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Day 228 Consequence Dimension: Apprehension Character

Super Nervous
Super Nervous (Photo credit: andres.thor)
Consequence Dimension Apprehension Character
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to tense up, in fear , within a state of dis-ease, as a separation from here, becoming a reaction of confusion, allowing racingthoughts of a competition to survive, giving greater and lesser values to what is here instead of focusing myself here, equal and one with and as the physical, as this is what is real, where the projections of my mind are a personification of protection and defense.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see that biting my nails, as a habit, is a distraction within a belief in choice, where there is no choice, but the choice to be life, here, and thus equal and one to all existent as earth.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see that in biting my nails, I cannot possibly be here, as I am too busy biting my nails.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that in biting my nails I am in apprehension about the future, as thus I am projecting into the future based on my past, which is a reaction in and as a fear of loss, which is a state of being that is not a directive principle as what is best for all, where this being of myself as what is best for all can only happen here within the moment here, as here, with the physical; what is real and where self can direct self. Thus, the means of preventing myself from separation, is to remain here, to touch something physical, and to investigate how this earth functions to see, realize and understand that valuing life means providing all life with the means of existence freely given by earth/life, where such measures that value life, would lead to self honesty as life,preventing the behaviors of fear and dis-ease manifest as ill health, starvation, child sex trafficking, to a name a few.

I commit myself to, when and as I see myself wanting to bite my nails, when my fingers begin to pick at one another, or I sense myself raising my finger to my mouth, even that one seeming subtle movement - which I have allowed to become an automation of myself here in ignorance of myself within breath, within common sense of here in totality- to stop and to breath, and to see, realize and understand the voices in and as my mind and this small seeming movement of myself - in fact being an energetic possession- has no common sense of here, being equal and one to this physical world.

I commit myself to seeing, realizing and understanding that within biting my nails, I exist within confusion, as friction and conflict from what is real here, as I allow running thoughts, like a roller deck of thoughts as taught values of more than and less than, like a “flipping though” these taught values, searching and seeking answers in and as the mind, where all that I am allowing is comparison as to what value will lead me forward, as I have accepted the mind policeman to offer choices, where no choice can be found, except within deciding between a supposed “lesser evil” not seeing, realizing and understanding that this is only moving within a fear of loss as negative and positiveconsequences, trying to find a consequence of more positive outcome than “negative outcome, instead of realizing there is really only one choice, and that is the choice of what is best for all, which is allowing myself to be myself here as life, in self honesty, in common sense of here one and equal to and as the physical, where movement as one and equal to “here” in common sense, creates actions that prevent consequences I perceive to cause less harm than other choices, as though this is all that exists within choice.

I commit myself to recognize the advent of myself within nail biting to not allow myself to be consumed by the roller decks of the mind as thoughts of weighing and measuring possible losses and gains as limited values, as what has been taught, and to stop and to breath, and to touch something physical here, to bring myself back to here, to see, realize and understand that it is only here that I am life, that it is only here, that I stand within common sense as sound mind in consideration of all life, as I am of the same substance as what is here in all forms that exist.
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