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Day 483 The growth of special needs children. Who is responsible. YOU.

In my local elementary school that has an an expected enrollment of 107  students for the 2014/15 school year, there are expected to be 13 special needs children in grades K-5. The number of special needs kids was projected as 5, but the number has doubled.
If this is happening in my small town, this is probably happening in towns all across America. The numbers are exponentially moving and if this continues will the numbers make another jump to 26 for every 100 or so students?

That is a huge cost to American taxpayers. These children require special attention outside of the regular classroom, and if the classroom adapts to them, this will mean slowing the class down for the students who are moving at faster speeds. How is this growing problem going to be met by the public schools in America? Especially, when China and India each has more honor students than there are students in America.

One of these special needs children will attend another school that has a program especially suited to this child’s type of problem. This will cost my town 60,000$ a year. Now imagine the potential increases in school costs.

Meanwhile, many people are no longer able to pay their mortgages. And private salaries are not going up, they have remained stagnant. Hence, the growing number of homeless in America. And even here, when these homeless manage to find a low income living solution, if it is outside of a district, naturally the school does not want to carry the children, even if they have been students in the school for many years because the parent’s of the children are no longer paying taxes into that district. Is the school wanting to throw these children out, children that are not the cause of the problem because they are children, just to save money? Is our system such that teachers and superintendents choose their salary over innocent children?

 This is how much money determines life, even before considering that we are dealing with children, who have nothing to do with the present system accepted and allowed by each of us. A system that is not working. A system that needs to change. And each of us is responsible to investigate and question what exists and to stand until a change is created that supports life. If we hide and do not address what does not make sense we allow it to continue, expecting someone else to become responsible for us, when in all common sense, it is the collective that builds the system, thus  the system can only change by the movement of the collective.

What I find most astonishing is that it appears that every decade the education system touts new programs that will teach “ critical thinking” skills, which means that we are “ going” to teach critical thinking. So we are accepting and allowing a “ going to” instead of a “ doing.” More lack of responsibility. A perpetual state of lack of responsibility. Thus, again, the collective is its own demise.

The collective, is the parts that comprise it. That the system is not working, is not supportive, is causing increasing numbers of dis-eased children, and is constantly touting that it is “ going to” teach critical thinking skills, and that people are unable to pay for homes, means that each of us are simply not being responsible. One part in this, one person can’t possibly change this, no one, not one, can be responsible for any of us. Each of us has to become responsible. And, if I might add, making money and having a job does not make one responsible, as we can see from what is happening in our society.

Perhaps having pensions losing value with each passing day, and homeowners unable to keep their homes, and as this, less local real estate taxes and less money for pensions, all those who have worked and screamed about how they worked so hard all their lives, etc. etc. find that their pensions are very small and/or non existent will wonder what happened, or blame those who did not work,  or could not find a job, or were too lazy to work, or whatever justification, were you really self responsible? Were you paying attention to what was going on and making an effort to realize that the system must change? Or were you one of those teachers that when this is pointed out said, “ yes I know, yes I know’? I mean saying  “ yes I know” does that do anything? NO.

This is the fault of the collective, of each of us, because we are not paying attention to what is going on, to the very ways that this system works in detail, and since there are fewer and fewer people who seem to own more and more of the wealth, our ignorance is being taken by those who are paying attention to a greater degree and are aware that no one is really paying attention. ( And I say greater degree because even the extreme wealthy are not paying attention and acting in self interest only, because the consequences of greed are being spread out all over the earth via the way water moves and carries all that pollution we are allowing within practices that are not responsible. Water circulates all over the earth taking everything that is put into is to all nooks and crannies, so no one is able to escape the effects of what is practiced on earth, no one.)  So, these few, can then control what is taught and how much is learned and how developed a child becomes, how much healthy foods children have access to, everything, to ensure that the competition is simply eliminated just in case the collective finally wakes up and decides to pay attention to more than their immediate environment within and without. I mean, would you not do the same thing is you realized no one was paying attention and only thinking about themselves? Wouldn’t you just decide that instead of trying to get someone to think beyond their own immediate needs without looking at all consequence ( and there are many many doing this) to just take as much as you can and build a system that would keep the masses of non-lookers at bay so that when the outcomes of not being aware begin to effect the non-lookers they are going to start to get reactive, and the ones who looked a little bit more are going to say, well you did not really look at what you were doing, so too f-king bad, you can’t blame anyone but yourself, and then throw the tar bomb over the edge of their very substantial castle. ( and meanwhile a wave is there behind this one, so there is no real escape) I mean, I can understand this, I would do the same.

If we are jumping to 13 special needs children out of 107 in my little area, then something is seriously not functioning. Perhaps all that we have allowed to be placed in our water, all those “ no significant differences” that no one can lay cause to one specific practice that our advisory boards have swept under the rug and hidden in so-called “ data” while the government advisor during the supposed regulatory acceptance process moved onto the product’s corporate board ( off shore and protected - remember the castle) of advisors or affiliate, has finally accumulated to the point that the numbers of dis-eased children are moving exponentially.

Yes, if I were you, I would be scared. And realize that the more each of us grow fearful, the harder it is to stand and change the outcome, because when we get to the point where we are directly confronting the consequences of our ignorance, that castle is going to have lots of tar in place and there is not going to be anything that you can do about it at that point. Your begging and hungry children and grandchildren are going to look at you and ask why.

This is the consequence of not being responsible, of wanting someone else to stand for you.

It really is time to start looking. It is time to investigate how the various systems function, the money, the education, the banking, the government, the corporations.

It is time to understand how you function as a mind consciousness system.
It is time to suspend everything you have ever believed and take a hard and long look at what you in fact think and do, and what products you use and where they come from and how they effect the environment.

It is time to realize that our schools are not in fact teaching critical thinking skills. I mean, if teachers really started to look at the system, and if parents really started to look at the system, most children would be pulled out of school and taught at home. It is that simple, and teachers would probably tell parents to do so. I would, I have been in the schools, and I would say, “ home school.”

And, if I were a  parent with small children I would probably look outside the box to ensure that my child had critical thinking skills, because I would realize, if I started to look, that more than likely, my pension, or my partner’s pension is not going to be enough to support retirement so I am going to need to make sure that my child performs extremely well. Remember, there is a continent called China, and they have more honor students than there are students in America. I mean, aren’t the supposed “ elite” acting the same as you?

It is time to find solutions that cause no harm to any living thing on this earth.
It is time to ensure that children learn to be able to be self responsible.
It is time to consider everything we are accepting and allowing.
Investigate a Living Income Guarantee. Thus, things are not as bad as they seem, there are solutions, we need only stand and respond as them.
Investigate how your mind functions. DIP Lite. It is Free.

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