Monday, December 23, 2013

Day 484 Communication that with stands the test of time can be a process of joy.

One of the things about friends is mutual understanding. This leads to open communication. Such understanding takes time. The process of this should be a joy within the realization that this leads to open direct communication. Thus, if humans understood their world, meaning we lived as a real democracy where all people stood and participated in what happens on earth, especially with our resources - of which our children are- then communication would exist between all of us. I mean it would be fun to communicate with neighbors.

But as a society we do not have this. Why don’t we? We are capable of speaking, of using words, why are we not communicating, meaning having equal understanding our our physical world and enjoying it, no matter who stands next to us? It makes no sense that we are not this.
Because of this, there is really no other option but to have open discourse until mutual understanding is reached. This is a responsibility for each of us. Any movement within, any doubt, any thought against such is an indication of ignorance, even if this means thinking another is impossible because they throw a fit. This has to be let go, and the solution to communication must continue until that communication flows in understanding, an understanding that can withstand the test of time.
Thus, to not allow communication does not allow development and the ability to practice and learn the structure of discourse, meaning making the mistakes and being patient within them, to learn to see the patterns of the way we use words and what we believe and what we think and how this thinking can become stagnant and misinformed. As this we can see that communication with others can help each of us to see what we are, as the words we use and assemble show us what we have formed ourselves as.
Within this, each of us can realize that communication with others helps us to self realize as life, and as this to come to understand life in ever greater measure.
I/we have to be willing to communicate what we think, and to forgive what another communicates with each breath, to help one another realize what we have allowed ourselves to be informed as. We can begin this, by simply slowing down and breathing, even saying to another, that we find ourselves reacting and need a moment to breath and slow down, simply because we realized we were, for example, suddenly thinking about something else ( and each of us knows that we are so economically stressed that slowing down and actually listening to another needs some practice).
This is how we become a democracy, to communicate with one another, to share our information as what we are, and to realize that which is good and that which serves us no real purpose within understanding what it means to live that which withstands the test of time, as that which creates a communication that moves with ease because an understanding is lived that is a joy to express.

Walk the FREE Desteni I Process Lite, Become equal to life and withstand the test of time.

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