Monday, December 21, 2015

Day 670 Emotion is another form of data.

Emotion is another form of data.  When I heard this I immediately thought about who and what I am, if I slowed down to consider that emotion is another form of data. 

This means that my personality is a form of data, as my personality is what I like and what I resist. It means that what I choose to like is based on my experiences, because my experiences are where I got my data from. 

If I look at parenting, for example, I remember at times being resistant to some children. This means that I resisted the data that my data compared their data to that was them.  It means that I sensed their measure, as their data that defined how they directed themselves, or how their neurons sensed based on their exposure and experience, to my exposure and experience believing that their data was not enough for the data I as busy building in my children.

This means that I was competing for data. Sound familiar? 

I investigated what jobs were happening in my area, and I found there were data collection companies. Even my son is working for a data collection project.

Is this a competition for data on a grand scale? Are we competing to collect data to win something more? What is that more that we are seeking? Is it to survive? Yet, is this not the means of survival, and is this not then the means of the machine, as our physical bodies?

If we are exposed to what is here and how the physical data as the plants and the animals and the soils, work and interact as measures of many parts working together, we collect data on that form. This in turn becomes what informs our data that can then build to an emotion that is what we direct ourselves as.  It is like to say, we have a neurological system within that builds in accord with our exposure. if our exposure is limited - just think of the images on TV- then what will be our emotions when we enter the real world around us? our data will be of flat imagery, with no real sensory development. Thus our data, as an emotion will come pouring out, trying to fit into reality, and not finding anything that matches, because the data within does not match the data without. That is really messed up.

Who ultimately is responsible for this? That point where the data is collected and transformed into how the machine is directed! 

It is also to realize the beauty of this, and the need for respect of this as how this functions. This means that each human, can build a network that is aware and present and functioning in being considerate of the beauty of this, and this in all things- even the cat, or the blade of grass. This means that all thing are us in another life!

It is also to realize that we can become stagnant in the data we have accumulated. And this means that we can change. We have to check our emotions as the data that they are, and cross reference that data with what is real, as the physical world that is us, the same. This means that the comfort of not knowing, is an illusion as limited data collection that is the past of one’s exposure and accepted focus. This means that the child will become the measure of the parents. 

The manner of collecting data is from physical reality and all the present forms built by men who did not realize this as the present technologies and systems imposed on this physical reality in absence of realizing this. Or, in using this in self interest- which is that comfort zone of not knowing!  The very means of this ability and development, as this is how things are built and changed and aware of to build is how the physical world works. This is really cool, because this means that we can build and rebuild, transform and take steps to do no harm, to anything that has been built, because we as what we are , can access data, and process it, and realize what does no harm. And, to realize that this is the fun of being. I mean, what do we do all day when we, for example, administrate? We assess data and reorder and organize it as all the things of this world that are creation in motion, information in motion. 

Hence, our present system is an emotion that is a data of beliefs and opinions and ideas that have not considered all data as what it means to be living a life expression that is physical. And that the physical is this process in expression. Instead, we have allowed ourselves to believe that our experience, as our data that creates the emotion, is more real that that from which the data was collected!  

And this means that our present data collection agencies, are collecting data on the movement of data that is a memory within each. This is a limitation, and the consequence of this is a stagnant system that has many jobs for people that have become comfortable within this structure, and fear changing out of their comfortable data! And that data is limited data, feeding on itself and justifying it’s existence despite this causing immeasurable harm to what is the same as them, all the people and plants and animals, everything that is of this physical world that is the means of all of this!

We need to stop believing in a god, because what is really a ‘ god’ is the physical because it is the way of creation. The physical is the information that is the physical you, it is the means of building awareness within of it so that one’s emotion is a data that is in alignment with life. as the physical The very need to believe in a god is the measure of one’s limited data that is the cause of the insecurity to need to believe in an imaginary god! 

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