Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day 335 Killing is not life

The Problem:
A state of being of judgement creating conflict of a more-than and a less-than the consequence of which creates war. Killing is killing, whether it is in Afghanistan or in Boston, whether it is a bomb, or a gun aimed at two boys, it is destruction and thus abuse, it is not what is best for America or any other country on this earth. Ensuring the security of America is ensuring the security of all life on earth. What is for the common good of America is what is for the common good of all man kind.

There are standard studies that reveal that an income of 60,000 dollars a year is enough to allow a family to be content. Thus, this is what would end war on earth, and this is what would be best for America and the world. Taking the present military and using the hands of men that make up the soldiers, this earth could become stable and at peace in a very short period of time. Thus, there is absolutely no excuse for killing Afghanistanis, Americans and children anywhere on this planet.

To kill is to ignore and reject life. What we do to a part of life in judging life, we do to all life. Thus respect for all life and care for all life will bring stability. This is an act ofaccepting life and forgiving judgement of one thing being more than another. Thus accepting what is here and doing what is best for all is what is in the best interest of America and this world. Since the people on this earth are life, as they are here, this is the real voice of democracy. Killing is not the voice of democracy, it cannot be, because killing is a rejection of life no matter where, no matter how, no matter what.

All humans are the same, it is only a belief, a thought, a judgement in separation from physical reality, that projects a superstition that one is more than another.

The present system is a manifestation of this separation from life, and war and killing is the consequence of this separation from life, from physical reality. Killing is a STATE of being in separation from how the physical world as a form functions, killing is a state of ignorance, killing is the antithesis of life. The killing in Afganistan and America of children are based on ideas that are creating states of being that are in totality a separation from this physical world that is life. There is no excuse for it. none. And it is not what is best for America, because it is not what is best for all, for life.

The solution:
Is to take care of all life on this planet, to come back to earth, realizing that the physical is what supports us as life, as what we are. We destroy life, the physical world and we destroy ourselves. Our conflict of separation is believing as ideas , that one thing is more than another, when we are all the same. We express ourselves in different ways but our basic needs are all the same, we need food, shelter and water. We need this earth to be healthy for us to live. Stabilize this and war will stop. Killing is not the answer, it is the consequence of disease from life. Killing is the human moving as an idea, a singular idea in a bubble, ignoring what is right here, as what supports us, as this actual physical world. Killing is reaction instead of taking what is here, and using it to support life. Killing is a state if dis-ease with how the physical world functions. The profit is life, and this is the value. As long as each and every one of us allow this, it will continue, and like all disease, if not stopped, if not taken care of, it will consume this planet. Killing is disease and we are all to blame as we have accepted this by allowing ourselves to be a state of ignorance, as placing the blame onto something else, this is an omission as belief that if we are not directly involved we are not to blame. Yet we are BeingLAME in allowing killing to exist in our home this earth.

The solution is to realize that what is accepted and allowed on this earth is the responsibility of each and every one of us. Because of this, it is out responsibility to become aware of the life that is here as us, and to stand and to change what is not best for the individual that is consequently not best for all. What we do not want for ourselves is the responsibility of ourselves to become aware of as what this means, as a structure, that allows what we all want to be as a state of being, which is to enjoy our families, to enjoy this earth, to enjoy our children, to have a roof over our heads, to have food on the table, to enjoy ourselves in our physical bodies while we are here. There is enough ingenuity in men, to grow enough food, to work with and understand what is here. And yet, we are allowing this ingenuity to serve killing in ignorance of life, and all because we have allowed a state of being as singular ideas as mind to place one thing above another, without looking at the whole, at the symbiotic nature of this physical world.
We all know, with some investigation, that monocultures do not work, they are in opposition to how nature functions. War is becoming a monoculture on earth, and killing as war is an act that is in direct opposition to working with the life here. Killing is not being self forgiving as life.

The solution is to take what is here, and to realize no one can own what is here, as what is here is life, and can be used to support all life in ways that is not destructive. There is enough here to support all life in dignity. Thus it is for each of us to stand and to realize that we as the expression of life as the human, are responsible for standing up and supporting life as being the value as this is what we are. Until we have not realized what we are we will not have lived because we have not become equal and one in understanding and responsibility as the being of life. Thus, there will be no heaven for us until we do, because we have not become equal and one in totality, and then actually proving our collective ability to be life, as what we manifest on earth as a state of being in totality on earth.
Equality with life means, realizing we are equal and one to all men, to all life, and to prove this , the human must become this with every thought word and deed. Killing is obviously not the way to becoming this, killing is a state of being denying equality and oneness with and as life. There will be no heaven until we become equal to life.
It would make sense to place those who are not equal to life on a planet to sort themselves out, where they would have to realize equality and oneness with others in order to self realize as life. Where in order for life to begin, each and every human being must become life for any single one to become life. And in common sense, this is the only solution, to ensure that each single part realizes the importance of realizing life, and thus not being able to actually be life until all were self realized. So, each of us is basically screwed until each of us realize life. To start, is to realize that killing is not the way and means to become life, thus it must stop.
Standing up and organizing a structure that supports all life, with what we have allowed, which is money taking on the value of what is developed by the hands of many men, for generations, to using this medium as money, to be given to all to enable each to take care of themselves and thus having the opportunity to become responsible as life here, is the solution.
This is a system of bringing ourselves back to life, to proving that we are equal and one to and as life, and that we respect all life, and give as life as what we would like to receive.

The solution is a system of equality, as Equal Money.

The rewards:
The reward is what is best for all, as what is best for self is what is best for all. The perfect balance of life in expression. Thus there is not really choice, there is only what is best for all, as what is best for self is what is best for life, because self is life.

Investigate how the present system functions. Investigate how usury is by its very design a pyramid scheme ( interest lending). Investigate how the nature and design of this form leads to a few owning everything. Investigate how a few owning everything will become a state of being as greed, which is really protection and defense within a delusion that something can be owned, where ownership has been believed to be more than self actually being what is the real value, which is being life, here, equal and one to self as a physical being in a human body expressing life.

The rewards are the end of killing, the end of killing children.

The rewards are a healthy functioning earth, where all children are born into a system realizing their potential as life. Put an end to killing the life that is here, through standing up and voting and supporting a system that supports life, as this is what we all want, if we just slow down for a moment and breath and realize our thoughts, emotions and feelingsare ideas, beliefs and opinions as the part of ourselves as mind as singularities as fear, that are energetic projections consuming us as how we are allowing ourselves to move and be here. This is ignorance of life. What we are being within is creating the killing without as the present system is a reflection of our own ignorance. Killing is ignorance of life. Killing is not an act of being life.

Live the reward of life, Support Equal Money and bring yourself back to yourself as life. Learn to self realize self separation into and as limited and stagnant ideas, beliefs and opinions, become aware of your emotions, thought and feelings, walk the desteni I process, beginning with the FREE desteni lite course. Listen to the interviews, some are free ( we all have to earn money until this present system changes - as this system is the consequence of what we have allowed) on to begin to walk yourself out of ignorance of life, here.


  1. tHE BLOG WAS FINE, HOWEVER I began to read about the little boy coming home and was then dead...I did not learn who, how what or where...what are the stories that go along with the pictures.

    1. Hello L.S.M. These are photos from the devastation in the middle east. It is difficult to place the exact stories or places, because the real story of the pictures can be questioned. The propaganda machine that uses consequences of bombing for resource control, will use a picture to create an emotion to gather acceptance for what is, overall, a crime against life. These are children, with families that like you and me, want to live a life enjoying nature and their families. Overall, it is that children not realizing their potential must come to an end.