Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day 326 One way communication without term defining

I have my back going in and out. I have a friend calling me saying he is in bed because he has aches and pains. I tell him, out right to walk self forgiveness, and what I get, again and again, is that he has pain, and that is all. He gets angry and no longer wants to talk. What he wants is sympathy for his pain, attention, which I give within directives, but they are not heard, he only wants to hear/here what will listen to himself as his woe. But I cannot give this, I can sympathize for a moment, but then move on. The moving on is not the interest of this person. All I can do is repeat myself.
I am talking on the phone with a neighbor, the conversation moves into politics. This person does not go onto the internet. She read periodicals, one sided publications only. While we talk I bring in some alternate view points, to which she reacts and starts calling me all kinds of names, making accusation, getting very emotional. I remain calm, the self corrections I have practiced within the desteni I process kicking in. Instead I listen and try to piece more examples of how this present system works to show what is going on in the world, At one point this woman asks me what I think a solution would be, the anger evident in her voice. I calmly give an answer. She balks, as though the very idea of a basic income grant is delusional. She equates this with “getting a hand out” that will only be abused by the user. I agree that there will be some abuse in the beginning, but that there are many that will be able to create changes within an entrenched system, many that have jobs that they know are not what is best for this world, the very things that they are asked to do just to survive. Which, clearly, tells us that someone that is doing something within their job that they know is abusive, is no different than someone robbing a store, both are the same, both are taking from another to survive, knowing they are taking without consideration of others in this world and the effects of what they allow.
As I talk with both of these people, I can feel a slight hesitation within responding in opposition to what they are presenting to me. I really have to breath and slow down. But there remains this desire to petrify within myself. And this “petrification” is thick, is heavy, it takes an effort to breath and to use common sense and counter reactions of limited insight. In another way, I have to use all of myself, breath, really remember myself here, the whole history of myself, within where I allowed myself to not see, to not look, to constrict within myself, as the past behaviors that are the story of me, as who I accepted and allowed myself to be.
I realize I still have blame within and as me, and spite. This desire for righteousness, masking/veiling a desire to find comfort, ensure this, and yet this kind of comfort I seek is not real comfort, I am 51, I remember having this and still there was something not being lived in some way for me. I felt trapped, even though there was nothing outwardly “wrong” with my existence, especially in comparison to the lives of many others on this planet.
In writing here at this moment, looking back, there is an obvious limitation within communication, and if I think of high school, especially, communication was very limited to certain types of conversations, that did not go too deep, meaning conversations were of a “pop” norm culture. And this was how one “fit in” socially. I remember shutting down to fit into the circle of students, even having back chat in my mind as the words, “ don’t look” which I have written about in other blogs. In this memory I am on a New York City street, 46th street to be exact. Between 6th and 7th avenues. Across the street is a huge corporate tower, and next door is a small gothic looking church, in between, in a cardboard box is the home of a bum. A microcosm of the world. The mexicans have a small cubby hole on the other side of the street where they serve rice and beans, of every color and shape. It was a cheap lunch served in a small white styrofoam cup. Mitzrahi, the famous designer, was probably standing in another circle next to mine, as flamboyant as he is on television, he has not changed a bit. lol
This “petrification” remains but is not as intense, the biggest behavioral change is to remain gentle to access responses that are in common sense of considering what would be best for all, and this means breathing, remaining here, not fearing not being able to respond even in the face of emotional resistance.
What slows me down, in dealing with here at the moment is making a change within my environment. Financially trying to move, which I have been doing for a long time, and seems elusive to me. it seems that no matter how hard I try to financially make a change it does not happen. I want to say it is as though nothing moves, no matter in what direction I look. And yet, within this I am thankful for what I have.

What does it mean to “define one’s terms” within a conversation? I remember one of the things taught to children in terms of teaching them to format a simple essay is to define their terms, and/or build a background, so that the context is grounded, understood, before any relationships are made - which should be realized as being pointed out only.
