Sunday, December 29, 2013

Day 488 Can we trust what we see with our eyes alone?

I watched this circle of pink dots, stared at it and this kinetic movement happened with the use of my eyes and how they work. Yes, the pink dots started to spin, and yes, a green dot appeared and spun around to the point where some of the pink dots disappeared. I then looked again as this was happening, and could stabilize the ring of pink dots, but rings of green dots remained in my field of vision around the ring of pink dots.
This is an example of what the mind of men can do, create all this movement where there is none, and have images remain that will eventually lessen. And the energy from this if it is not realized for what it is, can remain within us. So, just this simple visual can show us how we can be deceived if we are not equal to common sense as ourselves as life, here. what we see with our eyes alone cannot be what is real, we must learn to sense from ourselves as the very substance of ourselves as life. I mean, we know when we are doing something that is harmful to others. Unless we want to get this world in order, we must realize that everything we do effects the world around us, and that it is when each of us are equal in understanding with physical reality that we can begin to move together as one, as all, and that this movement, expression, would be what is best for each of us as life.
We all have these ideas and memories measured with ideas spinning around as the information and knowledge within and as us, and as this we are not equal to what it means to be physical beings. This has to be corrected with understanding that a human cannot develop unless given the basic needs that develop a human. If we blame the consequence of the behaviors of another as being the problem when that person did not have the opportunity to develop themselves because we have an economic system that inhibits development through lack of access to what builds a fully functioning human that uses their natural common sense, we create a system that does not solve problems but only blames outcome.
There are many who have access to development, and many who do not. Thus it is the responsibility of those with access to money to stand and change the present system. What needs to be done is to give every one the ability to develop and become self responsible as life, here.

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