Friday, May 5, 2017

Learning to read myself and the world around me. Day 755

I notice I spend some time every day watching the news feed on the internet. Why do I do this? What am I looking for or, rather, which is more telling, what am I looking at, as a form, as a movement? What are the patterns? 

I think of a sports game, where the team cannot get out of a pattern, cannot see beyond the boundaries of their own understanding, using their sensibility to see their own constructs as a pattern, a math, and moving into a relationship of what they are as understanding of movement and form, and opening this up to take in the patterns of the opposing team, and the form of the sport overall - the rules governing that sport- and deconstructing it to reconstruct in one moment, quantumly, to change up their movement. And that as a team, everyone being in synch. 

Or a musician, who has played and  moved with so many patterns, being given a new pattern that can easily be rendered in sound, with and as that sense of the parts and the whole, being able to move the smallest parts around into a yet unrecognized form. This is a changeability that when one learns the parts, the smallest of things, one can order with that. This also needs practice with forming things with the parts, which could be called opportunity.

I look at how we teach our children, using memory. I realize that if we remain within a certain tempo, a very slow one, we resonantly become that. And it is ‘ thing’ that we become within us. I mean why do songs remain in our heads on one level? It just shows how we are like a battery that can hold forms. Memory learning is a slowing down process, not a bad, in itself, yet when held as the ONLY thing we do, to learn, creates a state of being that can get lost in itself, just as a song can get stuck within us. Memory learning is the means of creating cognitive dissonance, because it is a rhythm creating state of being, that in itself can cause a separation from what is actually more natural, as always sensing the parts and the whole of the world around us. 

We then are out of synch, and what we are within, does not fit into reality. We build protection mechanisms, to counter this, and make attempts at building a form to fit into society, yet over all, this effort in itself is a red flag, because it is not the action of always relating to the practical , the physical.  It makes it obvious that what is real is hidden in plain sight. The way out is the way in, to look at what was constructed as a resonance, and to de-compose it, with understanding, and rebuild. It is this process of seeing patterns, seeing the parts and the whole, and recognizing one’s own patterns of what is basically a separation, and practicing aligning this with reality, as the living world around us. I mean, imagine hiring summer help in your restaurant who had been formed in such a way? Would they need as much training, would there be as many problems, would the summer help be more aware because they had practiced being aware of the world around them, instead of stuck in memorized information, and the coping mechanisms of a disconnect from being in synch with the most basic practical things needed to work in a restaurant?  I say this, because I have had owners of salons tell me that finding a good receptionist is more difficult, as though what they see is the younger generation not having the most basic practical ability with inter-personal skills. 

 Myself, having learned an instrument, and having taught children, know what a clear structure can do for a child. As the structure is integrated - which can be done as taking the smallest parts and practicing them, through narrowing the focus, building the presence into the space- when integrated, allows the child to ‘ take off ’ meaning the child begins to realize the moving parts, and use a natural skill to peruse the moving parts and the whole, and read with greater agility, and awareness and insight, and they begin to create the sound, with ease. The outcome of greater self confidence and self esteem begins to come forth. It is like a clearer rendition of the sound begins to happen, a whole world begins to open up. Even parents can see this. I sometimes wondered if this scared parents. Meaning, the more structured and clear sound, which they can notice and speak of, at the same time scares them, as they see their child master something, which is a joy, and yet don’t want the child to go in that direction, because it is not a means to make a good living. Thus the good, becomes a bad, and that value judgement is greater than seeing the means to the end. And, it is interesting, because in the educational research, it is known that people who play musical instruments, make better managers, Why, because they have more practice in realizing the parts and the whole, seeing the overall patterns, as music is so self generative.

One of the things I ask myself every once in a while, is ‘ can I slow down and hear the grass grow.”  Meaning, am I in separation from being present in this reality, this living reality around me, am I aware of what is the same as me, as the plants that provide nutrients and the air I breath, am I aware of what is here, in respect of it, in tune - quite literally- with this? Am I doing that of which I speak? Am I assessing the forms around me, the expressions that are the relationships working in symbiotic ways to remember the synchronicity of life that is me that is the physical? Or, am I wallowing in emotions and feelings, ideas, and belief and opinions that can cause a flight and fight response if questioned? This, in itself a red flag, telling me I need to deconstruct and reconstruct, which brings an opportunity to self realize and balance out myself. 

Do I have the presence and within as that the skill to re-organize myself , in a moment, to realize my own patterns and the patterns around me, to read the space and move in ways that are what is best, as I have the choice yet must face the consequences of my actions, thus in a way, the choice is to do what is best for all? Or, how present am I really? Do I need to slow down, and assess the patterns of my behavior, to see where I am out of synch and then to correct this? I mean is that not what sports teams or musicians do when they assess a read their own formations, and change them up in a moment? Do we not all enjoy a game when this happens, and it appears to be a magic, a magic that is really only a doing, which is the magic? 

In relation to this, I can see where memory learning when only what is used is a huge means of manipulation.  And I can see, how the news feed is/are moving structures to create a veil that protects monopolies that are in them selves a bullying force of self interest,  that have no regard for the life that is this planet, and are filled with all manner of words on a page as legal documentation, that manage a state of not being in synch with this life, a real valley of good and bad, right and wrong, instead of being in tune, being in synch with this living reality.

I noticed that a politician, who had been in the American congress, posting an article yesterday that said the Obama care, or Trump care, as health insurance, were both the problem, that health insurance is a scam in itself. This is interesting too, because there are doctors standing up, after practicing the ‘ health industry’ for years, saying things such as there being methods of vitamin C therapies that can cure, or place the body back into a state of proper function.  These voices are not heard on the bought-and-paid for platforms so many are calling the fake news. One story really had me look at myself. It was a video documentary on the twin towers falling in New York. I remember when it happened that I asked the question as to where all the rubble went. Meaning, I remember that little voice within me, questioning why there was not the amount of rubble such massive buildings would create, on the ground. I mean where were the parts of the supposed plane that ostensively flew into the buildings? I did not follow up on that thought, as all the stories of information rushing around were a distraction that I followed instead of listening to myself. 

When I watched this documentary, that one little question returned.  I did not follow my own questioning. Most likely, I would not have found answers unless I came upon some buried news feed, silent yet running in the background just as my inner question was more silent and running in the background.  

Basically, to explain this in context, the documentary described a form of incendiary action that turned the physical things of the towers into dust, which spread and settled all over, even turning parts of cars on more distant blocks into partial incendiary actions. I ask myself who would have such know how and ability but those who have managed to accumulate excessive wealth, which are only a few in this world today. The distraction onto national or religious groups, is overall, a distraction in itself. This in itself is investigating what form we have on this earth, that we as a collective are allowing. Each has the capacity to do this, and I am sure that others have had those little questions happen - what is left of one’s common sense within. It is there, and it needs to become larger than the sounds of cognitive dissonance called value judgements as beliefs, opinions and ideas that react when a counter belief disrupts the resonance as ideas one has defined one’s self as. That anxiety of ‘ flight and fight’ has to be checked each time it comes up, because we are not in a physical jungle, we are in a jungle of information. This is something more meta-physical and it cannot touch you or define you unless you accept and allow it to. You are the musician, you are the sport player, you, by design, have the ability to see the parts and the whole, see the patterns of how what is here moves, and realize choices that are what is best for all. 

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