Monday, December 16, 2013

Day 478 A hangover as data of knowledge and inFORMation.

I have been writing every day, but unable to post. Somehow the words just don’t fit what I want to say. 

I have had so much knowledge and information passing by that it all seems to be the same to me, the same limitations, the same wars, the same things being said again and again.

When I go to take a test that I am prepared for, I am calm.  I just walk it, do it. 
But, right now it is like I am at war with myself. Like I keep wanting to react, in short bursts of rapid gun fire, but I have to pull myself back. Like, NO! and then in a more gentle voice, come back, like that reaction serves no purpose.
It is an idea based on no real thing and as such is devoid of purpose. Lack of purpose misses the mark, and as such becomes frustration. Frustration is simply not being here, right here, equal and one in common sense to what is here. So used to racing that this can be missed.

In may ways it is like having a hangover. I feel like I am in a state where I want this hangover out of me, I want it gone, it is heavy, it is so tricky, so clingy. I find myself suddenly imagining something, usually a gloom and doom scenario, and or suddenly a magical fairy tale that appears to promise something. I realize this is more dream than reality. And yet underneath it all, there is what we all want, and that is to get along with one another, to actually enjoy one another. This happening in a state of ease, a state of calm, like when one is ready to take a test, and even looks forward to it. 

In so many ways this should be what happens as we as men enter this earth, a looking forward to understanding this actual real physical world. 
And yet, what happens to us? We become combatants in a war zone. It is the consequence of hierarchy, the consequence of judgement, the consequence of measuring one thing against another without looking at what is the same, which is the breath of life, the movement that is creation. And that creation is like an eternal ocean underneath all of it, so huge, so willing to just be. Instead we are all moving within very limited, selected popisms, pop ups as ideas, as pictures, as skips in sequences of what is real in total. And there is a machine within us, that holds this, as wired as any television set. It is just that we are so consumed by the imagery that we cannot see the mechanisms of it.  And we keep looking with the mechanism, instead of looking at the physical. I mean, why is the anecdotal considered insubstantial? Why is data considered to hold more value? And why is data now considered private?

Data is now being moved into any number of justification : trade secrets, privacy laws,  professional requirements to be able to decipher ( which means properly programmed to the limitation). All of this means that each of us has an innate capacity to realize the limitations being the justifications for choices made as the forms of description ( encryption)  filed away to support the directives based on an idea. This is each of us supporting this, we are the web accepting the limitations, the beliefs, the manipulations, despite the evidence of the harm anecdotally all around us. 

One example of how we take parts to justify a means is a recent vaccine justification I heard.

The doctor, supposed doctor, said that polio is breaking out in Syria, and then relates this to vaccines in general, saying we need vaccines in America. THis a movement from one point to a collective point within this platform of vaccines in total. Tying all to one. Also, taking a war torn country, where the infrastructure has been droned to rubble, thus all water and shelter is severely diminished causing a lack of basic human physical needs, which lead to disease. So to compare, as in pointing out only that polio is appearing in Syria within the state of Syria without clarifying this, and as this relating this to justify a need in America makes no sense, even if it were true, the basis of this. THis is misinformation, it builds no understanding of the total picture, and as such this is a limited story presented to justify an end, and force that end on others, using a threat that is not disclosed, presupposing an outcome without any real investigation. I can see here where this can become a spin, a snake eating its own tail, if we allow it.  In essence this is using a war zone, an extreme to determine a mean to be imposed on all equally. That is just criminal.

In another way, this is using taxpayer dollars to create an extreme environment and then to use the consequences to decide that what counters the disease in such a situation needs to be given to all, just in case such comes out way. This is fear mongering. THis is what if? And all the while, what is causing the disease, self created, is not looked at. How the environment on which we live as this physical earth, when shredded, causes all manner of a diseased life. 
THis is running after consequence of destruction, ignoring the act that caused the dis-ease and deciding that the bandaids are a solution.

And this is also done by not clarifying the sequences. For example, the whole vaccine debate revolves around word play, parents believe that vaccines are causing Autism. The industry and our so called administrations are saying that vaccines do not cause autism. ( meanwhile “ royalities/revenues are all tied into this, like the music industry asking rap to sing words that impulse criminality to fill prisons and if they do not, then the prisons won’t be filled and their investments will not make them any money - which over all must be a configuration done internally because a few own everything, they own the puzzle pieces and can move them in ways that enslave, meaning it is all bullshit and criminal over all)  Here a step has been skipped, a detail not mentioned. It is that vaccines cause inflammation of the brain and this leads to Autism, which as I understand is accepted by the government/taxpayer revenue - who, monetarily,  carry the ill effects of vaccines. The industry  reaps the profits, to then have the means to manipulate the pieces of what builds revenue to force outcomes in self interest( the one wanting the impulsing “ rap” to create revenue from prisons). The walls of the castle hide behind detail not being mentioned to maintain inequality, which again, leads to the hiding of data. And the need to hide this, means that we are all capable of understanding here, this actual physical world. Use “ speed” to hide this, as in “ not having the time” and the villian cannot be pinned down. So word play and timing are used to hide reality.

Another aspect within the timing, is in education. It is known that to master something, such a music skill, takes about 10,000 hours. If schools divide this time, and ensure such number of ours as direct interaction are not met than skills are not moved into a level of mastery. And as we can see, if we have mot mastered words, then we cannot catch the manipulations of ourselves within beyond the 1. the amount of limited story impulsed, and 2. the use of words to hide and limit disclosure, and all the laws built around the maintenance of this. I mean it is known that giving children an hour of recess will improve the overall child’s ability, because within recess, there is a direct interaction with words being used, and perceptions being lived out, exposing a child to a broader range of movement and thus developing depth perception.

I mean the instances I site above reveal the importance of the physical above and beyond and data, information touted through media and those educated to the programming that is voiced in maintaining the status quo of inequality and paychecks. 

We are abdicating our compassion towards physical existence. We are abdicating our community, as humans, as men, to be impassioned with and as ourselves as physical beings, here. Such a subtle difference causing a massive disconnect. But this shows the way out of this mess. That we all realize the capacity of ourselves as life to understand life. And that what we have allowed as mind is the dominance of idea in separation from practical physical reality. THis is why the physical is the gift of life, because it is stable, it is here, more real than any ideological heaven. Thus, the physical is for the human to self realize through becoming equal to what is creation manifest within what works and does no harm and physical interplay of sound into form and thus the joy of expression.

The solution is to give everyone a Living Income Guarantee. To ensure that all have a basic income to support themselves as physical beings. This will allow all of us to slow down for a moment and really look at what we are doing. Even if we all remain where we are, to keep the system going for a moment, the relieving of economic stress will open up our innate spatial capacity to see what we have done, to forgive this, and to realize step by step how to reorder all of this into a system that respect all life, and does what causes no harm. A Living Income Guarantee will remove the speeding time frame that is part of what is used to cause a cognitive dissonance of misinformation, that is composed of limited disclosure, this all being a legerdemain, a slight of hand. And this is created by how each of us move as mind within. If we had economic stability, we would realize this in short order. It is that simple.

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