Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Remaining Grounded and seeing the Ephemeral Manipulation of Sound. Day 740

remaining grounded and seeing the ephemeral manipulation of sound, as the very words, as our focus with which we speak.

I have been working with children, to the point where I live an invisible warped ephemeral movement in relation to the processing of words, as the spelling of the code. It is interesting to watch a child not see what is directly in front of them, something I noticed years ago when I began on the journey of working with children.  Prior this this journey in working with children I had taught children music, and had the experience of seeing in real time what a real stable structure could lend direction, self generated, within them. 

I have spoken to educators who realize this same outcome, that children love structure.

Thus, what  encounter in waring with children, is this ephemeral form, seemingly invisible, yet manifest in the movements as the focus of their presence in this reality.  How can a child not see the words in front of them, and bounce back into typing a word again and again within a different spelling when the real spelling is right in front of them, or they have spelled a word correctly, yet bounce back into a mis-spelling again and again? It is, not ‘ as though’ there is another presence dominating their focus, which means there is a memorized concrete yet invisible ‘ picture’ within them that supersedes and imposes itself in relation to actually being able to sound out a word, yet spell it completely other than what the child sounds- even within having practiced a correct spelling the day before, and appearing to have mastered that correct spelling. This is called a polarization between what is real, and that ‘ belief’ within, a picture that is in separation from the real ground.  This means, in effect, that we can develop a con-sciousness, a con-science, of separation within us, and it is difficult to see, as it manifests in behaviors, as the directives are ephemeral. Can we understand how we can argue with another, having an ephemeral presence that the participant cannot see, this within ourselves as well. 

This reveals that our words can become corrupted - so to speak- because we can build an associative memory construct that is in separation from reality, from the practical. What is it that our children are losing but an ability to be present and walk practical steps that order the practical world around us- a real focused structuring of presence with a real relationship to reality, this place where things actually get done, as this is the real magic, a magic that happens with real space and time doing.

This also reveals that what we expose our children to, can build an inner ‘ entity’ of information that if not in synch with the practical leads to mistakes in reality. If the presence is focused on that ephemeral ‘ math’/measure entity, without regard for the practical, and compares that inner ephemeral entity determining actions, to what is lived in real space, a disconnect happens, and a value judgement about the self becomes the experience, that in turn feeds that ephemeral presence, building into an inner seed of information that becomes more and more dissonant from being grounded in the practice of directing self  effectively in real space, creating a time that is in synch with a more direct seeing that lends a more effective practical practice. Such a thing will appear to move slow, if one steps out of this mis-use of the imagination and into real space as being here, as the imagination can appear to move much faster than those practical effective steps. It is the story of the turtle and the hare, where the turtle appears to be moving more slowly, yet gets to the finish line faster. If one is lost in an ephemeral measure, as memory, that has come to direct one’s actions, a sense of space is them lost. With the turtle, appearing to move so slow, the sense of space is not lost, as that turtle is in synch with measure, as time, AND space. 

Within this, the ephemeral existence can be so manipulated, and lead to a constant state of fear, because one has no real grounding. If one learns to listen to the sentences, as words, spelled out into time lines of information, one can begin to hear the ephemeral smoke and mirrors sounds separate from the practical, and one can begin to feel more secure in disempowering this ephemeral formation, through calling it out by name. One can begin to remain constant with what is real, as the space that is here structurally around us, and the sound constructs of words that reflect a mis-use of the imagination, which is a form of a mind-consciousness, or an ephemeral consciousness of separation. If one begins to realize the two, a great sharing within one’s self will happen because this is the effect of seeing the rushing train of thought within, and stepping out of it, back onto being focused in the structure of this physical world around us. It feels like one is moving against a rushing current. With the children, it means to slow down and walk the correction again and again, until the child moves with more momentum into realizing the disconnect and seeing the difference between an accepted mis-take and the correction. The sense of clarity in the child is awesome, and the greater presence consequence is very self empowering. 