Do we as adults do this, and are our definitions and “background” building within the context of what is best for all, or even, within the context of really understanding the context?
Can “context “ really be built and/or understood - the two being the same- through description only to a child, in a classroom setting? Or would this be the perfect means of disinforming the real physical context of this earth in totality, teaching to take in knowledge and information without actual interaction with the physical world, this physical “text” within which we are supported in totality, like the trees being what takes one chemical and transforms it into what supports us as breath here?
Are we taught to phyically realize the supportive background through more than just knowledge and information? And if any destructive practice on this earth, towards the environment is made, for any reason, through any limited relationship given, promoted, does this not reveal that the context of this earth is not understood, which means some adult has not done their homework, they have not researched the “backGROUND” before deciding to make relationships, and interacting within the parameters of that relationship, within consideration for that supportive backGROUND/earth.
As adults we are taught to live within ambiguities, a fuzzy logic background has been built, meaning we have not really defined the terms in total understanding. When ever the words, “ it is complicated” or, “it is too hard to explain” are used them it is a state of being where the terms have not been defined, the background has not been investigated and understood, and thus respected.
I have taught and played violin for a long time, and the more I understand, the more I realize it is really about the details of where to apply pressure, where to follow the form. it is all really very mechanical. The students that I have taught have differing skill sets, which manifest as a “weakness” as some might say, or another way to say this, is that they do not have “awareness”/perception/ sensibility within some areas. Which is to say that what is lacking is simply an ignorance, a non seeing within certain areas. It is only, to follow the steps to develop the spreading of self awareness into these areas.
So when a government employee says that something is “complicated” it means they are in a state of ignorance. They are not looking, and have not looked, and thus have not defined what it is that is the system, they have not investigated and developed a background of understanding in detail. What is being said is that the ambiguous terms must simply be accepted, and that if one has not accepted these ambiguous terms then the fear, as the bullying , as the reaction, in and as being indignant, is really a hiding of being ignorance, and not wanting to take the time to define terms, as this means actually looking at what is here. So, there is this collective belief in the acceptance of limited “term”/”text” definition, investigation of what is actually the real form and function and movement of what is physically real, here. This is the disuse of self as the gift of life, able to sense what is here, as self within this physical body is the very substance of life, here, thus this ability is shut down during communication within defining terms, and investigating what is here is not actually done, using the ability of ourselves to sense.
All conflict and friction, all discord on earth is the outflow of such behavior. it is simply that we are not looking at here, at how this actual physical world functions.
Which brings me to the media. The media, presents things, stories, products, repeats them again and again,knowing that this will eventually be what is repeated again and again. This is used all over this planet, which means this has been developed because it works in conditioning the people of this earth. It is like it becomes what is resonant within each human. The human becomes the practice of what is preached, what is broadcast, they are both one and the same. What is broadcast, is not taking care of this earth, and it is not doing a good job of defining terms, had it then this world would not have the existent abuse happening all over the world. Thus, this means that the media spouts ignorance of life, the politicians spout their own ignorance. The present system has not looked at what is here, has not defined what life in fact is, and this is from a belief that is ignorant of life, based on ignorant ideas that one thing is more than another, that one thing here is more “divine” than another, an obvious ignorance, because all this supposed divinity has made a mess of this world, thus it is a state of ignorance. The supposed “enlightened” the supposed “leaders” have not taken the time to define the terms of existence, they have not built a background of understanding of the context of life on earth. And, within their limited understanding, limited knowledge and information, selected values lacking consideration of all values as being the expression of life one and equal, they have bullied this limited defining of life onto all life, and the life that is here, as the humans, have accepted this and allowed this. We are thus the same as them.
