Sunday, February 12, 2017

E-motional memory verses Superior memory. Day 742

Emotional memory verses superior memory.

What is an emotional memory? It is a memory that moves by association, a scattered self, building stories to avoid looking directly here, and choosing to self direct in effective and  practical ways. It is a memory that is a mis-use of the imagination. It is a memory of value judgements instead of moving in a direct application of practical steps, something that demands a presence in the physical and practical reality. It is a memory of memorized information, without real mastery of the subject, as the story memorized becomes greater, as the focus of the ability to sense,  than what is real as the physical. It is believing that the numbers and words and pictures falling down the screen of one’s mind is more real than the wall of the mind composed of atoms and electrons and the forms therefrom formed as that physical symbiotic system as the physical.  

An emotional memory is an inferior memory, one that cannot remember what happened yesterday, or the day before and has no real insight into tomorrow. It is a metaphysical shadow, invisible yet telling in the words and focus and movements of the machine called the human physical body, as that body loses the gentleness and grace of movement so visible in children, those children before 7 years of age, or sooner because this emotional memory has become an elephant in the room in so many, and the children absorb it so readily, that some could say the law of compounding has reached a critical mass, and that mass is so large, children are being inundated at an earlier age. Children are the poorest on earth, they have no way to escape as the adults believe in their inferior emotional memory, the ONLY thing made real, more than the ability to be practical. Being practical builds a more superior memory.  

A superior memory, has a living creative and critical thinking ability.  The emotional memory loses spatial ability over the life time of the person, so visible in no longer being able to drive a car, as driving the car becomes difficult because the loss of focus ability in real space and time, has  become lost in a emotional directive as the self following an emotional memory of ideas, beliefs and opinions, polarized value judgements that is the manifestation of a lack of real self  responsibility. 

 An emotional memory cannot see that real story, as it is lost in the manipulations of self interest. An emotional memory,  cannot see consequence in space and time, as the present systems moving on the world stage. An emotional memory cannot see that the paper religions are the means of abdication of self responsibility. Paper religions say one must ask some invisible force for forgiveness, because the emotional memory is so lost in itself, as its own accepted and allowed construction, that it lives in a story of information that reflects the denial of the real self. 

 An emotional memory made huge, projected out onto the world lives in constant anxiety, and avoids what may reveal the self interest of a composed shadow world of denial of the practical, the physical. If anything, an emotional memory denies and denigrates the physical, that which is in plain sight. An emotional memory driven person has a harder time keeping their house in  order, has a harder time overseeing a reconstruction job- something that was not so difficult at one time. An emotional memory driven person, has a harder time with relationships, as the stories of information creating metaphysical stories that have nothing to do with the practical that sound more spite and blame than anything else, are a spin of information much like the story of Humpty Dumpty, a shattered and dispersed collective of bits of events constantly weaving and forming to only continually substantiate a logic of rejecting self responsibility, a kind of perpetual motion separate from reality. The outcome, a loss of real spatial ability. It becomes a memory that consumes and no longer sees the real horizon, and will choose to watch cheap entertainment instead of looking at what is real and moving and forming on the world stage, and with the trees right outside one’s door. 

This begs the question as to what is a superior memory?

A superior memory most probably does not exist. A superior memory would be a focus in the practical reality, respecting all things, from the smallest to the largest. A superior memory would be aware of the movements of what composes this world in the immediate and the distant. A superior memory would see, for instance, that the religion of Islam, is a newer religion, and would look to see why this was formed within the context of the whole.  One could also do this with the formation of Christianity, where a man came and said god is within, at a time when there was a movement from polytheism into monotheism. It was the message that the qualities given to existing within many gods outside of us, were to become living words, as one could stand equal to the qualities projected and begged for and yet not seen to be the capacity of each, as the composition of the practical, as the living physical reality. Instead, the qualities of things that are here, as the physical, were self denied and a belief that there was a god that gave and took away the ability to be aware of the states of being as qualities one could become and understand and stand with to focus on the living reality were denied by the self, again, and made into a belief that such was given, and thus, this is a religion of fear, a paper religion because it exists only as the words of men, made into an emotional memory. 

Today we could say we have a god of science. A god that supposedly has done all the research and therefor no more questions need to be asked because the science is done ( and we have been behaviorally programmed to follow ONLY- without question - practiced in the design of public school education, consuming years of development) . And that science does not need to be reviewed and checked. This in itself a body of emotional memories in fear of losing their jobs, as the self interest in survival is greater than what is best for all men, this a continuation of denying self and living outside of real capacity as a superior memory.  We are moving into a chemical god , that is a chimeric god of information, a limited story serving the belief that we cannot know, and continuing the imposition of ideas, beliefs and opinions that we cannot be responsible, when we have been told that god is within, as life, manifest as the practical and physical world, hidden in plain sight, where the answer is to become the living word, to respect the immediate and be aware of the distant, to cross reference the real and very practical physical world, to understand the qualities of this world and to work with them in ways that do no harm and to practice standing equal and one with them. Even the educational understanding of accelerated learning techniques tell the way to building a superior memory. To use the senses, to cross reference the immediate and the distant, to build relationships with words have a direct application to this living reality that surrounds us, that is us.  

One could say that our cultures are our past, that we cling to (the information not all bad) instead of reforming into new ways of doing things that support and value all life. One could realize that our banking system is a private club manipulating economically to bring forward systems of control, in the offerings of what avenues are allowed to structure our lives, as we are not being responsible on an individual level, choosing survival over what is best for all.   An emotional memory is a memory at war with common sense, the systems merely a representation of control of each at war with being in common sense and respect of the physical. The loss of spatial ability a mirror of an emotional memory. An emotional memory being a inferior memory, and the resistance towards being one’s self in one’s real capacity, which is to exist as a superior memory.  A superior memory being the ability to see directly here, to make the only choice available, the choice to investigate, assess, review, cross reference, here, the physical to move in ways that do no harm, that consider all things, that realize and live in presence, in body, in spirit, in focus of and as what is best for all.

A superior memory sees, realizes and understands that the paper castles of men as the words composing the systems , holding them in place to control a lack of self responsibility because of the acceptance of an emotional memory ONLY -  a smoke and mirrors show - a form of limitation, causing a war of polarizing bodies of contrasting lie-by-omission storied tales that are but a wall of numbers and letters falling all around us as the media ( amazing how our popular culture reflects what we do!) , and the voices of an emotional memory informing us as persona’s thereof, distracting us from seeing directly here and accepting a natural capacity to be and live a superior memory.  All of this is rejection of real capacity and a default system of acceptance of the suppression of self, that feels like a depression because a rejection of self is a form of depression that leads to behaviors of anxiety, fear, denial and eventual physical dis-ease. I mean what did one think the story of Plato’s wall was about?  What did one think the presence of becoming ‘ the living word’ was about? What did one think one’s loss of spatial ability is? What does one think self forgiveness is about? 

Ask yourself; " How is a house built but in practical ways and means? " Time to take back self as life, and live in the physical reality as being life information. Focus here, forgive an emotional memory and build a superior memory. Become present here, take back a direct focus,  the tools are here, they are simple, effective and move piece by piece, a walk into life. Become the potential you are meant to be.  

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