I for one, have spent my life not seeing this. Or, I can say, it has taken many years to see this. And I can say, that pushing against that ephemeral entity terrifies me, as I did not see, realize and understand the difference. Also, I can be heartfelt towards this, as the behaviors reveal such separation, and I can speak up, even when I must move in contradiction to my own manipulations as this, with a starting point of fear of this, and a fear of being exposed in relation to having done this myself,  I can move towards patiently calling this out by name, self correcting the focus of myself into being in synch with this practical reality. I have to become that turtle, appearing to move very slow, yet grounding myself into a time sequence that respects the practical, or grounds my presence into this reality.

I have noticed in this life that people who are very effective with their words are loquacious in a stable way, building a sound structure with words that pull one in, because the words frame a stable focus that lends a greater awareness of space and time, time being the sequence of events telling a story that is an effective story because it mirrors real practical applications easily digested by the listener.

Consider the opposite, where there are value judgements, the sentences as the words, being an equation of a truth, then a value judgement, and a possible doom and gloom outcome? THis is a focus through manipulation of sound constructs as the very words we speak. And imagine this manipulating that ephemeral entity within, as one’s experiences that are missing a real presence in space and awareness of a time-line of information within that lacks a real placement in practical space? If one has a huge ephemeral presence, superseding reality, a process of deconstructing and reconstructing would move and fold into many different forms, struggling to maintain a balanced and constant formation more effortlessly held as a state of balance once mastered has a constancy that is easily maintained, which is how the turtle stays the course and though appearing to move slower, makes it to the goal faster. 

What would be the means of ensuring no out of synch ephemeral inner state of being existed? Could this be done within grounding our words into living relationships with reality, where this would be reflected in the spells sentenced into sound constructs as a correct use of our focused presence into real physical space, creating an inner time line that can stand in clarity leading to a self direction that reaches goals? 

Would the sentences, as the words that spell our para-graphs as directives become directive instead of punishing, as all those ‘ don’t do this” with gloom and doom forecasts creating  a weathered storm separating one from practical sustaining and less consequence of mistake creating directives ? Would such sentences spell our effective paragraphs of problem solving, living the realization that there are no problems and only solutions- which is how the turtle makes it to the goal even though appearing to be slow?

If we look at our words, and realize the relationships we have developed, as ephemeral imaginations and what is clear in being equal to the practical reality, that would by degree as the spelled out sentence into a paragraph of outlining actions, become a list of steps that retain a presence in the self directing within and the practical reality without? How could one then make any other choice but what lends directive applications and become the self directed principle because a relationship with the practical is grounded in this reality, understanding that dis-connect of a consciousness of separation that can happen and manifest as an ephemeral presence out of synch with the space of here, as the physical? 

I have to say, that the process of this means slowing down, and speaking in such a way that I redefine my presence back into being focused here, on the practical, my words reflecting this, within and as spelling sentences out into paragraphs that mirror the practical, and as such speak truth to power as solutions that are a living respect of the synch of space as the physical  and practical world here. This is in effect to become a living word. It means to become equal and one with the math of existence, as the physical, and to realize, within this, that an inner construct can be a consciousness of separation from this reality. causing discord and using retorical devices of distraction from remaining focused here. Thus, building, because this is what we do, building a grounded inner structure, as the words we know, having a living relationship to what each words represents in this reality. This would be to be in synch with life. to become a master of self, generating a focus in consideration of this life, of all things here. Would one not become stable as such a presence? 

In a way, what really terrifies me, is this ephemeral presence within and as myself, and yet, acknowledgement of this, is the first step towards reforming this presence into a focus in synch with life, as this physical world.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to be and exist and build an energetic resonant entity out of synch with this reality, this space, here, and as such to have accepted and allowed an out of synch ephemeral presence, separating myself from being who and what i really am, as a physical beingness here.