The way and means used as the system of the media, a system that allows more often than not, a one way communication, where one cannot interact and question what is preached/broadcast via this one way apparatus. This means that if one has a question, it cannot be answered. And we see this happening more and more, as automated answering systems take over within systems, to save money on personnel ( and it should be noted - as the prison population increases) - could one have a relationship to the other?) . So, we have allowed a system of representation that is a one way conversation, where there is a continued lack in imparting any defining of terms, any understanding being shared with humanity. Why would this be? Can one share, define what one does not want defined, what one does not in fact understand? How can understanding be given, terms defined if they are not looked at? the very movement of this is MO is limited and it will not lead to solutions. It is the problem.
As I interact with others the conversation is limited within the terms presented via the media, payed for by the products wanting profit in self interest, determining the one way CONversation, so when I begin to define what is here, in common sense, my terms are overwhelming the fuzzy logic imposed on this supportive physical world. Is this the way to respond to what the media presents, each human therefor must correct the limited one way conversation existent with the apparatus of the media imposed on life? The present voice in the media tools are not being considerate of life, and as the system exists in inequality, this voice will not be what chooses to take care of this world. It will take many standing to change the voice in this one way communication machine.
The solution is to really look at how this world functions, to take the time to investigate what is here, to realize that much of what we have been taught to believe is in fact limited, and has become beliefs, opinions and ideas, taught in schools, by parents, as what they learned, and preached as what “is” but , as we see within this world, what has been taught, what is preached is ignorant of life, of this physical world because this earth, the systems of this earth are not in fact taking care of this earth, they are in fact destroying earth. And the system of the media functions within a “one way” form of communication, thus it takes away opportunity of communication, of questioning, by its present way of functioning it does not give opportunity, that which is needed for a human to develop what they are as life. Such a simple thing, telling us that we must stand and interact, each of us. This system of representation in not working, it allows the opposing value of profit within the touted idea of common-good, to be how what is here to move, and yet present one sided words that cannot be questioned because the medium does not give opportunity to do so.
If when talking with another person, terms must be defined, and an allowance of questioning must be allowed, this is developing understanding and background of this physical world, this earth, to disallow this is to ignore what is here, and to react to this is to not want to change one’s sensibility into expanding an awareness of actual physical form and function.
The solution is to allow all people equal development, within building a background as being life, as a human, to understand the ground that is here as this earth. The physical form as the human, is by it’s nature a “machine” willing and able to interact with what is physically here. This is simply stopped when opportunity is not given, when interaction with this physical world is not allowed, not given access. Thus, the present system is a system of limitation. it is a system based on ideas and beliefs and opinions only, and not on actual interaction with and as the physical.
Thus it is for each of us, to begin to investigate what is here, to understand how this physical world works, to walk through our opinions and beliefs, and ideas taught within a system of one way communication, and to begin to take the time to define the terms of what is here in detail, to see, realize and understand, and respect the ground beneath out feet, to develop our own inherent sensibility to realize how this physical world in fact functions, as we are able to do this, as this is the gift of life, and this is what we are as life, being one and equal to and as the life that is the physical world/earth.
It is only the resonant clutter of ill defined terms that have been preached at us that are in the way. And for this there is the process of walking self forgiveness, to being this limited piecing of self into a mind of memorized terms taught in separation from physical sensibility as self as life back into being self as life, self directing self as life, here. Self forgiveness is giving self the gift of life. it is a process of making the mind “small” so that self as life, can step forth and become equal and one with a definition of self as life, here.
The rewards are removing the heaviness of separation from self as life, this heaviness a consequence of separation into limited parts as beliefs , opinions and ideas that lack an ease with self as life: it is this state of a lack of ease that is heavy seeming. Even this, conceptually out of the bounds of what has been taught, this taking some time to be understood, and even I have to work on this, yet this does move by degree and thus one can begin to sense this within walking this process of self forgiveness offered, to begin with, for free.
Remember, we were all at one time, children and within this there was a state of ease, and each of us, at one time or another have experienced this. This “state” is here, underneath the activity of the mind. Walk the process of stopping the mind, to experience a natural state of ease, of self as life.

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