Thursday, February 2, 2017

Moving into Fear and Losing Potential Day 741

Moving into fear and losing potential

Where is that point of movement, a sound movement in a way, where I move into resistance, instead of solution?

I can realize when I move into comparison, blame and spite, all of which is fear, as this is moving into protection instead of a harmonium of balance, remaining focused on myself here as what and who I am as a physical human being in a physical planet. I can notice where I move into seeing events of the past that I have allowed to define me, the cultural background based on environments and social structures that were ideas, made ritual, utilizing how things are built as a repetition in sound, as words, as pictures, creating a melody within of which movement against caused conflict, and I feared for my survival, allowing myself to fall into an illusion projected onto reality, as the physical. I became a one sided conversation and no longer conversed with what is real, the physical. To restore a natural presence, means to recognize what I have allowed to direct me as information, and refocus this in reality, remaining present, or within a presence of this reality, acknowledging that I allowed myself to become at-most-sphere, instead of being a part of this real event called life all around me. 

In practice, in the practical, I am water and substances that can remain in balance and flow as who and what I am, I need not compare myself to others as they are the same as me, they are another means of perspective, a conversation of this orchestra, cross referencing perspective builds a greater awareness of the whole.  This means direct interaction and that careful walking from the grass roots up, from the ground up, eventually reconnecting the parts to realize the sum of the parts create the whole. Bubbles of belief separate from the practical, as a mind consciousness system of a story of a sequence of events being resonant instead of a reflection of what is here, as the physical,  is what is sounded on the media stage instead of information that educes a greater awareness of this physical reality in and as how this reality actually functions. Human rights outlines stand more in accord with what we are, realizing each being needs the basics to function. Instead we trade information as ideas, beliefs and opinions in separation from the practical, from a common sense of the whole, as what and who we are. 

I can sense when and as I move into fear, and realize that because I have allowed myself to exist within fear, that I have little practice in being and remaining present, being thankful when a perspective is sounded, as shared, that is not something I had real-eyed in focus, in recognition, in-sight. I can become the model of standing as this, accepting mistakes because of habits allowed within in discord of the practical, I can be thankful within opportunities of discord to balance and sort out, of which, when a starting point of practice, can build momentum and lend a more rapid ability to process and hear here to then reflect here with and as what I speak, as what I sound, as the very instrument that is me as a human being on a physical planet. I can transpose what is around me, remaining consistent, constant, grateful , always remembering the silence is there for me to reflect the potential of life, to reform, to interact, to place my feet on this ground, and build from the ground us because this is the gift given of where and who I am, as a physical beingness on a physical planet. I have the  capacity to hARM- o - neighs  myself here, in common sense of what is the same as me, to speak in tune with reality, to become the insight of words reflecting what is here, and thus realize what is more natural, which is to sing/speak in tune with here. 

One thing I learned, or experienced in this life is how important is the small, as a sense of presence that I can direct in the smallest of movements. When realizing the smallest of things as a stabilizing point , it is easier to then move into the greater construct of the small, as the parts of  as much a part of the whole as is the whole a composition of the parts of the small. Thus, I must not fear the small. In this case the very words that I speak. To master this within myself, and to not fear this, to realize this is not a thing controlled by anyone but myself, lends great discovery in myself being able to become the directive capacity of myself.  I can become an instrument that sings with this reality.  

Just as I accumulate through practice, which is a kind of consistent recognition, I can become a seed of this, standing as this, building in the very fabric of this existence the means towards this, moving like the growth of a tree, spreading veins of this into what is here, until enough momentum is built that the fruits of what is laid-bare as my labor, is recognized within and as a kind of awakening in self awareness here, back into this physical reality being the expression of life information. 

What joy and connection would that be in living practice? In real communion with and as a recognition of who and what we are as human beings, breathing and real=eyezing creation right here? What joy to realize connection, to lend what is freeing and giving of capacity inherent in who and what we are? Would there exist one-sided conversations? Would there be rushing or would there be the joy of the small, the joy of real connection, where each could become self directive here, being thankful for what and who we are in physical presence? 

