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Day 234 Consequence Dimension : Despair Character

Consequence Dimension : Despair Character
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to move into and as seeing only the morality placed before me, without any reference to the actual physical world, where I become caught up in a right and a wrong within the confines of the dictates of family, not seeing realizing and understanding the totality of existence as the physical, life, being the value, where not only as a child, did i not reference life, as the physical, as that which is equal in all existent, I allowed and accepted a singular reference point and thus became caught in the friction and conflict within and as the polarities presented, there by essentially not being able to bridge the gap, as the division, as judgement of more than and less than, this act in and as itself as separation from what is constant and real, the substance of life existent as this earth, given freely.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand the impetus to exist what to move myself within what was given as how this world exists, is not a right or a wrong, but an indication that myself as life is able to move and be responsive in and as life, thus, I am able to change myself here, to move in consideration of all life in this planet, as what is best for all, and within this, the best cure is prevention of accepting polarities of more than and less than in separation from what is best for all, where considering an idea, such as children are to be seen and not heard, is an idea accepting the structure of a hierarchy, ignorant of what is same as a primary point of movement, equality and oneness as life as the physical.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to realize the simplicity of breathing and bringing myself back to the physical in common sense of what is actually physically here.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that when and as i go into despair, I am actually looking for answers within reasoning asmind separate from the starting point of realizing the actual physical world, where ideas and opinions presented are limited consequences in separation from the starting point of the actual physical world.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not stand up for total consequence, bringing myself back to the actual physical world and directing myself one and equal in and as breath, here.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that I cannot know something, at least as far as how this present system functions, and to look and realize that how it is functioning is unacceptable, and that the words, “That is the way it is”, are a fear of self responsibility until the devastation such ignorance allows forces the human to stand and realize the consequence of the be-hav-ior of ignorance.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that despair is really believing oneself, as myself, to be stuck in a trap, seeing no way out, which means I have accepted and allowed an ignorance of this actual physical world and the substance of life as being what is same in all, as being the value.

When and as I feel myself becoming a character of despair, I stop and I breath, listening to the “stream” of my own constriction, until I hear/here what separations I am accepting and allowing as fear, as despair, as anxiety, as anger, as judgement, and I stop, I address what is physically here and direct myself within a solution within what is best for all, which is what is best for myself as life.

I commit myself to realizing that going into despair is not a prevention, that the only prevention is the cure as myself as life, being self responsible within what is best for all with and as the physical, as it is the physical which is real and not ideas of more than and less than, as being seen and unheard, or that one race is more than another, or that an animalis less than life- manifest as the abuse given to animals, or that a vaccine is a cure - which it is not as it does not address the development of the virus and only seeks to supposedly remove the existence of it as a secondary step - ignoring the total consequence as to why such a virus manifests, or the consequence of poverty and starvation being that what is actually physically here has become second to money, money that in and as itself is dependent on trees ( or other plants) to exist, thus what is real is the actual physical, as the accepted divisions of men into more than and less than, allowing money -dependent on the physical- to assume superiority over life, thereby ignoring life and thus abusing life within allowing life to be seen yet unheard, the consequences of which, in not being here, are actually seen all over this earth, within disease - as a virus, within child sex trafficking, within the deaths of trees that have been around for generations, within the development of man into a machine pushing papers, within the slavery in China so some child who has no knowledge of itself as life can speak on some cell phone or play with a piece of plastic, none of which could be considered life but actually life in decay, in separation, in limitation, in fragments, instead of expression within the full potential of what children are in fact capable of, I mean they learn to walk and speak, what would they beyond this within support and development, and as a collective of men what would this create on earth were this given to all men, all children?

I commit myself to see, realize and understand that the choice, as the only choice, is to realize that separation from the physical world, is fear, is friction and conflict, creating wants , needs and desires, is actually what has manifested on earth, a society of wants , needs and desires, to placate a starting point of separation from what is real, the actual physical world, as this world is then being used to placate fear, as want, need and desire, instead of actually each and every one who is able to stand up and use common sense, within investigation of how this system actually is functioning as a separation from life.

I commit myself to seeing , realizing and understanding that my own fears, are based on a fear of loss, with myself having separated from myself as life, and thus has earth been created as the consequential outflow of a development of a mind consciousness system to place man into a system where values of more than and less are lived as this is what man has created, the consequence of inequality being abuse and destruction as what is presently happening on this earth, where this can end, within mankind standing up and realizing equality and oneness as life, here, to within this support all life, as the value being life.

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