Monday, July 31, 2017

More deconstruction of MLM forms Day 787

I have had this back chat that is, as always, a complaint, which is a projection of blame and spite to and towards things around me, as expectations of how things should be. This is myself not looking here, not doing the math, to see, realize and understand here, this reality, this physical reality. This reality that on paper is slowly being owned by a few, which begs a question, as to what is real, as the separation from here, as religion and so much of our entertainment, and the very design of our schools, and taxing system, is all about separation from looking here. It is a diversion tactic, as what is real, is made insignificant, and what is real, the real means, is through paper castles, owned by a few. The system is a reflection of how much we make our personification larger than the reality. Thus, it is each of us, that allows this diversion tactic, because it is simply a reflection of what we are allowing within ourselves. What we practice, accumulates and becomes what we are, because it is what we practice personalizing, personifying. It is composed of relationships.  

We are a twist on that statement of and as ‘ trying to get a fish to climb a tree.”  We are, trying to get ideas, beliefs and opinions of ourselves to be more real than the reality around us. That busy work of self abdication of self responsibility becomes a personification of values, that creates a busyness of rejecting all of what we are as the real values that compose this physical reality, and we become a kind of displaced form, like a fish tryng to climb a tree. It cannot work, does not work, and will not work, we need only look around and realize this in application, even within simply realizing how the system, a system that controls this lack as well, that is also a mirrored reflection of maintaining the distraction and taking control of what is actually real. The irony is that nothing can be owned, and everything that is here is freely given, as it is the means of creation, as it is what manifests from what is practiced. What is real, can withstand the timing of a state of separation that is a out of synch focus. In a way, one must learn control of self, before one can move forward effectively.  Creation is amazing! It is a gift.

Thus within my own process, somehow, at this point I am looking at once again the MLM umbrella , as a belief, that is warped and then related to any form of structure, thereby being a misinterpretation of order and structure. 

A tree is a structure, where the sum of parts work together creating a whole.  One could label and define separate parts as more than or less than, when each part must have the other part to function. A multi level marketing form, is of separate parts living separate and small actions that lead to the end gal of what that multi level form is bringing to the market place of reality. A system of bringing things to market, is composed of different parts doing different sums, as actions that complete the whole and bring forward the things that are there to, hopefully improve our existence.  There are schemes where money is transferred within this, that are supposed to increase one’s money. As we all can realize, this can be abused, and yet the basic inherent form is not a bad, if anything it is natural. Yet, would not a government, that desires to own, under the guise of government, hidden behind a corporation as that which seems to eventually own things, that also works as a multi level marketing form, push, as manipulate when a form is abused, thougt as said, inherently good, manipulate within demonizing a form, and placing all under that umbrella, making itself larger than life, as that government and hidden corps, behind this projected fish being told to climb a tree? I mean, it begins to become quite obvious. It is astounding that we conceptually can’t see what is in plain sight, as we are all so busy projecting our own personal survival belief systems, we cannot see what is here, because we stand in front of our own created curtains! I mean, perhaps in the story of the Wizard of Oz, the mis-take was that that curtain, was not in front of the man manipulating the buttons, it was a curtain self composed, self accepted, self allowed ! 

Have a look, within words that are swimming around in our educational research system. This term, I should say, of and as a zone of proximal development, means that one comes forward within knowing a form to move with, so well, one then expands in one’s awareness of the form. When one moves from where one is at, one expands. if one tries to jump that expansion, one has a greater difficulty, because one is having to process more information suddenly, instead of building from what is known, into what is as of yet unknown. And this, with that inherent ability to absorb and understand. All of this, can be slowed down, creating confusion, if one is not equal to where and what one is doing, or trying to do something in which what one physically is, is not well suited for and as.  Liken this to learning to play an instrument, one masters the instrument to a certain extent and then begins to play with others, and then can begin to register the reactions of the audience, and even play with the sound, in terms of seeing what directs the focus of the audience onto the music, etc. This is all the means of moving into greater awareness, much like moving into the awareness of the multiple levels of and as how something works. This is the natural ability of each of us, thus removing opportunity is to slow this down, and stagnate this. In a system of survival, it is going to happen, that the natural ability of each of us, will face this natural ability to expand, from happening. Within this, I can see where the entertainment industry is that means to an end, and here, there is nothing wrong with information being shared via media ( real live connection may be best, but media sharing is also a way to begin to build a general scaffold ! ) . In all of this, what we do, as what we allow at the moment, one could not really criticize the parts, yet, when relating the parts to the whole, and to allowing a human being to realize their potential, suddenly that form, of good sounding parts, begins to fall short. Yet, there is a whole system, of multiple levels, holding that market of offering, in place! And that is being held in place, as a means of survival, yet, overall, each part, that is capable of realizing this, is ignoring this, Ultimately, as I state in words here, in relation to this, we are not stupid, yet we are accepting ignorance, in self interest, and that becomes a stagnation of our capacity, and an abuse on those freely given resources that are the gift of self realization as life. 

Sometimes, things cannot be denied, no matter how much what has been accepted and allowed, as that personification that screams survival, is and does, the separation from reality is visible in plain sight if we take the time to slow down and LOOK at the patterns, and how much the words we speak, are not grounded in the practical living reality around us. Within this, I had the thought yesterday, that words are in themselves, the slowing down of sound, to allow man to really begin to LOOK, they are, a great means of realizing the math, the real math, and the presented math, as structure around us in this world, and how much sound is manipulated. The game becomes like shifting sands, never having the same form each day, hard to catch, seemingly impossible to realize, yet, within each, is the inherent capacity, to realize each grain of sand, and each shifting wind, to see the sum of the parts in their constant movement to and towards balance, where it is only ignorance that warps that inherent expression of life, always here, to move into what is best for all, if we simply allow ourselves to realize who and what we are, as life. 

In realizing the good, and choosing what does no harm, we can rejoice in the children to come, and the parents to share and show, to move from our present zone of proximal development into being equal and one to the essence of the expression of life, which is to create and expand and live. It is time to master the instrument of life that is you, which means mastering your words, to learn to sound the inherent and natural creation that is you as life. 

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