Sunday, May 28, 2017

Segmented practices that show us who we are. Day 769

Why do I fear LOOKING?

In performing, I have practiced being focused on myself, the movement of music around me, as parts and the overall whole. This is what looking is, and when accepting of what is, one sees the greater structure, and can retain more presence , even within mix-ups manifest as quicker re-call, of momentary absence of presence, or within facing a new form; sudden and moving into clarity as one both ‘ sight -reads’ the form as the notes ahead of time, and places it in the context of the form, as the notes being generated. 

In relation to the destini I Process, I have been practicing looking at my own layered emotional ‘ firewall’ that I have allowed to define me, and which has slowed down the processing speed of reality as myself here. Meaning being effective here, problem solving as a movement of self correction to and towards this living reality, and not ONLY as the bubble of layered emotional stories within and as me. This onion of emotional values accumulated over time, slowing down a natural ability to process information , this living reality information, where real skill lends real practical movement, and develops real focus, to the extent one preforms in real time, in this space, here. 

Just as I have practiced a focus in reality, as the music generated in a group and by myself, i can do the same here, as this living reality. When what I am doing is not effective,  resistances happen, of which I must practice what I am LOOKING at, that is causing me to not READ, or process my state of being, the state of being of those around me that are the same as this, and the practical living reality, AND, the existential system forms accepted and allowed that are on this earth today as a consequence of not understanding how we are absorbent machines and very functional machines. Remember, our thoughts become our actions become our habits, determine the COURSE of our lives, and by extensions, as a collective, the COURSE of this reality.

Naturally, it is important that we realize that we are all the same. It is only belief, opinion and idea in a bubble in our heads, resonant around us that separates us from realizing what is in plain sight. This is why the DOGMA of religion and politics is an illusion, manifest as creating a society communicated via our present media, of storms of value judgements, spinning in a very narrow focus, that distracts us from, for example getting aid to countries experiencing drought- of which we obviously are very capable of doing because the natural resources grabbed behind this curtain, are constantly moving. This does not stop- or your cell phone would not always be so readily available. How can we not see the contrast of the two when they are so IN OUR FACE, if we slow down, step out of our emotional firewalls and LOOK HERE.

Do we not wonder why so many of our children in our high schools are labeled as having “ SLOW PROCESSING’ speeds? Our projections of storied mis-information, is right there, around us, resonant, sucking the life from us. Various practices, in our society today, though segmented, acknowledge this.  Yet we are, in some ways not bringing them together, because we, as being in a bubble, are not seeing the parts and the whole, as what we are telling ourselves!

For example, there are apps that suggest writing out our emotions. There is a practice I have encountered where children are pulling up memories, to resolve ( micro) traumas. This is a reflection of and as ourselves telling ourselves that we are being emotional firewalls of and as memories that must be cleared in order to improve our processing speeds! These memories are emotional and they are slowing down a natural ability to process information effectively. 

We also understand, as all the research in reading makes this very clear, the more effective use of and as how we SOUND ourselves, as our words, as those small parts that compose our expression that is never the real practical living thing, and only ever like a reciprocal reflection of something to share perspective to then UNDERSTAND as check before taking action - that process of always respecting the practical as the living reality around us. 

This medium, of sound as words, as expression in a verbal form, can also be HUGELY manipulated. lol, this can be said, in a moment, when someone speaks, to begin talking out loud, about how much words can be manipulated and used to distract from reality.  Here , I am thinking about how chemical drugs are given new names, based on adding a ‘ foot’ as another chemical, that segments when placed in the body, so that the chemical drug is actually, in practice the same as an earlier drug that has lost its patent, and no longer can generate huge profits. This new drug can have a new name, be marketed and sold at a much higher price (  insurance rates?) when it is the same drug! This is all done with subtle manipulations of the physical, and with words;  words painted in windows, formed into something that does not fully disclose what it really is within what it actually does. I mean, how corrupt is that? And who is responsible to investigate and understand this?  We are, each of us. It is something that can be understood, yet if one is busy managing a layered onion of limited information as value judgements which is polarization into good and bad, becoming resistance to reality, how can one slow down and hear the orchestra of movement around us? Emotional firewalls take a lot of time management! And, I will not go into what the ignorance of taking these drugs does to the environment, and how that seemingly no significant difference, accumulated over time - just as the emotional memory resonantly accumulates over time, -causes the very distraction that does not LOOK at what our small actions become and effect the living environment around us. Nor will I go into what this does to those that come after us, as the children and the growing numbers of them that do not even have a chance at life because of what has accumulated in the environment affecting their growth- also sold by what we call teachers in schools!

We have to LOOK at the very fabric of what we are doing, what we are being, within and as ourselves, and begin to recognize this within ourselves, to then be able to recognize this around us, to then self correct the very focus of who and what we are into realizing the real means of what is the real capacity of what we are in total, as working parts moving in tandem together, to create a world that is expansive and effective and actually moving as life, which is a movement of steady sustained productive expression and creation, it is a structuring as a skill set that fashions sustainable ‘ trees’ of expression.  The power is in the numbers. Individual, unique and present as the effective skill sets that can only be realized within respecting all things around us and as us HERE, in this physical reality- that one thing that is what our attention is taken away from; within agriculture practices made ritual into tradition, defining us, yet separating us from this reality - as all those resources as what is real and what is ironically owned by a few,  into religion and politics that is the voice of justification for what is a separation from what is the MOST real, which is the physical.  

Some call this getting out of one’s head ‘ trip.” Because it is a HUGE head trip.  In reality,  we are on a PHYSICAL TRIP.  Just ask yourself why the physical is what is owned by the few, and how religion is meant to make believe there is a better life somewhere else. And, religion is a make believe, because no one has actually seen it, and come back from it. Look at when one believes  a lost one is ‘ around one”? That is memory. There is not “ one around “ one, it is a vessel, as a layered onion of value judgements. Have to also ask yourself, why in America, there is a lesson in high school from the Shakespeare play ‘ Hamlet” that subtly is an idea of and as “ shoot the messenger”? lol, we are psychologically in-FORMED to believe the messenger is shot. Don't call things out by name, you may be shot. This is a manipulation of WORDS, of SOUND.  We have become instruments emitting emotional fire storms. Does this not describe the valley of good and evil? Yes, just as a cup is a cup, this is what we are allowing and accepting, that emotional firewall is the valley of right and wrong, more than and less than, good and bad. The composition of which are those emotional reactions, that can be realized as comparison, imagination, blame, spite.  They are all fear. 

 When we as a fabric create apps to write emotional states out, and practices to pull up memories,  we are revealing to ourselves what we have allowed ourselves to be, and what we allow ourselves to focus upon - all composed of WORDS.  HAHA ,too late, the cat is out of the bag! Shooting away the messenger is not going to change this. Like a master of martial arts, real compassion is to not accept what does not focus self into being a master of self, to structure self, as become effective skill sets, that lend effective interaction with PRACTICAL physical reality as the CREATION OF SELF AS LIFE, here. 

This begins with careful and effective restructuring of the notes, as the words, as the sounds generated by the self, that build the habit fabric of self that inform one’s actions in a real and physical world that is in plain sight, right here. After all, without the trees, without breath we do not exist - no religion and/or no dogma supersedes this.  The nature of effective parenting, would place the means in PLAIN SIGHT to lend self autonomy as who and what one is.  We are physical. The physical is LIFE. 

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