Tuesday, May 30, 2017

LOOKING at anger Day 771

LOOKING at anger.

Fear can be so blinding. one cannot see the forest through the trees. As one is so focused on the lack, as the fear, which is a loss of presence and what is natural as common sense. 

Fear is not being in solution. It is being in projection.

I cannot focus on the ‘ what if’s” or the ‘ worst case scenario, AND realize solutions as the fear an enlarge a possible outcome, especially if I am holding onto a fear of punishment from making a mistake.  If I focus on an idea that I am not enough, based on the shame of having accepted a fear of a loss, having also rushed to experience something based on an idea,  that is not of an awareness and cross reference of who and what I am, here, in this form, as this physical life,  I become angry at myself for my absence of presence in who and what I really am. My anger is always self hate, as finding solutions means looking here, and looking here is of and as a silence as I become like water and simply understand something, which has no resistance and no rejection and is reading what is here, this a process that starts from a point of nothingness, as all attention is on listening to what simply is. 

My dis-ease can only be a consequence of a lack of presence, that is an involvement in a focus on sorting something out and hiding that sorting of something out, based on a moment of comparison done in competition in an idea of a more. I say idea, because I am the same building blocks of creation as what is here, as the physical, that is all around me and me. 

Thus, anger is not enough of being in FORM of who and what I am, in respect, of here.  Look around, HERE IS PHYSICAL. 

It is time to become a tree of life, one that is capable of bearing fruit of sustainability. It is time to step out of a singular toxic onion of layers of value judgements composing a projected personality that has no real grounding in life because those layers create a head trip instead of a life trip. . Life is physical, it is right here. 

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