Friday, July 14, 2017

Mental Graphic Novel Business Day 784

This week I was working with a child, who I noticed as the behaviors, was, ‘ standing in something’ that was the best match for what they felt. I likened this to how absorbent I am, we are, as our innate capacity to understand. The child appeared to me to be trying this out, being the effects of this behavior and at the same time expressing how they felt.  It appeared to me to be the whole child, and not as much the way adults can be, where they do not look as their presence, as their ‘ state of being” ( in this case it is similar yet not as incorperated). This being, as the adult being  instead a built series of such experiences as this child, manifesting as multiple experiences  of such a reference. Again, what caught my attention, was how this was the child, they were embodying this and testing this out, while it somehow matched something they had experienced. 

In the desteni I process, I find that I have so many times said the words, spoke the forms, and yet as things come more into focus, the reality of allowing myself to be both the subject and the object at the same time, without resistance, and realizing there is no need to be afraid, is a process, and yet, it is like an uncovering of what we already know.  It is as it says it is, in that it is the removal of self denial as the capacity to sense what is here, and be here, respecting what is here. How can what is a simple thing become such a messy thing and so ignored for so long as a loss of self recognition? How can a busyness of ordering stuck up in a resonant spin using ordering, become such a dissonance from reality? I ask the obvious question, yet is this not a part of the process, as as-king is a powerful tool of reflection. 

On the greater stage, I look at articles about Syria and other areas in the middle east, that describe the rubble left behind from bombs. I read a book written by a local author who experienced the Russians coming into eastern Germany and basically expelling the Germans and replacing them with Polish people, at the end of WW2  They just simply came and pushed some people out and replaced them with others, and this after coming in and taking all the livestock and crops, leaving the people with nothing.  What would motivate such an action that has no regard for the life, the resources of men and planet? Could it be a construct of values floating in the minds of men that are a separation from reality? How has that obviously resonant limitation come to be larger than life?  And why, can we not realize, especially in understanding the import- ance of education that it is possible to inFORM a person with a measured math as a measured value system that is not inclusive of all values as this physical reality?  Is it so difficult to realize that our within is not equal to the without, our ‘ above’s ‘ not equal to the practical ‘ below’? 

This is such a waste of capable resources. This is such a mis-use of what we are. What astounds me the most, as this is as astonishing as realizing the depth of a self imposed through a great effort to suppress,  as devastating as the bombs on the land,  of the self as life, as presence as the capacity to be here, and not so busy with graphing out what is to come, what might come, what is possible, based on an idea that is of something out there, in some place that is not here, as here is where things get done, as nothing was ever done within thinking about it- the focus to do demands all of one's attention on here, which also reveals that one must understand here, to get something done? And this, begs the question as to why we are placing our children in front of television sets and in schools that are boxes,  that are not reality?  And to not move into anther polarized value judgement to the extent we deny such things a television, as a proper use of television, can be supportive! I mean, Imagine creating one of those holographic programs that show the life and sequence of a seed? That would be really cool in terms of bringing attention to the expressive life of nature that is a constant surrounding us. Remember, trees create oxygen for us to breath. I do not think that any human apparatus is as symbiotic and self replicating as that tree within the very fabric of and as what nature is. In other words, nature is a great technology, one that, by some recollections, something that terra formed this earth, and may have been brought from somewhere else- thus, if we look at the pyramids, that some argue were built with a greater skill set than known today, could it be that those with this supposed ‘ greater skill set’ have realized that the fabric of plants and bugs and animals, was something worth sustaining, as it could not be recreated because of its inherent efficiency? Why reinvent the wheel into something less than what already exists that has a sustainable balance? 

If I am so busy graphing things out, and having learned about the world in a box, it would make sense that actions that are not what is best for life, as life, as bombing this earth for some graphed out idea that is in itself a separation from considering all things as being the problem!  That self constructed and accepted as imposed  graph of information, of IN FORM ation,  has been made larger that what is real! 

Within myself  I realize how much time I spent in time! lol, Meaning how much I resisted and rejected and composed myself in self interest, as the same that is the problem that is an act of separation from who and what I am that is of the same fabric as the tree that is a fabric of life that is self sustaining and self creating and in balance if we would allow it to be the expression of what it is!

