Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 336 Rammed Earth House

The rammed earth house

One way of building a home is to take the soil directly from the site and pound it into forms that when removed leave behind a wall. This is a building material right under our feet, and it does not require as many trees to be cut down and moved great distances. This method of building has been in existence for thousands of years. Parts of the Great Wall of China were evidently built this way, and remain standing to this day.

The walls of a rammed earth house can be two feet thick, creating what is called a “ Thermal Mass” that collects heat during the day and releases it at night. These homes areenergy efficient using anywhere from 1/2 the heating costs to a 1/3 less in heating costs. They are also acoustically pleasant, fire resistant, insect resistant, and have longevity, and probably less toxic than many modern building materials. Also, one can build this one’s self.

The rammed earth wall is very much like a concrete wall, except that they are made from pounding earth down until the dull thud of pounding the earth begins to ring, then one knows the earth has been pounded down. What is produced is something like the sediment that creates limestone on a river bed.

There are so many ways to do things on this earth, ways that work well with the different environments. Ways that can support the human on earth, simple ways to provide homes for all, and the materials are right here and freely given. Thus, why are there so many without homes, when this is a basic need for men? There really is no excuse for any human not to have shelter and food and self development, as this is what we are, here as life. It is time to realize that this earth provides to support life and the materials are right here under our feet. It is time to take our heads out of the clouds and look down, at what is under our feet, and realize this is the ground, as earth, that supports us as life, and it is in being the haptic beings that we are, that allows real happiness to exist on earth. All humans are capable, with education that leads to understanding what is here and that we are the creators of our world and spending our time here on earth to realize life is the value. Anything that does not allow this is a crime against life.

Take yourself as life back, stand up and support a system that develops life on earth, that takes what we are as the dirt of this earth and creates a home as earth, that takes care and respects life. It is up to us to create heaven on earth. Would you really want it any other way? This is the gift of life, for you. Accept the gift of life, join desteni and support a system that supports life, Equal Money.

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