to learn the self serving program of a delusional thinking that is a set of controls that serve an idea that one man is more than another. Which really shows that for this belief system to exist in the manner that it is informed from the womb onwards through the constructions we allow as words, shows how hard the system has to work to maintain itself against the real nature of men, which is the nature of give as you would like to receive, which is to do no harm, which is to respect all life, because self is life. I mean, the idea that our representatives are job creators means that they are as indoctrinated as we are, they just happen to have the role of leader, and our programs are the role of follower, but as we can see, if we look around at the state of earth, this program is not working.
My great grandfather decided that he wanted to be an opera singer. So, he decided to go to Europe and become a singer. He dragged my great aunt with him. Her name was Tita. She went from one European country to another as a small child, and learned all the languages while her father sang. As an adult, she worked for an import/export company because she could speak German, French, Spanish, Italian and English. That is the capacity of a human being when given the chance. Remove this chance, and place a child in an economically stressed environment with over processed foods, and an education that is in word only, with some added pictures and what do we get? We get children that become adults that have no real conception of physical reality.
We becomes adults who cannot solve problems because we are not taught to think, we are taught very limited and narrow dictates, and if we step out of these dictates we are considered weird, when the opposite of true. We wonder why our children are obsessed with sex, or rather, why our men are obsessed with sex, because we allow this to be what is sounded all over this world. We wonder why our health is so bad, why more children are dying of cancer in the last twenty years than accidents, which was the previous norm, it is because we have allowed an idea that our professionals know what they are doing, when our so-called administrators have accepted and allowed boundaries of limitation to serve the interests of a program that believes itself to be a job-creator. If we continue to allow this, it is what will continue.
It is time to change the program. To forgive everything, the debt, everything and to take that which is good, because it is not all bad, and to stand for a system that will allow that which is good to be the system, which is a system that allows the full potential of each human to reign on earth. It is, in the end, the sum of the parts that create the extraordinary, so each part is only as good as the whole, which is why the absolute purpose and focus of each of us must be to give as we would like to receive, as this will allow the life that is the real self to step forth. Do get this going, the money in the world must flow to everyone. And then the change will come in short order, because each of us, when given the chance will choose what allows us to live in dignity. And yes, because of what has been accepted, not all will immediately change, but most will.
There is enough, if this system has planned obsolescence, then obviously, there is enough resource left. Instead of creating waste, what we have can be used to create things that last, what we need to live in dignity. 

Support a Living Income Guarantee. Time to change the system, if it only works for a few, than it is not working. Give each self/cell the money it needs as the means to live, and each cell will come to life, and the organism of earth will begin to function as life. This is the gift, we need only stand and create it, as it is each of us that are the creators.

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