Saturday, April 2, 2016

Day 692 The richness of potential. It is always here.

In people I notice that there is something soft and fluid. A sharp edge can appear and yet, it will yield to a softer openness, and change.

I tend to look at what is sharp, and avoid this. I forget the softness that is always there, something always within reach.  Just as it is within myself, letting go of things and taking the time to look here, see perspective. It is that which allows perspective. It is only difficult if I accept and allow it to be difficult. What is hard, is not letting go,  what it hard and sharp is the shield of protection and defense, in fear. In fear, I lose the choice to look and let go and see what is ever present, always underlying everything, something that nurtures in every moment. Something that nurtures with a constancy that never ever disappears unless I allow it to within myself.

This would be the nature of creation, that absolute purpose, that absolute potential, a constant.

The potential a richness that can shape into anything, that can become anything as it is everything at the same time. It is always present and can be accepted in an instant. 

It is not like the so-called white light. That is like a shower of something that appears to hold a promise yet that is all - it appears to have promise, and yet it is a false promise.

This softness, that gentleness, that has unlimited potential and  never ever goes away, it is like an infinite nurturing. The irony is that one will only ever fall into that nurturing softness because it is that from which all life springs, a richness full of  potential, and it is always there, ready to catch one, always in all ways.  It is only a thin veil away.

To become one and equal to that potential is a journey to life, a journey out of the mind consciousness that is a false promise, a survival suit in self interest. It is a journey out of fear, out of the friction of good and evil and a parting of the veils of a mind consciousness, an imperfect practice out of sync with creation. 

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