Sunday, April 10, 2016

Day 694 Does the degree of automated behavior match the degree of a lack of presence?

There was a time when I was cooking every night for my children. Someone had given me this small tv, so I put this in the kitchen and would watch the news as I cooked. Then, as the news ended and a tv series would come on, I suddenly found myself watching the series, and it started to happen every other night.

I noticed that I was doing this too often. So, one day I took away the television, This started a period where I would change things, from one moment to the next. It was myself realizing how quickly I could become stuck in patterns of behavior.

Around this time, I found I could no longer read novels. I would open them and read the first two sentences and put them down. It was like the novels themselves started to follow the same patterns. so I started to read biographies and three or four books on one subject. 

Then, sometimes I would talk with people and they were saying things to me like “ you’re an intellectual” and yet, I never really saw myself as that. I had met some professors, and often when one got to know them, they would repeat the same things again and again. I started to see how a professor could get stuck in a pattern. They learned some things and assembled some books for a course, and it is as though they remained in that line of information. This is not a bad, yet in our busy lives we at times cannot see what is right in front of us. And time goes by.

My sister told me this story the other day, She has met a man and chatted with him for a while. He  was looking back at his life and realized that he had spent the years with his children very involved in hockey. All his friends were involved in hockey. Here he was, children grown, and he never had anything to do with any of the people he befriended through hockey. He could not even figure out how that had happened. He did not even know if he really liked hockey!

I notice, since I walk process, as the journey back to life, that my movements can go into an automation. I find myself not even noticing that a spoon is made of steel, or even where that steel came from.

There is a rage going on in my town. A woman lives near what was at one time a salt marsh. At present there is a restoration process moving forward. Her property will be effected. She writes rants about how her lower yard, where she grows vegetables will no longer exist. I asked myself, when the marsh was closed off for a railroad in the 1800’s, if anyone asked all the sentient beings in the marsh if they were going to be upset when their fertile ground  suddenly dried up and changed in chemistry? Did anyone consider them?

I also ask, why we have no awareness of what is actually physically here?  Do we get stuck in patterns because we are actually bored, and yet, are so creative that anything is better than nothing? Like rats in a cage, when given only heroin laced water, they drink the water until they are dead. When given a cage full of things and pure water, the rats will not choose the  means of a lesser physical experience, as that heroin water. Perhaps , the system we are allowing through our acceptances, is like that heroin water, where we become habituated to less, and get lost in patterns because at least we are feeling something. What would it be if we were aware of where the things we use come from, what animals and plants and situations existed that were changed for that steel spoon. Were we present and aware of what is here - all the sentient beingness around us - would we get lost in automated behaviors that we wake up from, entering regret or shock at what we lived?

I mean, should we not live our lives in such a way that we can say we knew what we choose, and we loved what we choose? Should we not live in full awareness of our choices?  Can we see the patterns of behavior we get stuck in?  Or, do we remain in patterns because the idea of facing something different appears too great, so we decide to remain in a patterns as a comfort?  Do we realize what our ignorance does not only to ourselves and others as well?

Can we see that our vaccines are meant to make us sick so our medical industry can create jobs? Can we see the math of the information that touts a good to present a story line of salvation, when that salvation is a constructed means to move wealth into the hands of a few, suppressing the very life we are living, to the point where we acclimate to boredom and when our patterns are interrupted we scream that we are going to lose something? And in this, we do not consider the lives of others, or we are too afraid to walk away from a job because we fear losing money, even when we see the damage every day and we know that somehow this is not what life was meant to be? Do we realize that our bodies replace all the cells every seven years, which begs the question as to what is deteriorating cells within a seven year period? 

Even our nano science  reveals that homeopathic remedies do indeed have particles from the plants infused into them, and that water is a resonator. Thus, what are we resonating into our water that is burdening the cells?  Do we leave a resonance that is a coping mechanism based on not bad, yet limited information?  A dis-use of capacity is a stress, as science is also finding out, hence that pattern one is stuck in, does as much damage as a life appearing to be busy with hockey, the resonance as a measure we allow, or the text books we assemble to teach a class, become what we carry within us.  IN essence we become like pack horses of an inner formation! And somehow we all know this. So what we fear the most is the way out. What we face is a shadow governing force within. That is all. It is a vine of information, that started with a small movement, that took the self directive capacity of self, and became a demise within. And then one lost self mastery.

What if we were to become aware of what is here? What if we questioned the disease that is around us, and said, no more? What if we did as we were told, to become a living word? After all, what does a living word imply? Would it not mean to see directly here, to be aware of what we are doing with the physical world around us? Would it not mean that what is real is the physical? Would it not mean that to be focused here, on the physical world, and how it moves in real expression, eliminate the voice of salvation because we would be speaking in real values, values of quality about things, not good or bad, but that nature of things, the potency they express as their natures or character of and in what they are? Would this not be a world of such depth that the measure of understanding in each of us would be filled with life?

And so, we can begin to walk discovering words, to guide us. We can learn the nature and quality of things, we can be present, aware of everything we do, of the things we use and where they came from, how they were produced, from the moment something was planted or extracted from the ground, and how the sentient beings were managed. We can bring ourselves out of some heroic story in our imaginations that follow a limited story, that really only serves the real welfare babies living in paper castles scheming up toxins and wars, lost in a checker board game that is in separation from reality. 

The language of life, is not going to be the language of a false imagination. Out present politicians are so lost in a game of power that they no longer have any connection to reality. And we, the ones below lost in patterns and habits and accepting the unacceptable, are the means to put an end to a system on earth that is not the image and likeness of life. To realize what we are doing, we need only look at what we are doing, in every move we make. When we do this, we will realize how absent we have allowed ourselves to be.

Since we are absorbent beings, what does a perfect practice? What does an imperfect practice - or limited practice? How are we informing ourselves? Are we master of who and what we are?  Would the real nature of each fit into life, as life would birth only what is best? Would the real nature be the best of you, and would that be what is in tune, and hence what is eternal? 

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