Friday, June 12, 2020

Day 843 #Words are structuring us!

I had an experience this week that I would call standing in a movement, an idea, a imagery of a value. I wondered from where this sudden “ state” generated from. It appeared to be suddenly around me. To some extent I, sensed this came as though through a thread, from a person that I had just met doing that moment. It is like stepping into something, or noticing a breeze within one’s environment.

I can see where when we move as energy, we live in a limited movement. Here, relationships would be defined by limited truths in a state of comparison within a singular value. It is a form or processing everything around us, yet we get stuck in that momentary form as a value judgement as an inform! A picture formed and picked up. It is somewhat like being in an orchestra where there exists counter musical dialogues coming up or emerging and developing in one moment. I supposed my more cultural oriented background is based on seeing things this way. My father a writer, my mother a painter, and myself having studied music. I was taught to draw and in turn taught my children. I also judge people by the paintings and imagery they have in their homes. I know … you can say it! lol Potential with only rudimentary development in relation to structuring one’s expression has somewhat become our present system. We focus on potential more than structural development. This means we are projecting ourselves, as those momentary bubbles of ideologies that have a truth but run in limited relationship. Meaning, a few values are hyper-realized and hyper focused upon, enlarging limited rationing which of course must be a super-imposed shadow when made larger than reality. This a projected state that the self can become lost within. IT is no irony that imagery becomes more and more infantile. Management of living in projected values consumes so much body substance, and attention the imagery must simplify like a disorganized file taking up space and using less to order the information behind it.  In reality, a simplified image allows for individual history or experience ( value judgement experience) to be filed behind the image, the attention requiring a simplistic image because as a projection, we can only focus on so much! 

Look at humans when they become very emotional. They use a more static form of language. They require many simple sentences to tell a story. Their story telling, or information relating is more drawn out! And, at the same time, filled with many trills, or filler words. Just look at how much we use the word “ like” when speaking to someone else! it has become normalized to the extent that it is expected. It shows a processing PACE within us too. 

This is made more visible as one improves language and reads. As one structures and practices one’s words, just as a musician practices notes, or a painter practices building a hand - eye coordination and gains trust in their ability to RELATE to their movement and the movement around them, their structural transmissions become tighter and more balanced. There is also more room for play.

Compare this to our present education system! We send this great sentience into a box, a petrie-dish education and have our potentials as our children, memorize a set body of information, where the competition is to do the regurgitation of this limited FORM lacking any real living application in real physical time! That generates competition within a narrow focus! It is mis-using the imagination! IT is FORCING a limited narrative, causing separation from a cross reference from reality! So, everyone becomes walking bubbles of value generated movements instead of remaining in a constant!

What are the corporations doing but moving to OWN that which cannot be owned but by a delusion as a movement as a form, as a construct written out on paper ( another tree thing) and place on an ALTER in a system that moves via information transmission from one closed box to another! That is insanity and a GREAT disrespect for earth. The patterns of this becoming clearer and clearer as one practices one’s measures, as words that FOCUS the body. A more FOCUSED body that has or is developing the tools of words, will open up a GREAT HUMAN ABILITY TO RECOGNIZE PATTERNS! At the same time I am astounded and ashamed of myself, I am also dis-covering a sense of awe at the fcking AMAZINGness of what we as humans can be and do! We can actually have fun catching ourselves being caught in resonant bubbles that inherent in the design, are limited information! 

This week, I also placed myself in a moment of “ four-sheets-to-the-wind.” Meaning, I just decided to go with whatever came up. I listened to someone and then related what I wanted to say through using their conflicts to tell stories of behaviors in living moments that I sensed would answer to their limitations, as them saying “ How can you help me?” I notice that is they become silent they are processing - and this can take time. It reminds me of a woman who has built a board of buttons on the ground that will sound certain words. Her dog uses this word-sounding board to communicate. IT takes the dog some time to process. It appears that the dog stands there with no intention of doing anything. The dog will stand in silence and then suddenly move towards the board and push some buttons. Because we are so used to living in our bubbled inner constructs of value judgement evident in taking a long time to say something, having many word fillers such as “ like” it will take acclimating to that strung out tempo that uses rudimentary imagery lacking real definition to speak. It is a slow processing ability, very slow at times. It has a quality of a loss of stability, of constancy, of “ getting things done.” It is all a math.

If we look at the media, it reflects this same measure. Just listen to the constant musical accompaniment! That same thing is used at sport games to sway building emotion in the audience! 

If we are moving as emotional value judgements we are easily triggered. The many police vids online show this. Like any system, it is not necessarily that the structural system is a “ bad” it is some “ bad apples in the systems that use this for control; either to move up in a system by creating scenarios that get that point to enable a person to move up a pay scale. Also, our insecurity is a consequence of this overall. There is not constant, thus self trust and self esteem are absent. And that absence of caused by dissonance covering it up because humans are great at pattern recognition! Even if that pattern recognition is being a system of causing discord and chaos, a well known divide and conquer mechanism. 

You are an instrument. The muscles and skeletal systems will hold the pressures of holding limiting information within. What you speak, what you focus on, and the development of tools to structure yourself, will determine the life you experience. The potential to be your best is always there, until a mis-use of this consumes the body. We can maintain a focus on this to the extent we sense the strings or threads of information having an effect on the body. 

The present system uses fear to create long drawn out threads of mis-information creating shadowy resonance as set-bodies of information, heavily polarized and of limited values lived in a slow movement as the processing of information! it is a math, a valley of smoke and mirrors! And, it has been normalized! And, it has a visible measure to it if one takes the time to begin to see around this normalized state of being. How can relationships be fulfilling if we are skimming the surface of what we are as life? 

When we as a collective begin to read this, everything is going to be alright. We will weep in the realization of the extent to which we shut ourselves off from who and what we are as life. While at the same time laugh in a state of joy. It will be a moment if sunshine and rain, those moments when the rainbow comes out and shows us the borders of the extent to which we refracted life and created an alternate reality dividing heaven from earth. It is time to bring heaven back down to earth to manifest our real potential as life. 

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