In the movement, as the practice as the process in slowing down to recognize this, I also realize within a process of elimination of being as busy within composing a belief system, and uncovering being less fearful in meeting other graphic novels as the expression as the colored energies of others being the same as myself as a state of resonant separation,  that the degree with which I have allowed this, can be re-versed back into being in humbleness with this reality. This meaning that I can, with joy, acknowledge my mis-takes on reality, redo the math, and live solutions. This does not demand that I graph out all possible scenarios, within self protection and defense, because the means is the practical reality around me.  Those shadows as ‘ state of colored being’ need not define me, and can be used , or recognized for what they are, without fear,  as standing here, in respect of the practical and the physical reality.  It is to say, why not enjoy being/becoming the uncovering as the self discovery of the life that is here as the physical, which is what is natural?

I can, lol, imagine if we reformed this earth into realizing that we can be what we naturally are, as discovering how this reality functions, within and as self directing within the principle that all that is here is us, as the very fabric of creation. 

It is actually fun to call things out by name, to be clear about what is around us, and to realize that this clarity deepens, just as learning an instrument has that quality of a depending understanding that is a joy of discovery, slowed down only by a threat of survival that can consume one’s natural presence as an innate ability to completely absorb something and stand as it, just as we do as babies when we learn to crawl and to walk and to talk- we embody something, we embody the world around us, we embody the states of value that are not necessarily bad, yet can become automated and stagnant, in our parents that are directed by survival in a forgetfulness of the very fabric of what we are as that physical manifestation of form and function that is of a design that is self sustaining, and self generating and self balancing. 

I mean, why do I write as script this out? Why do I sit here and write this out? What am I using to do this? I am using words, as small degrees of sound, to map out, to graph out, to bring my words into equality and oneness with what equalizes me to this physical creation that I cannot live without. I mean, look at the mankind having to leave their homes, their lives disrupted, their basic needs questionable in being met,  the resources turned into rubble unnecessarily,  because of some idea imposed on reality! It makes no sense. And, the answer I am so often given, as “ if common sense were common, then it would be utilized “ is an endgame answer that reveals that lack of insight that is the real problem. Such a statement reveals the problem, as a non-looking that lends the solution, which is to LOOK HERE. In looking here at the practical, the graphic superimposed, resonantly metaphysical reality known as ego, is an active rejection of innate common sense, as that absorbent ability! 

What is interesting in tandem with all of this, is that physically I feel that my chest is going to burst out, to the extent that moving into thinking, is becoming more and more impossible, it is too limited.  It is like being a compassion without a desire for gain. The moment I move into a colored value, I lose  catching, or reading, or reeding what is here. I remember this, because I had to be this to perform, it was the only way, no matter what, no matter what politics were around me, it took some time and I would not say I was perfect at it. At the same time, in some ways, I also isolated myself because of being this. Interesting how we have a secret shadow mid of fear, and a secret sense of recognizing the separation of ourselves from the reality around us. I mean, that sense within me, that what we are doing makes no sense, is the same as that of which I speak.

It is also to realize that each of us has this same thing within ourselves. We can recognize this. I find more and more, that people will listen. They can recognize. It is a matter of reforming the sound, finding a structure that can he held, that can be grasped enough for greater reflection of the practical without loss of where one is and the demands of our present system of survival.  Real-eyezing  being grounded in the practical is using that natural ability to organize, to realize the ordinary in the practical as being the joy as it allows the busyness of ordering things to be more expeditious and not as large or overwhelming as one might suppose when one is in a resonance of values graphed by the self, absorbed from others, as the loss of presence in the practical reality of a physical life. 

If we make spelling our words with ease, then our focus can be opened up to more than momentary graphs of things we absorb as our natural capacity to understand what is here as this reality. This is because human use words to communicate. It is as though, language is a means to equalize one’s presence into this reality. It is the instrument of what we are, to realize the clarity of ourselves within as life. Life being what takes what is good and does no harm, as that reciprocity that is the nature of our natural absorbent ability.  Recognition of something can be fun,  and a self discovering mechanism into clarity

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