I  forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear speaking up, against a mind consciousness of separation from this reality/

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to mis-use the gift of life, as me, within and as building a mind consciousness of separation within and as a consciousness of fear, rejecting life as the physical

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become the terror of and as accepting the same that I feared as I feared punishment of calling out separation by name, and instead chose to become a separation of limitation, manifest as energy within and as me, recognizable as being unsteady and all over the place, much like the metaphorical rabbit, having lost being in synch with myself as life, here.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become ashamed of myself, for having accepted and allowed this, which is really a regret in not having lived the potential of who and what I am here,

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that becoming angry about this is more of the same of having allowed a consciousness of separation, as a mind consciousness of beliefs, opinions and ideas, held in self interest, and allowed to define me, t hide the overall mistake of believing in survival before realizing myself as life here.

I forgive myself for allowing and a accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that the only choice is to resound myself into being grounded here, equal and one to this reality, a practical and physical reality, visible all around me as the ground on which I walk, to then speak in respect of this reality, to spell out sentences that graph what is here, realizing practical step by step actions that always resolve into a focus of this reality, to thus become in synch with life- as life is physical. 

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand the smallest of movements, as allowing myself to become overwhelmed to the point where I believe there are no choices, when in effect I am moving to relate to all things, with a starting point of fear, as that fear moves into not making a choice, and in that space of not making a choice, comes the nothing, which is a solution into making a choice, as the nothing is the potential to make a choice, thus that point of nothing, as being so frozen in fear of making a mistake, is a point of being in nothingness, which is the answer, as from nothing there is the potential for all things to form, and thus, needs not an energetic action of fear, as I can slow down and breath, and ground myself here, and within this to practice this, as I have accepted and allowed myself to exist in fear, in fear of punishment, in fear of making a mistake, in fear of survival, for so long I have accepted and allowed the manipulation of myself words to have a relationship of protection and defense of myself's own fear, instead of being grounded in the practical in the awareness of being present here, in synch with the physical, and the means of moving within the physical as being in an order of practical steps, of which I can spell out as words, into sentences building pictures as sound frames of paragraphs that can change in every moment into a conversation to move as solutions listing the step by step actions that lead to being equal and one with this reality, to live here, to being potent with what is life, as the physical here. 

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear being exposed as being in self interest in fear of speaking up for life,

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to used words to distract away from focusing on my own rejection of life as the physical here, this done in a self interest, as a belief that if I did not I would not survive, as this is an illusion as the only choice is to take that which is good and lends a focus onto the practical here, as I live on a plan-et, where my words as what I spell, can sentence a paragraph of the practical reality that is here, and the step by step means of respecting what is here, and making a choice to do no harm, here.

When and as I find myself moving into fear, moving into an ephemeral state of being that is unstable manifest as judgement, as hyperbole, as inflammatory language, as ‘ what if’ scenarios, as doom and gloom, as projection of fault towards others, as projecting what I have allowed to become huge within and as myself and to recognize this, and balance this out into the practical, and to realize the moment of fear is a state of non-movement, where I stand between making a choice, and thus am capable of realizing form and function, and the eternal silence and embracing nothing that is the potential for everything, and within this to be easy on myself, as the nature of aligning from an accepted separation is to become a practice of deconstructing self interest into standing in equality and oneness with this reality, and within this realizing the disconnect from reality has manifested as a system, that I must move with and as, standing as being in recognition of and as there being no problems and only solutions here.

When and as I find myself in that state of fear, as being uncertain, as moving into protection and defense, as being confused, as not being, or allowing a slowing down to become more steady, within and as breathing, to realize my own practice of disconnect and to take a moment to realize this and instead of fearing the nothing to realize everything that is here, is me in another life, and that life is creation manifest as the physical, that is potential information, and thus, I can slow down, remaining in breathing until I can assess and investigate this reality, and list the practical, as recognize the practice of life, as the physical, to ground myself to become in synch to life, here. 

When and as I find myself moving into competition, I stop and I breath, and I slow myself down, until I am calm, serene, stable, present, and I see realize and understand there is no such thing as competition, as I am physical as life in creation, here, and within this, the practical remains constant in a way, and the pull into polarized value of right and wrong, good and evil, more and less, have a quality of being a false promise,  as what is constant is here, as the practical, and I, in slowing down, and breathing, can step by step, refocus myself here, equal and one to what is real, as the physical. 

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