The rush and narrow read of greed, does not recognize the reed through which the sound of fear rushes through, seeking a quick fix and in so doing missing an experience of real connection , a living connection. Fear is in-stead of the ignorance inherent in a one-sided conversation. A  limited conversation reflects the con of greed, the rush of hope alone, or a faith without the experience of living the practical and small necessary building of a real command ability.  In step with life a seed of presence must be built, to become that tree of deep rooted stability, harmonious with this that is us, physical being as who and what we are, as creation information. This must be sounded, the sounds mastered. Mastery means a practice of recognition of the notes and how they form the narratives that frame and direct presence , that pre-science , that precious sigh of breath able to reflect recognition of the formation of this life, this physical world that is creation, right here. 

Words are a thing, they are a sound thing, a piece of sound. They are a narrative that when believed to be more real than the physical, separate awareness. Yet, words are a means of building a sound picture that is in accord with this physical reality. A means of recognition with this physical and practical reality. The space of silence surrounds the words I speak, therefor there is the space to see the time of narrative, and to relate a conversation to living physical information as creation, right here. We can therefor sentence ourselves to a state of separation from here, or use what we sound to sound the chord of this physical reality, directing as who and what we are, to become equal and one with this life information that is the same as us, as it is what and who we are. 

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to resist recognition of what and what I am as the very words I speak here.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear facing the fabric of a conversation in separation from being in a chord with and as life, here.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to realize all that is here his the same as me.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear what is sounded, to resist, to compare, to reject,  instead of playing with, realizing I can change, and process and investigate and assess form here, and enjoy the awesomeness of the small, as the space is here, all around me, to sense and realize potential as that which recognizes all things and senses balance and harmony into what does no harm, as I am life, here.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe a self created and accepted narrative in separation from recognizing this living reality as the physical that is life in expresison here.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand what I form as the words I speak, that can become a series of events in protection and defense, in fear of standing equal and one to here, as this living reality, that is physical, as I am the means and the instrument able to recognize here, to be cognizant of here, as the space of potential as silence as a starting point of and as the very means of who and what I am as life.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear silence, to fear space, to fear recognizing here, as myself,  as I feared letting go of a false narrative as an experience of a mis-use of who and what I am, as what I sound as what I speak,  in and as allowing a starting point of self interest, out of step with a practice of recognition of and as a respect to and towards this physical world,  of which an underlying silence allowing a perpetual recognition of the potency of the physical as life, and the constant realization of realizing what does no harm here. 

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to reject being present and respectful of this reality, and instead following a false and energetic sequence of events as a narrative inconsiderate of all things, as the practical and basic needs of what it means to be physical.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand how adaptable I am, within and as what I form as the words I speak and how as what I am, I can remain within the heart of me, as who I am as life, and the tiers of this reality so auditory around me, if I slow down and list- them to recognize and respect all that is the same as me here.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to be in terror of here, and within this to real-eyes that the tiers of physical beingness are sounding here, audible here, thus can I turn an accepted and allowed inner seed of events built in fear of myself as life, into a recognition of the tiers sounding practical and physical reality, here. 

When and as I find myself in fear, in resistance, in separation, in comparison, in not living the potential of me, as who and what I am, I stop, I breath, I slow myself down, and I recognize the physical, to list-en to what is here, to tune into here, to utilize the space of here, to see realize and stand equal and one to the awesomeness of life information as creation sounding all around me as the  physical. 

When and as I find myself being in terror of here, I stop and I breath, and I slow myself down, and listen, to hear the tiers of form here, as the physical, to change from being in terror of here, protecting a territory of and as idea, belief and opinion, of and as who and what I am, and I forgive this, and recognize myself to the physical, hearing the tiers of creation, allowing and accepting being present here, moving into being in tune with the practical physical formation of creation, here, that is the same as me, and I enjoy working with the smallest of things as the words I sound, to ensure a constant and steady practice of respecting as recognizing all things, to move from reaction as being terrified, into seeing directly here the tiers of reality audible around me, thus is a desire for a territory in survival  transposed into a recognition of the tiers , as the order of the physical, rite/right  or/hear/audible/formed here before me as the physical with myself the same, as what is here is me.

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